Written by jock69uk

5 Mar 2011

Ann had gone ,I asked Doreen if I could have a bath ,I needed a relaxing half hour to myself after all the exercise ,and besides that I was still covered in baby oil and feeling a little sticky .Doreen started the water and found towels and one of her husbands old bathrobes ,leaving me to it as she went to plan this evenings meal ,I used some of her smelly in the bath and settled back luxuriating in the hot water,its heat easing aching muscles .After 20 minutes or so I climbed out ,a quick rub down then on with the robe ,joining Doreen in the lounge snuggling on the sofa enjoying another glass of wine ,waiting until we finished our drink before she led me to the kitchen .I prepared a salad while Doreen cooked the steaks ,boy was I hungry and couldn't wait to try her food .We set the table whilst the meat rested ,salad french bread and steak ,all washed down with red wine ,happy days .As we ate the conversation was easy and I realised the more time I spent in her company ,the more Doreen grew on me .When we moved back into the lounge she asked what I wanted her to wear ," why don't you let me run you a lovely bath ,then put your dressing gown on and we'll have a nice night watching your films !" ,laughing as she realised I wanted to see more of her home made movies "you dirty boy ,I'll see what I can find while you do me a bath ."

I realised when she returned it was the first time I had seen her without makeup ,her hair was wet and yet she still looked lovely ,her cheeks glowed as she joined me on the sofa ,in her hands 3 DVD sleeves "OK you choose which one we watch " passing the three to me .Each sleeve had a brief description of the contents and who was involved ,a quick scan revealed that she was not in any ,"don't you have one featuring you ?" I enquired ,she blushed "I wasn't planning on letting you see me " I immediately laughed "you don't seem worried about watching me ,but I can't see you !!" .Taking the 3 back she went to the TV and retrieved another passing it to me instantly and looked distinctly uncomfortable ,"can we watch this afternoons ?" I enquired ,looking distinctly relieved she plugged the camera through the TV and joined me on the sofa .As she played with the remote I snook a peek at the sleeve ,the title Dogging ,the star Doreen and husband ,I was surprised he was involved in the movies ,she had said he wasn't really into sex !!. The 42 inch screen lit up and all I could see was Ann's back and my cock slipping in and out of her pussy,in fact for the next 20 minutes my dick was the star ,Doreen had ensured that every shot featured the monster ,as I looked at her she was bright red "I just love the bloody thing ,I admit I am fucking obsessed with it ".Ignoring the television I slipped my hand inside her robe ,finding her breasts ,forcing her lips open with my tongue I straddled her thighs sliding her robe off her body .As her nipples grew hard her tongue forced its way into my mouth ,her kisses passionate and hungry ,her hands now stroking my throbbing cock ,before she took control I slid from her lap ,laying her flat my tongue found her pussy ,dipping inside searching for clit .As I dipped her honey pot my hands massaged her breasts ,as her nipples became hard they were gently tweaked between finger and thumb ,my tongue gently flicking her button .I loved the reaction, her body gently trembling as she built to a climax ,when she came her thighs clamped tight each side of my head ,my tongue still flicking until she could take no more and pulled my head away.As I went to kiss her I noticed tears on her cheeks ,licking them away I kissed her ,a long loving kiss,holding her tight until her breathing returned to normal .She removed my robe and snuggled into my body ,planting tiny kisses all over my chest and neck ,obviously her attentions were having the usual effect ,she could ensure a hard on for me in seconds.I expected her to attempt to mount my cock however she whispered into my ear ,"do you want to see the other film ?" I informed her only if she wanted to ,she stood and loaded the machine taking her previous position in my lap .

The TV flickered into life ,the quality was poor mainly due to filming outside in fading light conditions ,at first all I could see was a group of men standing around a car ,all were naked and all pulling at their cocks .The camera moved closer looking through the open window on the passenger side of the vehicle ,a woman was squat astride a bloke fucking him as the others cheered and rubbed their cocks .As the chap in the car shot his load ,the woman turned to the camera ,it was Doreen ,probably 10 years ago ,but definitely her climbing from him she got out of the car ,pulling the arm of the youngest man present ,"put a Durex on ,then you can have me " as he quickly complied with her orders she lay across the bonnet "now fuck me ".Unable to believe his luck the young man stood between her legs unsure if he should proceed ,sensing his nerves she slid from the bonnet sucking him back to hardness ,then turning her back on him she leaned forward pulling him into her . All his inhibitions left him ,his hands tight around her hips as he pumped for all he was worth ,his cock not huge but hell what a pace he kept up ,within minutes he started to fill the condom gasping for air in his joy ,the second he stopped fucking she stood .Then looking directly into the camera she spoke "I'm going home ,you can stay if you want but I'm going " ,turning she climbed into the drivers seat and started the engine ,the camera continued to film even as the car drove away .Before I could speak her lips covered mine ,her fingers ensuring my cock stood hard against her belly ,easing herself onto her knees her pussy slid onto my cock ,as she started her slow sensual fuck her tits were in my mouth .Whispering into my ear "don't talk ,lay back and let me fuck you " with that her muscles started to work their magic ,controlling her pace ,which was very slow and deliberate ,even so I had never experienced a feeling like it, I was coming but not in the usual rapid jets ,each of her slow movements sucks more spunk from deep within my body .She controlled exactly how much spunk and how many spurts left me ,I was begining to imagine she was a witch ,her control of my body was incredible .As I lay in the glow of coming she spoke "its the only film I've been in, he made me do it I didn't know who was fucking me ,and I didn't enjoy it ,he keeps the film not me " ,again tears appeared ,I managed to calm her before reminding her we were going to make our own film .She smiled "at least ours would be enjoyable , and you can look at it while i'm at uni so you don't forget me " leaning forward she kissed me "I'll miss you when you go ,so yes I'll get ready and set up the room ,I bought a costume today I think you'll approve ,I'll call when I'm ready "

Whilst waiting I poured myself more wine ,chilling and wondering what she had in store ,as my mind imagined every pervy option I drank two large glasses ,then she called and I rushed upstairs and into her room .The only lighting was the bedside lamps and I could see no camera ,"lie on the bed hunny ,I'll be with you shortly " I could hear her moving around the ensuite opening the door she entered .I could not believe my eyes ,it was the PVC mother from the lunchtime film ,well to be more accurate it was the costume ,however Doreen looked so fucking hot ,her hair immaculate ,full makeup tits exposed above the black shiny basque ,she had shaved her fanny and the long boots clung to her legs .My lord I thought I was going to spunk just looking at her ,she knew how good she looked "do you want to fuck me ?" she pouted "how do you want me ,do you want to start on top ?" without waiting for my reply she lay on the bed ,legs open wide ,her hands spreading the lips of her pussy "quickly I want to feel you in me ,ram it in " as I fell on her her hand guided me in ,allowing me to thrust deep into her .I knew immediately she was keeping her muscles slack ,I could slide in and out ,full long strokes without the friction she could easily exert ,so her clit got maximum stimulation whilst I could go for ages . Knowing this allowed me to absolutely destroy her pussy ,she was howling with pleasure thrusting against me ,I lifted her lega over my shoulders ,going even deeper now sending her wild "oh my god ,don't fucking stop I'm coming oh god what a cock ,I just love it ,give me more " she was like a rag doll her limbs moving without any co ordination .All she wanted was my cock ,no question I recon she would do anything I asked ,she was its slave ,"climb on me and fuck me " I ordered ,in a flash she was ontop straddling me as a jockey rides a stallion ,each stroke taking the full length .Now she was in control I could hardly feel her weight ,somehow the only feeling was her pussy sliding effortlessly along my cock ,she could and did change the friction at will ,bring me to the boil only to let me slip back as I anticipated the joy of exploding inside her .Now the slave was me, begging her to finish me off anticipating the joy of spunking inside her,however she could not and would not be rushed ,slowing down almost to a stop "look down ,look how your cock glistens with my juice ,watch it slip inside my pussy ". Suddenly her pace quickened ,she was close to coming and therefore forgot her tormenting of her young pupil ," now you can come ,do it quickly or I'll beat you " as she spoke her muscles clamped around my dick ,stripping the juices from me ,I felt her own climax pulsing on my dick as I continued to empty my sack inside her .Her breasts were on my chest as I hugged her to me ,as we gathered our breath ,she was still impaled but I could feel myself shrinking inside her body until it slipped from her ,she kissed me as our juices dribbled onto my belly ,god she had emptied me yet again .She remained still as I undid the fastenings on the basque ,releasing her from the hot plastic only moving to remove the thigh boots then returned to my arms in her bed ,turning off the lights she snuggled into my body ,her backside pushed hard into my groin ,and yet in minutes I was asleep .

I awoke still in the same position ,Doreen locked to my body my arms wrapped around her chest ,it was still dark but I had slept well and my cock was responding to her body currently resting between the cheeks of her arse . I lowered one arm and rubbed a finger over her smooth pussy ,gently parting her lips with the tip of my finger ,before gently inserting it inside her ,finding her bud ,and slowly rubbing it to ensure she became wet enough to accept my hardening cock .Easing her thighs apart I slipped easily to her fanny gently pushing myself into her ,unlike earlier this was tender ,I just wanted to show her how special she was ,and yet within seconds I was under a spell ,I knew she was awake now her legs parted to allow full penetration ,her backside pushed back "fuck me harder ,let me feel you deeper inside me ,no one has ever made me feel like this " as I pushed deeper she was silent ,just feeling me deep in her body .This was the best fuck ever ,we were both totaly comfortable in each others company and somehow the sex got better ,as ever lust overtook us and she got on all fours awaiting her beloved cock.As I knelt behind her hand came between her legs urgently pulling me to her ,groaning as she was filled ,she just loved this cock ,now demanding that I ram it hard into her ,yet another climax followed by me emptying yet more spunk ,god alone knows how much it was possible to make ,but she would want every drop only sliding to the matress when sure I was totally spent .This time we slept as we fell to the bed ,in a tangle of limbs , completely knackered only waking due to the ringing phone beside the bed ,she answered still half asleep "hello .oh its you ,yes I'm still in bed ,I know it's late but I've been shagging the gardner all night ,you know what I'm like just can't get enough !!" I just looked on totally gobsmacked ,smiling she mouthed that it was her husband then reached down to grab my dick ,rubbing as she continued her conversation .She looked totaly pissed off with him "look get to the point I'm going to get fucked as soon as you hang up so get to it " within seconds she replaced the phone "cunt ,I wish he would just fuck off for good ," with that she hopped from the bed ,"I'll get breakfast while you shower "..........