24 Sep 2016

Telling Bob

I drove home in quite a stir after my office fling with my boss. Bob and I had always done things together and what I just done felt really naughty but not in a bad way. Concentration was difficult as my pussy was throbbing and I was so wet thinking about telling Bob but also slightly worried as to how he would react, even though he had encouraged me. Well here I was back home, I got out of the car and didn’t even check my look in the mirror I just dashed to the front door unlocked it and hurried to the kitchen where Bob was waiting for me. He looked at me and smiled, I walked over to him and said I have a confession to make. I started to tell him about my boss and I’s little office dalliance while caressing his neck and chest, I kissed him on the lips and he kissed me back eagerly. I looked down and could see a big bulge in his Jeans. I took his hand and said let me continue this confession in the bedroom while I get these work clothes off.

He sat on the bed while I slowly took my blouse off and said I kept this on in the office and my boss slipped his hands under and into my bra. Then I slipped my skirt off slowly down my stockinged legs and kicked it across the bedroom floor. All the time watching as Bob undressed eagerly. He lay on the bed totally naked now and I got down beside him. I ran my hands over his body and then stopped at his erect wet cock. I wanked him slowly and told him how I had taken my bosses cock out of his trousers and pants and wanked him demonstrating my gently strokes on Bob. I told him how my boss had run his hands over my bum and then slid his fingers inside my thong and played with my clit. Bob then slid his hand inside my soaking thong and played with my very wet and hard clit. I told him about my urge to suck my bosses cock even though I was enjoying the pussy play. I told him how I had dropped to my knees and taken his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked it. Bob undid my Bra and fondled tits and my erect nipples he then took my thong off and went down on my pussy using his expert tongue over my clit and pussy lips, probing into my ever ready hole. While I continued to work my hands and fingers around Bobs cock and balls, I told him through my gasping breaths how I had licked my bosses knob tip and taken him into my warm wet mouth and how I made him cum in hot sweet shooting spurts which I drank down eagerly. I couldn’t wait any more for Bobs cock and started licking around his heavy balls and up his shaft to the tip of his dripping knob, then took his ample cock into my hot mouth. I worked my mouth up and down his throbbing cock using my hands to massage his balls. I could feel Bob’s hot tongue licking my clit and could not stop my orgasm any longer, he licked up my juices eagerly and then I felt his body buck and then the hot flow of cum filled my mouth and throat again. God I love spunk.

We lay back on the bed I was happily full and satisfied. Bob said why don’t you wear your suit tomorrow the one with the mini skirt that shows off your bum cheeks when you go upstairs. That should give you another confession to tell me tomorrow night and I can’t wait…..