Written by jock69uk

8 Mar 2011

As soon as breakfast was finished we took a shower ,Doreen was definitely not herself ,for the first time my cock remained unused ,the phone call was unquestionably weighing on her mind .She needed some time on her own ,quickly drying myself I headed into the garden ,deciding to cut the grass as I did enjoy pissing about on the little tractor .I was only half way through when a car came up the drive ,stopping at the garage ,as the door opened I realised it was him ,following a quick look in my direction he went into the house .Thank fuck I wasn't in his bed, fucking his wife which had been the case only yesterday ,I just got on with the job and finished before lunch .As I was cleaning the mower I became aware of someone behind me ,turning I caught him checking me out "hello ,is there something you want?" I asked ,he shook his head "no ,Doreen asked me to tell you lunch will be ready in five " turning away as I thanked him he walked into the house . Finishing cleaning the tractor I parked it in the garage and walked toward the house ,very aware he was home for the first time when I was here ,I was feeling nervous as I approached the door ,knocking and waiting until I was asked in.Doreen opened the door ,totally relaxed and looking good enough to eat ,"come in lunch is ready ,what would you like to drink ?" ,he was already eating ,sitting opposite him I started to devour my sandwiches as she made my cuppa .It felt weird he sat brooding not uttering a word ,while she ,having joined us at the table never stopped talking ,obviously trying to wind him up ,eventually he got up and collecting his keys headed out to the car .As she followed him out she smiled "I'll only be a minute " ,leaving me to finish my lunch ,she was laughing loudly as she reappeared ,"I knew the bastard would come home to check you out " I did remind her she had said she was shagging the gardner ,"I know ,but I wouldn't tell him if I were would I? ,anyway he say's you're a bloody school boy !!".Standing I dropped my shorts and boxers "in that case Miss bend over the breakfast bar ,I've got a present for you " ,as she slid her arms across the counter top I lifted her dress ,and spreading her legs positioned my dick at her pussy ,just easing the tip inside ,slipping a finger above frigging her clit until she pushed back taking the full length .The fact her old man had only just left had obviously excited her ,she just wanted a good hard fuck ,insisting I rammed her hard and quick ,moaning loudly as I creamed into her "not bad for a schoolboy " she murmurred as I slipped from her "you're twice the man he is ,the bastard ". After she had cleaned herself up we had a coffee ,she was considerably brighter than earlier in the day ,and informed me that they were having a party on Saturday and wondered if I would like to come ,quickly adding that several friends from the stables would be attending .

As I was looking at the flat tomorrow with Ann ,I left Doreen's mid afternoon as not having had much sleep I was absolutely knackered ,however I promised her I would be back early afternoon ,smiling she just said wait and see !! .I met Ann early and she drove across to Manchester via Snake Pass ,a lovely route particularily on such a glorious day ,she was dressed very consevatively for her ,but I assumed that was down to visiting her husbands flats .Her conversation was anything but conservative ,and her left hand only left my groin when she had to change gear ,apparently when we had looked at the flat I was to buy her lunch to celebrate my new flat .As we drove down Deansgate I was surprised when she pulled into an underground carpark ,below a recently completed block of luxury apartments ,before I could speak she got out of the car and walked to the lift ,holding the door until I joined her .She was obviously taking the piss ,no way could I afford the rent on anything in this building ,then it occurred to me ,she was after a fuck and this was the excuse ,well she could fuck off .The lift stopped at the 12 th floor and I followed her to the flat ,as the door opened she let me go in first ,fuck it was incredible ,a large lounge /diner ,luxury kitchen ,2 bedrooms and a very large and luxurious bathroom ,all the furnishings were top notch and it was totally out of my league .Before I could say anything she threw me the keys ,I've told his agents you will take it ,the rents agreed at £90 per week and the first 3 months are paid "I've paid it ,and you can say thankyou everytime I come shopping to Manchester ". We went across Deansgate to the Living Room for lunch ,nothing over the top with only one glass of wine to accompany it ,she was persuading me to attend the party on Saturday ,insisting I would have a good time ,and who knows meet someone new to fuck !! .She smiled as she said this "in fact let's get going I feel like you should reward me " ,having paid the bill I followed her out ,expecting to return to the flat ,surprised as we went to her car.within ten minutes we were heading into the Pennines "can you drive ?" she asked ,as I replied yes she pulled into the kerb "good it's your turn then I'll give you directions " .I had not been driving 5 minutes when I felt her fingers slide down my zip ,then eagerly search out my cock ,removing it frm my trousers before it became erect and difficult to manouver ,unclipping her belt she leaned across my lap and sucked my stiffening dick into her mouth .Within seconds I was rock hard ,and she could only get the tip in her mouth ,as she slowly wanked the shaft her eyes found mine "I wonder if the lorries can see us when they pass ?" I had no doubts they would be able to and told her so .This comment only seemed to excite her "draw along side one ,and don't overtake ,just stay level while I suck you off " I was enjoying this as much as her ,keeping alongside an artic as she licked my tool as if it were an ice cream ,ensuring the driver got a good view of my cock and her giving me a blow job .Lifting her head she smiled across at the other driver ,"pull into the next layby ,lets see if he follows " as the layby approached I pulled in front and indicated I was leaving the road ,he did the same ,followed us and parked directly behind as I turned off the engine .Before I knew what was happening she got out of the car and told me to come and sit in the passanger seat ,which I instantly did she slid my trousers around my ankles before she slid back into the car across my thighs .Reaching down she slipped my cock into her ever damp cunt and promptly started to rock backward and forwards along its length ,"is he watching ?" she asked ,peering over her shoulder I confirmed he was ,then sliding her dress over her head "well we had better give him something to look at " laughing aloud as she scooped each breast from her bra ,using each cup as support .The driver left his cab to get a better view of her body ,Ann now only interested in getting her pleasure, riding my dick for all she was worth her breasts bouncing as she bounced to her orgasm ,she was unaware he was standing at her window ,his cock in his fist wanking for England .As she came she threw her head back "fucking marvelous I love this dick ,so fucking big ,lovely " then opening her eyes she saw him just about to hit the gravy stroke ,his back arching as he shot his load onto the soil. Waiting until he finished and put his cock back inside his overalls she rocked gently on my cock then as he was about to leave she opened the window slightly "look at this" she whispered as she slid off me "what about this for a dick " as she started to wank my shaft with both hands .She then treated us both to her truly filthy commentary as to what she would do to me when she got me home ,he was transfixed as the combination of her busy hands and filthy language took me over the edge ,thick globs of spunk splattering against her chest and belly ,only stopping as she placed her lips around the throbbing knob .Waiting until the last tiny jets had stopped she raised her head before swollowing ,and licking her lips she looked at the driver ,"have you ever seen a cock like this ,its fucking huge ,don't you wish your's was this fucking big ?"the poor bastard just nodded meekly before turning and walking back to his cab .As she dressed she watched as the lorry finally pulled away "I just love people watching me getting shagged ,I hope you didn't mind ?" I replied I didn't and she got into the drivers seat and started back .What I didn't say was that it was a massive turnon ,christ I could have screwed her if the car park had been full ,the drivers face had been a picture,just staring transfixed as she wanked .Dropping me home she said she would see me at the party and took off ,I went and had a duplicate key cut and then headed back to Doreen's for the rest of the day .

She seemed pleased ,if a little surprised when I arrived "bloody hell is Ann loosing her touch ? I thought she would kidnap you for the whole day !! anyway how was the flat?" ,she smiled as I recounted how fantastic it was but was totally shocked as I gave her the spare key "just so you can visit maybe " I stammered feeling a little shy .She seemed so bloody surprised "I thought you wouldn't want me to come to Manchester " I just shook my head telling her I hoped she would visit every week ,and maybe stay over occasionally "if you want I'll stay over a night every week ,until you get fed up " ignoring her remark I started to tell her of Ann's antics in the car .Her reaction priceless "you got away lightly,it's a wonder she didn't get you to fuck her over the bonnet " then she stopped ,noticing the growing bulge in my trousers ,"well you randy little sod,so you don't mind an audience? where's the shy boy that worked at the stables ?" .Her kiss was long and pationate ,giving her the key both surprised and pleased her ,my reward one of her special fucks where she sat on top just slowly milking me to an orgasmic climax ,her pleasure irrelevant this one just for me ,"maybe I can fix a little surprise for you on Saturday " then she realised I was on the brink and would be unaware of anything until I had come ,leaning over me like a jockey she upped her pace ,she called it riding a finish ,well it finished me .The jets of spunk were coming from my ankles ,every one an explosion firing deep into her body ,uncontrollable jerks sending my cock balls deep in her soaking gash ,yet again she had taken me to her very special place .As the convulsions diminished she whispered ,"do you want to be the floor show after my party ? " I was unaware of what she meant never attending a party before "well if you're not shy anymore I think you should star in his next film ,the thought of you having a prick that size will spoil his fucking year ,but he won't be able to stop the party " .

As instructed I didn't arrive at her house until 9.30pm ,by which time the party was in full swing ,Doreen answered the door ,and she looked beautiful ,black pencil skirt , red silk shirt ,dark stockings and killer heels a quick kiss and she took my arm and led me through to the kitchen and the bar .As I poured myself a beer ,Ann flounced in ,already showing signs of the wine she had consumed ,"how's my favourite boy " throwing herself into my arms and planting a wet kiss full on my lips .As I untangled myself from her grasp she grabbed my cock ,"I understand we are going to enjoy a new star this evening ,I can't fucking wait to see the expressions " ,as Doreen took me through to introduce me she asked me to meet her in the bar in an hour .The party was a buzz and I particularily enjoyed chatting to the girls from the stables ,and had a real laugh with Sue ,waiting outside with her as she waited for her husband to collect her managing a quick snog and arse fondle ,plus an invite to the stables to help her again one evening !! .Going back into the house I realised a new beer was required ,entering the kitchen as Doreens husband was groping a good looking redhead ,excusing myself I grabbed a beer and left to join the others . During the next half hour the party started to wind down ,leaving a hard core dancing ,Ann was dragging me around the floor when the redhead excused Ann and slid into my arms ,instantly I realised where I had seen her before ,it was in the DVD Doreen had left .She was quite tall and introduced herself as Tonie ,"sorry about earlier ,you looked realy embarrased I hope we didn't make you feel too uncomfortable" I assured her I was fine ,just not wishing to spoil anyones fun I replied ,as we continued to dance her hips were swiveling and gently rubbing my groin .My hands slipped to her arse ,gently fondling her cheeks ,pulling her slightly toward me ensuring she would feel my swelling prick against her thigh ,not only did she feel it, but slid her hand serupticiously between us to make sure of its size ,her mouth close to my ear "is that for real ?" ,smiling I nodded ,then excused myself as I had to meet Doreen .As arranged she was in the bar ,"you met Tonie ,what do you think ?" I told her what had just happened on the dancefloor "excellent ,now take her a drink back and take her into the pool house ,have a dip ,then give her a fuck she'll never forget ,and don't worry you won't be on your own for too long !!" . Collecting a bottle of wine and two glasses I found the lovely Tonie "follow me if you fancy a dip " ,she instantly followed ,as we were leaving the house I kissed her putting my knee between her legs ,rubbing her groin with my still hard cock .Her reaction was positive in the extreme ,her hands found my prick pulling urgently on it ,"forget the dip I want this and I want it now " leading me inside the pool house she turned on the lights .As we enjoyed a glass of wine I noticed the lounger was covered in towels ,standing I started to un button my shirt ,Tonie removed my hands "leave it to me " quickly removing my shirt and started on my trousers allowing them to slip to the floor ,hesitating for a moment before stretching the waistband of my boxers .Her gasp was audible as she saw it freed from the boxers ,her hands feeling its length and girth quickly and gently ,looking up into my eyes shock still on her face "christ this wont fit in me,I've never seen one this fucking big " I could tell she was begining to panick ," don't worry I'll get you ready ,take your cloths off and we'll have some fun " whilst she slipped from her dress I removed my trousers ,boxers shoes etc .Standing in her underwear she was hot ,her eyes though were locked onto my cock .Leading her to the lounger I slipped her bra and briefs off and lay her back on the towels ,opening her thighs I put my head to her belly softly kissing the inside of her thighs until I felt her starting to relax ,only then probing her fanny with my tongue .The reaction was instant her body relaxed and her hips lifted as I found her clit ,I could hear people entering the room but continued to work on her pussy ,Tonie was moaning gently and her pussy becoming damp ,taking my tongue away I slid two fingers deep into her, rubbing her clit ,shifting my position I knelt between her legs my cock resting on her thigh .Aware she was about to come I removed my fingers and taking my cock in my right hand started to rub my knob between her pussy lips ,easing it slightly deeper with each movement ,ensuring she was used to the change in girth before moving on .Her eyes opened as she realised I was gently opening her up ,and she was enjoying it ,gently pushing more into her she gasped and opened her legs wide ,now was the moment sliding inside her until my balls rested on her pussy lips .Her reaction was fantastic ,her voice low and gruff "oh my god he's filled my pussy ,he's fucking huge " her voice still as I slid from her ,leaving only the very tip buried inside ,then re entering in a single long thrust driving air from deep in her body ,more groaning as I started to build a steady rythm .As I ploughed on her legs lifted and wrapped around my back ,I was slamming deep with each thrust her breath short almost gasping as she spoke "I'm coming ,fuck I think I'm going to burst ,"then only sobbing as she shuddered to a massive climax ,her legs slipping to the lounger . I was aware of a camera over my shoulder ,looking directly into her face ,as she opened her eyes she smiled ,then groaned as I slid from her ,but standing I lifted her from the lounger turned her onto her knees before sliding back inside her hot pussy .Doreen's husband was using the camera ,kneeling at her head as I started to shag her again ,this time she was getting the full length instantly ,causing her to

climax almost immediately "god he's killing me with his fucking cock ,someone else is going to have to help me " again she moaned as I continued to fuck her ,slower now ensuring those watching could see my cock sliding slowly into her swolen pussy .I could see that Ann was removing her dress and underwear leaving only suspenders ,stockings and stilletos waiting until Tonie shuddered one last time before sliding onto her stomach on the lounger completely exhausted .Grasping my hand Ann lifted me from the lounger and took us to a clear space beside the pool ,kneeling she licked the tip of my prick ,pretending this was her first taste of my cock ,then laying on her back she opened her legs and invited me onboard .For the benefit of her husband she groaned a little as I slid inside ,but in reality it fitted like a glove lifting her legs to my shoulders I pounded into her as Doreens old man continued to film ,she was a great fuck just looking for a good pounding ,the deeper the better for her ,and because she wasn't to tight I could fuck for ages ,ensuring she had several gigantic climax and I was still going strong .being on top of Ann as she came was incredible ,it was like sitting on a volcano as her hips thrust skyward ,her strong hips driving you up as her joy coursed through her loins .She would never say she had taken enough and was ready to go again as Doreen spoke "let me get under this young stallion Ann,you've had your share let me see how good he feels " again for her husbands benefit pretending this was the first time ,and yet easing me inside her warm fanny with the minimum fuss .As I settled into a rythm she kept her muscles slack ,"who's on the camera ?" her voice deep and urgent ,her husband replying it was him ,"make sure you get shots of his massive prick pummeling my pussy ,he's fucking huge ,I think he's ripping me in two " all this designed to piss her old man off ,and looking at his face she was being successful . Before long her first climax happened "oooh yesss fuck me harder ,push it inside me yeees ,deeper please fuck me harder ," as I slammed away her husband scowled behind the camera ,"can I come on top ?" she asked "please let me shag you ,let me milk you ,I want that spunk inside me " she was intent on humiliating her husband ,this was payback for the dogging incident .Pulling from her I lay on the tiles as she straddled my thighs ,her hands guiding the shaft to her gash only burrying the tip ensuring a great picture of her impaled on the throbbing shaft ,before sliding easily down its length .While she rode me ,still not using her clamping muscles ,she milked the opportunity to drive her old man daft ,then inspiration hit her ,"Ann lay beside him ,Tonie you come this other side " then she tightened her muscles, instantly I could feel the spunk starting to bubble up inside me ,Doreen realising this lifted from me "kneel up" she ordered wanking me furiously until the first jet shot over Tonie's body ,the next over Ann then herself ,by the time I was spent they were all covered in thick white fluid ,Doreen's final act to suck my dick ,now flaccid into her mouth ,slurping loudly as she cleaned me .Her husband stalked from the pool house ,other couples now started to indulge in sex having watched our show ,the four of us showered and went back to the bar having dressed ,as we drank Doreen searched for him ,he was nowhere to be found "Ok sweetheart I'll call you a cab ,ring me tomorrow " taking my hand she waited in the driveway until the cab appeared "that was the most erotic thing I have ever seen " she whispered "sleep tight come and fuck me tomorrow ,he's playing golf at 1.0pm ,I'l make us lunch "...