Written by jock69uk

1 Feb 2013

The conversation regarding Emma was pointless so I retrieved the envelope Heather had given me before she left .Her instructions for tomorrow clear as crystal ,be at her apartment ,46Th floor Beetham Towers at 4.30 ,bring black trousers ,black shoes and a white shirt ,nothing else !! ,her cheque for that night was inside the same envelope and boy had she been generous .Jan smiled when I revealed the amount,"this lady is mega wealthy ,and if tomorrow goes to her plan you are in for a very pleasant surprise and a very lucrative evening !!",however many questions I asked thereafter she would divulge no more ,merely suggesting I went home and got a good nights sleep .

The following morning I was expecting a fiery call from Mrs G but had heard nothing by mid afternoon when I left for the appointment .I had not realised that securing entry to her apartment would be such a ball ache however eventually I was escorted up to her door ,even getting my bag carried for me !!. The concierge ensured I was expected then left me with Heather,who ushered me through to her pad ,and what a place it was huge and absolutely palatial ,unexpectedly we went straight to her bedroom .She quickly removed my clothing her hands fondling my semi hard cock ,"young man this is magnificent ,I must have you immediately " releasing me briefly she quickly shed her dress and pulled me onto her huge bed her hands working on me until I was standing to attention .As I removed her bra and briefs she rubbed a clear jell onto my knob ,her small hands hardly able to cover its girth ,her eyes never left my cock ,she eased across my body and slowly took me inside ,when fully inside she was still, feeling its size "god what a feeling ,wonderful young man ,wonderful ,now I want you to fuck me hard " . Rolling her onto her back I knelt between her thighs rubbing the knob between her swollen pussy lips ,pulling her large nipples with my free hand ,then without warning pushed deep into her ,taking my weight on my hands sliding easily in and out each stroke a full length .After a couple of minutes her breathing was hard ,placing her legs over my shoulders I could penetrate her far deeper ,within a minute she was trembling ,her orgasm ripping through her ,ignoring her moaning I went deeper still my bollocks slapping against her arse ,she was writhing around seemingly coming non stop . Laying her legs back on the bed I could bite her nipples whilst continuing to fuck her ,she was absolutely loving it ,"oh don't stop ,just give me more " slipping my big hands under her backside I plunged deep into her again ,more of my weight across her as I slammed home ,her arms around my neck pulling me to her as she came once more ,"come on me quickly let me see you shoot that cream " . Ignoring her I hammered away ,she felt so good ,her body fighting mine ,responding to every thrust her hips leaving the bed ,her hands now grabbed my arse her nails digging into me I was getting very close my sack hard and full . Quickly pulling out I knelt in front of her , her eyes were riveted on my glistening shaft ,my knob purple and throbbing twitching ,wrapping my fingers around its girth I slowly slid along its length .she pushed herself up on her elbows ,half sitting "oh god ,quickly let me have it " four quick jerks and it began . The first huge glob spread across her tits each subsequent spurt falling across her belly and thighs ,as I finally stopped her eyes left my tool "young man tonight if all goes well you will have the best night of your young life ,and my friends will be very ,very lucky " .

After a shower she took me into her kitchen for coffee and to tell me the arrangements for the evening ,two waiters ,a young guy and an attractive blond girl were already setting up the dining room ,dinner for Heather and four friends ,I apparently would be a wine waiter helping the other two .She could obviously see my surprise ,"just trust me it will all be clear as the evening unfolds ,if all goes well I will want you to stay the night with me and someone else ", she was obviously enjoying the intrigue ,"oh I should have mentioned that I would love it if you would seduce each of my friends during the evening ".Her laughter echoed around the kitchen "don't pretend to be shocked ,I've seen a film of you looking after several ladies one after the other without a problem ,so tonight will be no problem ,now I'm going to change so should you .I put your bag in the guest room " .She was correct of course I had no worries about tonight ,I actually enjoyed the excitement of screwing in front of other women ,every time so far has been fantastic and their reactions amazing ,tonight would be different though from what she said I would be expected to have them separately .Quickly changing I took myself on a tour of her apartment ,it was staggering ,it's cost I could not imagine ,the dining room would seat twelve in comfort ,the table tonight just set for five ,moving on I found a third bedroom and finally a gym,sauna and spa bath "how do you like my home ?" I had not heard her approach and could only mumble "sensational ,just fantastic ."

I followed her back to the lounge ,as she sat I offered her a drink ,I thought I would get into character early ,"very good " a lovely smile on her face ,"champagne please ,it's in the fridge under the bar " having finally prised off the cork without damaging anything I poured her drink "you have one please ".Handing her the champagne she could see I was staring at her dress ,it was gold in colour and very close fitting ,her breasts looked enormous ," I should have mentioned it's a themed evening ,films, my dress is from Gold-finger ,you know James Bond." Smiling I just replied "lucky James Bond" ,before she could reply the door bell rang , "shall I " she nodded ,as I opened up "good evening ,please come in ",looking up it was Jan " very good ,a new career ?" laughing I kissed her and took her coat ,her dress black high at the neck and knee length I enquired which film "Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's " .Whilst Heather kissed her I poured more champagne ,only drinking mine now as I knew Jan,draining the glass before the other guests arrived ,Jan amused at my interpretation of the roll of waiter was enjoying taking the piss when the next guest rang ,repeating my welcome to the blond stood at the door ,"Hi I'm Jay ,Heather's friend " I welcomed her inside. Jay looked younger by a couple of years and was dressed in a black coat which reached her ankles ,I assumed her costume ,"film? " I enquired ,smiling she slipped from the coat to reveal a white bikini "Dr No !!" ,pulling myself together I poured her drink and took it across to her ,"Jay let me introduce my young friend ,I think he likes your outfit " ,all three laughed as I made my feeble excuses for staring .Going back to the bar I was opening another bottle of champagne when the bell rang again ,again opening up and offering my welcome I looked up ,this lady was stunning ,nearly as tall as I was "hi I'm Eunice " in look Afro Caribbean ,her accent most definitely American ,before she entered she pecked me on the cheek ,"cute" ,I asked for her coat . Looking directly at me she slowly undid the three buttons then handed me the coat ,not moving until I did ,no need to ask the film ,it was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ,pink top ,black skirt and long black patent boots ,thank god I had her coat to cover my discomfort ,I brought her drink still holding her coat strategically .It was obvious they were all aware of my problem ,Jan reached across "let me take that while you top us all up " pulling the coat from my grasp leaving the bulge in my trousers very visible ,as I returned with the new bottle it was Eunice who spoke "will you sit by me at dinner ?" grinning as she spoke ,enjoying my obvious embarrassment ,"I'd love to but unfortunately I'm waiting table,sorry " ,returning to the bar I missed the looks that passed between them .

Aware that dinner was nearly ready I asked Heather about her last guest ,"unfortunately my daughter won't be joining us so we can eat now", I was leaving to warn the waiters when Eunice spoke "does this mean he can sit by me " Heathers answered yes immediately .Now I was confused, Heather led the way through and seated us all ,placing me with Eunice on my left and Jay to my right ,it was amusing to watch the waiters reaction to a hooker looka like and a woman in a bikini sitting down to dinner .The atmosphere was excellent ,they were all amusing confident ladies and definitely out for a good time ,the wine flowed and the evening passed quickly ,as the plates were cleared from the mains Heather said the waiters could leave and asked me to retrive their payment from her bedroom .Returning I was about to take my place when Eunice chirped up "I think it's a bit unfair that he's not wearing a costume Heather " it was obvious this had been planned in my absence "But I don't have one sadly " ,but before I could sit Jan walked over "you always wear boxers ,Raging Bull was about boxers!!". She then removed all my cloths just leaving my shorts ,"now you're in costume as well " as I sat I was aware the outline of my semi hard dick was clearly visible ,for once Eunice was silent her eyes fixed on the bulge Jay stood removing her bra as she did ,her breasts standing proud as she reached forward to touch me .As she did I twitched starting to grow ,"Bloody hell look at it ,who's being first ?" ,in an instant Jan had removed her dress ,revealing a tiny bra that exposed her tits ,suspender belt and stockings ,and in one swift action straddled my legs and impaled herself .The others just watched as she rocked back and forth ensuring they could see my cock sliding inside her gaping pussy ,her arms around my neck her lips kissing my neck .We were so used to each other I knew exactly what she enjoyed and tilting her forward slightly I ensured I was hitting just the right spot ,as she started to moan I went a little deeper and faster ,just enough to start her climax ,then she took over moving hard to reach her maximum pleasure . As she slid from me Jay and Eunice had both disrobed and lord they looked fantastic ,but so different Jay looked tiny beside her friend ,her figure full and extremely toned ,and she was the only one not shaved ,her golden bush glistening .Without a word she replaced Jan her small hand guiding the tip inside ,unlike Jan she was hesitant and did not slide onto me fully ,sencing she was nervous I whispered to relax ,telling her I would take over ,lifting her from me I lay her on the table then lifting her legs I pulled her towards me .Heather was sitting directly opposite having a clear view as I gently pushed my swollen knob inside Jay ,then slowly eased a little more until I was fully buried inside starting to slowly fuck her ,but very gently ,just slow easy strokes ,stretching her pussy as her juices began to flow ,waiting for Jay to tell me what she wanted .Even though we had not fucked before I knew her reaction would be that once she was sure it would not hurt her then she would want to be fucked hard ,and she did her voice loud, demanding that she was to be "shagged senceless " .Instantly her legs were tight around my back ,but she was having trouble locking them so I just held them up ,opened wide as I started to fullfill her wish and began hammering away ,this is when I love fucking with an audience ,as Jay literally howled with pleasure all the others were transfixed ,and by watching them I was able to resist my own urges .It was obvious that Jay would not last much longer I held back slightly watching Eunice ,her reaction incredible ,she was leaning on the table facing me her fingers inside her pussy ,her breasts heaving as she desparately tried to bring herself off ,she was absolutely gone .Ignoring Jays pleas I pulled from her ,turned Eunice around laying her face down beside Jay I opened her legs and stuffed my knob into her ,she was wet ,but surprisingly tight ,I recon the lovely Eunice has been going without for a while"are you ready ?" I growled she just nodded with that I pushed straight in ,balls deep immediately .Within seconds she was pushing back hard against me ,what she wanted was to try and rest control ,she wanted to be in charge ,after a couple more thrusts I pulled out ,turning her over to lay directly beside Jay,before sliding back inside .Before she could say or do anything I lifted her boot clad legs resting them on my shoulders and went deep inside her ,lifting her arse off the tabletop in an effort to go ever deeper,my hands free to pinch her huge nipples whilst fucking her brains out .Her control was gone she moaned and groaned as the glistening shaft stretched and pounded her fanny ,until that glorious moment when her body released her passion and her orgasm ripped through her ,I could feel her whole body shake as it engulfed her .Jan and Heather were opposite "what about Jay ?" Heather enquired ,"you should finish what you started !" ,as I had not yet shot my load I was back inside Jay knowing that I was nearing the point when I would have to let go ,Jan knew instinctively and came around the table ,grabbing and sqeezing tight the base of my cock "don't you dare come until she has !" .How fucking erotic ,I'm sure Jan was just putting a show on for Heather ,but fucking hell ,Jay was very near and with Jans help I was just holding on ,and after a couple more thrusts I felt Jay tense and knew she was there ,ready to enjoy my own pleasure I was about to shoot when Jan pulled me from her .Using her hands she had me exploding first over Jay ,but mostly over Eunices belly and thighs, thick globs of spunk splattered across her dark skin .Heather suggested that the two girls and I retired to the spa to clean up ,her and Jen retiring to the lounge ,once clean I retired to the sauna to relax while the girls dressed to join the others .As I was showering Jen popped her head aroungd the door "listen I'm taking Jay home ,Eunice is staying apparently ,make sure you don't ignore Heather !!" a quick kiss and she was gone .When I joined the girls I feigned surprise that only two were left ,Heather was still wearing the gold dress ,and how it enhanced her figure ,I sat beside her and asked Eunice if we had any champagne left ,as she went to the dining room to check I kissed Heather ,my hands fondling her huge breasts "I hope we're getting some time later " she smiled and gripped my dick ,"this had better be ready ".

The champagne flowed like water Eunice seemed particularily partial ,eventually falling asleep on the sofa ,I took the opportunity and joined Heather across the room ,and it was apparent she required sex ,slipping my hands under her dress to find her naked and ready for action .Her hips rose from the sofa allowing me to lift the dress above her waist ,then like a randy schoolgirl she tugged my rampant cock from my shorts "get this inside me now I've been waiting nall bloody evening ". Somehow having sex whilst she still wore her dress seemed exciting ,she pulled me tight into her eager to feel every stroke ,more animated than the other times ,"did you enjoy fucking my friend's? " each of her words accompanied by her bucking hips driving upwards .Obviously whilst she undoubtably enjoyed watching ,she was wondering whether they were better than her ,I just banged her harder still "did you like to watch me fuck them ? I think you did ,you should film us then we could watch together " . This suggestion obviously met with her approval as she groaned as soon as I mentioned it ,plus her motion was more intense ,"why don't you ask Eunice to film us I'd love to watch me fucking you ,fucking then shooting over these " I stroked her breasts ,with that she started to shiver ,obviously coming I had found something to really excite her.