Written by jock69uk

5 Apr 2011

As soon as Susan left Jan went to clean up ,but when she returned she looked concerned "do you think Susan was OK with that ?" I could not believe my ears ,she watched us shag in secret and then wanked me off over her friend, and she wondered if she was OK ,"who's idea was it ?" I replied,she started to reply "well we were talking when you went to shower " then her voice tailed off ,obviously reliving the conversation in her head .As she thought a smile appeared on her lips " yes ,it's OK I'm sure she was OK with everything " something she remembered had eased her concerns "come on I'm hungry ,you can make me some food "

I prepared a quick brunch while she went out for papers and we spent the next hour we ate drank coffee and caught up with the news ,all very relaxed.I was just thinking about dressing and making tracks when Jan's mobile rang ,as she answered it was clearly Susan ,I stood indicating I was going to dress ready to leave ,she nodded her agreement and continued her conversation .I had just finished dressing when she entered "Susan sends her love and says she will call this evening ,so leave your phone on " I just smiled "so you were right ,she was OK with everything ?" she laughed, nodding "O yes she was totally OK " .Pecking her cheek I was about to leave "don't forget this " she passed the envelope to me "money well earned apparently ,it looks like you have another regular lady!!" .When I entered the flat the answer phone was flashing ,as the message played I was delighted to hear Doreen's voice ,eventually the lovely Mrs.G had finally made contact .Listening to her message it was made clear I could ring her mobile which I did immediately,hearing her voice was fantastic and then I realised how much I had missed her ,we had a quick catch up then she said she was in Manchester on Tuesday and wondered whether I would like her to stay on Monday evening .I couldn't believe my ears "you have got to be kidding ,when will you arrive?" she gave the detail and I said I would meet her on the station ,"I'm going now I have some serious shopping to plan before I see you ,I may even get my hair done !!" ,we said our goodbye's and ended the call, when I realised it was over 3 months since we had seen each other.

The next hour was spent tidying the flat ready for her visit ,I was completely surprised how excited I felt and could not wait to see her again ,the spell was broken when I found Susan's unopened envelope ,Christ how would I ,or should I tell her about this .Removing the cash I realised what a difference it had made to my life ,my bank had a healthy balance and I didn't need a bloody loan hanging around my neck ,plus I fucking loved how I earned it . My mobile rang and as if she was reading my mind it was Susan ,"can you talk ?" she asked "he's gone for a drink so I'm good for ages " I replied as ever I was alone and would love a chat . Remembering Jan's initial concerns earlier in the day I decided to bite the bullet and find out myself "thanks for the cash ,I hope you were happy with everything ?, I just hope this morning was OK?,I was a bit surprised when I first heard your voice " . My comments were met with a laugh "sorry if we tricked you but god how hot was that ,I have never watched anyone before but oh my god I want some of what you give Jan ,and I want a threesome , a proper threesome ,I've spoken to Jan and she says if you're up for it she would love to !" .I wasn't entirely surprised ,but remained silent for a while to create the impression I was ,"are you sure you want to?" I asked ,"oh god yes " her response definite "and Jan's dying to do it as well " she was desperate for it to occur .Again after a short silence "so when were you thinking ?" I enquired ,I could hear the pleasure in her voice that it was on "we though Wednesday ,overnight if possible ,my husbands away ,is that possible ?" I replied that I could fix it ,and also told her it would be at my flat not Jan's.I think I could have said anywhere she was so pleased it was fixed "Jan was wondering if we should dress specially for you ,what do you think ?" again silence ,"give me 5 minutes to think I'll call you back ". Clearing the line I dialed Jan's mobile "I wondered how long before you rang " her voice smug, her little plan in place "Susan was mad for us all to do it again so I had to agree I hope you don't mind " I just laughed and informed her of Susan's question on dress ,"I never said anything of the sort " now I laughed ,"I know but just wait ,I am phoning her now with my suggestions so I recon you will be shopping tomorrow !!" ,with that I cut the line .Susan picked up immediately "I though you weren't going to call " I explained that I was having difficulty thinking of a scenario ,even though I could picture them both I decided to see how keen she was on the dressing up ,"surely you must have a fantasy ,something you want to play out ,I know I do " .Well it certainly seemed as if she was up for some fun ,"well now you mention it I do have one but I don't think you'd want to do it !" she responded immediately ,"yes I will I guarantee it " ,totally hooked " well OK both come as hookers ,and I mean real porn movie hookers ,and your job is to teach me the secrets of sex " .I need not have worried "oh yes " she giggled ,"we can have some fun with that ,I'm going to ring Jan now ,bye " ,I wondered how long it would be before my next call ??.Surprisingly it took some 20 minutes before Jan called "bastard ,she's up for this big style ,Christ she want's to get shopping tomorrow " apparently she had already decided on the costume in every detail and was adamant they started immediately ,laughing I couldn't resist "well at least you know she enjoyed this morning ,anyway I won't be here tomorrow ,Mrs G is coming over for the evening ,so ring me Tuesday and let me know how you got on,happy shopping !".

Uni dragged as I awaited the hour to go to the station ,eventualy I left early and went for a coffee in town before heading to Victoria station ,as soon as the train stopped I strained to catch a glimpse of her ,realising how much I had missed her company .Finally she appeared ,when she saw me a lovely smile lit her face ,as she cleared the barrier I took her bag and planted a long kiss on her mouth ,happily it was returned and we walked off arms linked .We chatted easily catching up on her news as we walked back to Deansgate ,deciding we would go for a drink at The Living Room before heading to my flat ,over bottle of wine she finished her newsw then looking directly at me said "now what about yours " I knew I had to tell her about Jan and the cash ,now seemed as good a time as ever ,a deep breath and then I started " well I think you should know about Jan ,I was introduced to her by Ann " as I halted she filled the silence "I know ,Ann couldn't wait to tell me ,the cow " grimacing I started again "but that's not all " she placed a finger to my lips "I know it all ,all I want to know is how much you're charging me ?".Her eyes sparkled ,a smile spreading across her face "god I must have taught you well ,shall we go and see how well " ,the flat was only across Deansgate so within five minutes we were naked on my bed ,her fingers and lips exploring every inch of my body .She would not let me touch her ,her hands around my cock ensuring I achieved hardness in seconds ,"my God I'd forgotten just how big you are ,shall we try it for size ?" with that she placed the tip to her pussy ,gently rubbing herself until she took in virtually the full length .Easing her body forward she gently rocked letting the stiffness massage her clitoris ,she kept the motion whilst offering her nipples to my eager mouth ,moaning as my teeth gently teased them to firmness " my my I needed this ," my hands resting on her bum as I gently started to lift into her ,the full length sliding against her bud .Within minutes she was tensing her breathing heavy as she came ,pressing her lips to mine her breasts heaving ,nipples pressed hard to my chest "God I've missed you ,but especially this " her hand reaching down to grasp the base her fingers reaching to feel the sack "this had better be full we've a long night ahead ".Taking the opportunity I lifted her from me laying her down then easing between her thighs my lips on her pussy ,as my tongue slipped inside her sweet tasting lips ,she relaxed as I found her clit gently lapping and teasing her with the tip ,her hands clasped my ears and pulled me up to her lips ,"put it inside quickly ,let me feel you again " her hands guiding me back inside her warm pussy ,arching her hips to bury it fully .Her eager body encouraged me to meet her pace ,as I started to drive down her legs lifted around my back ,her heels pulling me deeper ,as she approached her pleasure I could feel her tension her muscles starting to strip the spunk from deep inside ,"give me that juice I need it ,this is mine come on let me have it " her hips pulling me to a massive orgasm ,jet after jet spraying inside her ,she not stopping until I collapsed forward totally spent . Leaving me to soak in our combining juices her fingers felt my hair ,her lips nuzzling my ear "had you forgotten how I could make you come ,no one will ever do it like me " she had no idea I agreed with every word ,in fact if she was 25 years younger then this would have been my perfect woman for life .

The rest of the evening flew by her appetite for sex had not deminished and she had the incredible ability to bring me to the boil precisely as she wanted ,delighting in emptying me either with her mouth or pussy whilst maximising her own pleasure . I did manage to get her promise she would get across at least once per month ,but in return I had to promise I would look out for her daughter Emma who was a year in front of me at Uni.Letting her go after such a lovely night was difficult but she promised to ring when she got home and I said I would contact Emma during the day .