Written by jock69uk

3 Mar 2011

It was hopeless ,I may as well get up dawn was breaking and I knew that further sleep was not an option .All night I had nursed a raging hard on imagining sleeping the night with Mrs G ,at last I was about to sleep with a woman .Only four weeks earlier I had no experience of sex and in fact was totally paranoid about the size of my dick ,but the holiday job ,and particularly Mrs G had changed all that .And better still it seemed that currently her goal in life was to impart all her sexual experience to me ,whilst enjoying my dick at every opportunity !!.

As the rest of my family started to appear around 7.0am ,I had washed and had eaten breakfast,as it was such a lovely morning decided I would walk to her house .It only took around half an hour so I buzzed the gates around 7.30 ,her still sleepy voice answering the intercom ,surprised as I asked to be allowed in .As I approached the house I could see her sitting in the garden enjoying her first coffee ,"this is a lovely surprise ,people will think you can't keep away !!" her face beaming ,obviously happy I had appeared early ,"sit I'll get us some breakfast ,you enjoy the sun." As she walked away it was obvious she wore nothing under the thin robe ,the sun effectively making it translucent ,I was aware yet again of her athletic build ,far younger in looks than her actual years .Returning quickly with toast and a fresh pot of coffee she sat opposite me ,as she poured her toes found my groin ,as ever in her presence she found the bulge ,smiling as she realised the effect she had . She did not make any comment ,just gently used her toes to stimulate and maintain the bulge ,chatting about what she had to do during the coming day ,and as I finished my toast informed me she was going to take a dip .Removing her toes she stood ,"are you going to join me ?" without answering I followed her to the pool house ,sliding from her robe she walked in to the water ,her nipples becoming hard immediately as the cool water enveloped her belly .Facing me she watched intently as I removed my shorts ,my cock still tumescent ,standing proud at 90 degrees to my body ,her eyes feasting on its proportions .Young as I was I knew that this cock held her under some weird spell ,she as entranced as I about fucking ,it had taken her over and I was receiving all the benefits of her obsession ,she couldn't get enough ,I just wondered how far she would actually go ??.

As I entered the water the temperature ensured I returned to a flaccid state ,far more comfortable for swimming,but after 5 minutes or so we were drying ourselves off ,before returning naked to the patio and the sunshine .Once the coffee pot was emptied I helped her carry the things inside ,asking her what she wanted me to do today ,she informed me that she had friends coming around mid morning for coffee ,before they went shopping so perhaps I could clean the pool ,then relax in the sun until she returned .I was just about to head off to the pool house when she asked if I'd ever had a massage ,I replied that as a sportsman I had received several as part of an injury treatment ,"oh good you can give me on after I've showered if that's OK " .As we climbed the stairs she explained she had a long standing back injury ,then showed me into a small bedroom which was set up with massage bed and heat lamp ,I turned the lamps on to warm up as she went for a shower .On closer inspection the table seemed a real professional job ,hole for the face and a foot lever to raise and lower the height of the bed ,I dropped the height a little to make it easier to lie down .Returning she dropped her towel and lay face down on the bed ,raising it to a comfortable height I opened the bottle of oil ,repositioning the lamps to cover the area she indicated was giving her problems .I asked if she would like her legs massaging whilst we waited for the heat to penetrate her back ,she murmured her agreement and slightly parted her legs in anticipation .Covering both calves in oil I applied gentle pressure with my thumbs from ankle to just behind her knee ,long easy strokes to remove the tension ,behind her knees were particularly sensitive ,as I gently rubbed she moaned and I also noticed her hips rotated ever so slightly ,her pelvis pushed into the bed .She was expecting my hands to move higher ,her thighs parting ,ready but the lamps had done their work ,oil on her back and hands and fingers loosening the knots in her lower spine ,only when they were free did I squirt oil on her backside . Oil rolled slowly between her cheeks ,she clenched her bum the second it slid down ,only relaxing as I slid a hand between ,gently spreading the oil before sliding a finger inside her pussy .Deciding to tease her I only slid a little way inside ,as ever she was wet ,and was lifting her hips as I removed my finger , and moved around to her head starting to massage her shoulders ,instantly her hand found my cock and ensured its hardness in seconds ,lifting her head from the bed "now stick this in me and get me fucked " ,releasing her hold I returned to her feet .Before she could move I pulled her down the bed before flipping her over onto her back ,her pussy inviting as I held her legs apart ,pushing my hips forward the knob slid inside her ,then a quick pull and she slid onto the shaft ,its length fully buried in her .Deep thrusts caused her to moan loudly ,her legs over my shoulders she gripped the edge of the bed pushing against each thrust ,all she wanted was dick ,deep and hard ,no talking or foreplay just a good fucking .Before I reached my climax she came ,sobbing in pleasure each time I slid into her ,trembling as I started to pump my load into her banging her hard her nails digging into my arse ,spunk forced out onto her thighs "give it me all you bastard " as I finally stopped and slumped across her belly .

As I continued to twitch inside her she sat up ,placing her arms around my neck and legs behind my back ,nuzzling into my neck "fuck I needed that ,what a lovely start to the day ,I think I'd better shower again before the girls arrive ",easing her from the bed I let her slide off my cock .As I released her she slid to her knees ,her mouth sucking my softening dick ,before starting to lick my balls "you'd better stop that or else your friends will see you getting shagged " ,smiling a wicked smile she stood ,"not just yet they won't !!",winking as she turned ,heading for her shower .I was in the pool house starting my chores for the day when she reappeared ,"I've made you sandwiches for lunch ,get yourself a beer from the fridge and I've left you a DVD you may enjoy in the machine in the lounge,I'll call when the girls arrive you can join us for coffee ,they are keen to meet you !!" . I only wore shorts as I cleaned the pool ,somehow managing to get myself thoroughly wet through ,the shorts dangerously near see through ,and very clingy all in all positively embarrassing .According to the law of Murphy that's when the call came ,retrieving my towel I decided to hold it to spare my blushes ,I was introduced to the ladies and then joined them for coffee .I could only remember one name Anne ,a buxom blond with a magnificent chest ,who was sat directly opposite me ,the towel had been placed across my lap initially and must have slipped during the conversation .My eyes were riveted on Ann's legs as she appeared to be parting them for my benefit ,I was also conscious the weapon was stirring ,as I reached down for the towel Anne was clearly viewing my cock with great delight ,albeit through the fabric of my shorts .When they started to move I remained seated, Anne was the last to leave as she pecked my cheek I was sure her hand brushed across my cock ,only then did I stand waving them off from the front door before returning to finish the pool .

Once my work was done I returned to the house ,poured a beer and retrieved my sandwiches before settling in the lounge in front of the TV ,settling down to watch the DVD . The opening scene showed a couple indulging in frantic sex in the open air ,my lord the lady was enjoying herself when suddenly another female joined the party .I am sure the DVD was not professionally made ,it just wasn't clear enough ,but as yet no faces were visible ,the camera concentrating on the act of sex ,almost a permanent closeup of the rampant cock .As the camera panned out I was convinced the women were two who had coffee this morning ,and by god they enjoyed fucking ,both were very energetic and enjoyed whatever the bloke threw at, or in to them ,he wasn't massive but he just shagged for ever ,his pace never slowing ,he gave them both a real seeing to ,and god they loved it before eventually he withdrew and shot his load over their tits ,and then offered his cock for sucking .Following on the next film was professional ,the plot simple a teenager is seduced by his friends randy mother ,she was one hungry mother and required some serious servicing .The first view of her was fantastic ,she appeared in a latex corset ,her ample breasts totally exposed ,the ensemble completed with thigh boots of the same latex material ,she looked totally filthy ,and hell she got him to fill every hole before she let him stop .The poor bugger looked knackered and yet she was still raring to go ,as the film finished one could only imagine what it would be like to encounter such a woman !!

Having watched the film I returned to the garden ,time for some sunshine and R&R prior to this evening ,drifting off to sleep I didn't see the girls arrive back ,only awakening as Mrs G joined me on the lounger .It was only 3.30 they were back far earlier than I had imagined ,but Mrs G said she had got everything she wanted ,smiling as she spoke ,"oh Ann's having a bath ,she seems to have tweaked her back ,she wondered if you could give her a massage ,I told her how much I enjoyed mine " ,I was shocked "are you serious " I asked " OH yes I want you to massage her EXACTLY the way you massaged me this morning ,and then she goes home and I will then show you what I've bought ".I was absolutely sure this was a wind up ,even when she went upstairs and reappeared with a clean towel "put this on I'll get Ann ready for you " with that she climbed the stairs ,and within minutes she called "ok she's ready " ,thinking Ok I'll go along with the wind up I ran upstairs and into the treatment room ,expecting the table to be empty . How wrong could I be ,the lovely Ann was indeed waiting ,allready in position ready for her massage ,lifting her head she looked over her shoulder ,"be gentle big boy ,I've never seen one that big never mind had one inside me " ,christ it's true I am expected to give her one .Pouring oil on her back I gently spread it all over paying attention to her shoulders then moving down to her lower back ,adding more oil I started to rub her arse ,as my hand split her cheeks my finger found her pussy ,sliding two deep inside her she started to groan , her clit growing hard with each flick of my fingers . Standing at her head I pulled her hands to my cock ,dropping the towel as she rubbed me to maximum hardness ,"God this won't go inside me " she whispered ,putting my lips to her ear "Oh it will ,just relax and enjoy " with that I pulled free pulled her down the bed and turned her over .What a vision ,her tits were massive topped with thick purple nipples ,heaving in anticipation of what was to come ,as I pushed the knob in her eyes opened wide ,yet only a couple of inches had been introduced ,placing her legs over my shoulder I pulled her to me sliding the full length into her .She was moaning and in truth felt tight ,"Doreen ,he's going to split me in two " ,ignoring her I started to shag ,within a minute she was no longer tight ,her pussy was sopping wet and now she was joining in ,legs gripping my back and pushing back against every thrust .Leaning forward I was able to pull on her nipples which drove her crackers ,she seemed to be in a permanent climax her breasts heaving as pleasure ripped through her body ,I have to admit she was a fabulous fuck .As I started to shoot she pulled me into her draining every last drop before she released her grip ,"fucking hell ,Doreen where are you ?" as I slipped from her ,Doreen came in and Ann sat up ,they were both smiling ,"I told you you'd enjoy him ," Ann nodded ,"it was incredible ,can I stay for a couple of hours and join in with you ? " .Apparently the decision became mine to make as Doreen looked to me "fine by me ,it's your evening after all " leaving them as I went to the loo ,returning to be told we were moving to the master bedroom .........