Written by karen

3 Oct 2017

May I use your website to confess to my husband about a very erotic incident in the summer as we often read your stories section using them to spice up our love life, though we are not swingers.

I am a 52 year old woman married for 24 years to J. who is 11 years older than me. I like to think myself attractive, keep slim with regular work outs at the gym and I am told I look much younger and like to dress sexy.

To keep our love life interesting J. has fantasied about watching me make out with other men though the closest we have been to this is his mates groping me during slow dances at parties. He encourages me to flirt when we go out. - Which I like a lot.

Back in the spring we took a short break in Paris for my birthday, after a good few drinks we were sitting at a bar when I found myself talking to a handsome young French man of mixed race. Quite why when there were lots of petty young girls there I don’t know. He didn’t speak English and I don’t speak French. But I gleaned using the wonders of a translation app that he was called Claude, age 24 and his father was from West Africa. I admit I am a little tactile when tipsy, this he took as a come on. Even though J. was next to me he didn’t seem to mind me flirting and brought the guy a drink. After a while Claude invited us to another bar . Naïvely we went along to this very quiet bar where J. brought another round of (expensive) drinks. Claude cleverly made sure he sat next to me on a couch with J. in a separate chair. He was being increasingly bold with his hand rubbing my leg ( I was wearing leather jeans).

When J. went to the loo, the guy was over me like a rash trying to kiss me and grabbing my boobs in full view of the bar staff. When J. came back overconfident Claude still kept his arm around me and J. did not object. However conversation was limited as the wifi was poor and the app wasn’t working. Sensing some awkwardness I came to my senses and said we had an early start, but not before Claude insisted on a birthday kiss. – A full tongue French kiss !

This little boost to my ego worked a trick on J. who could hardly wait to back to our room before making passionate love to me . We did it twice that night. He was even more turned on the next morning when checking the app I found a translation saying “ do you want to fuck “. A third session was on, not bad for a 63 year old !! The next few weeks this topic became central to our bedroom play.

Fast forward to our summer holiday in the South of France, when we had a great time marred only by the forest fires. It got to the point when we had to move out of our apartment and so J. suggested we leave a day early and stop over in Paris. A splendid idea !

We managed to book an hotel near where we stayed before. Arriving Friday late afternoon we had a rest before starting on champagne in our room before hitting the bars. I couldn’t decide what to wear, it was hot so J. suggested I wear shorts and a short sleeve blouse with a single button back at the neck , - fine for the beach but not really appropriate for the city or indeed a 52 year old !!

J. said I would look great but the dirty old letch insisted I should not wear a bra !! The blouse was thin and he likes the idea of seeing my boobs jiggling about. The bubbly gave me Dutch courage and soon as I had my hair up I tottered out with high heel strappy sandals. A little self conscious to start with I did enjoy some admiring glances. My boobs are not as pert as they were, but have grown two cup sizes over the years and thus they wobbled a bit when moving AND you could see my nipples.

J. was really excited at the thought of me being a bit of an exhibitionist and we both knew we secretly wanted to meet Claude again. A nice meal and a few bars later we found the very same bar where we had met him a few month before. We were disappointed he was not there and were at the point of leaving when he appeared. He was delighted to see me (us?) and gave us both a big hug and brought our drinks this time. He had been taking English lessons which made it easier to talk. A few drinks later and he was back to his touchy feely self and was seemingly pleased to rub my bare back. J. was lapping up the attention I was getting, but was getting more and more pissed.

Claude suggested we move on to a jazz club so off we went arm in arm. Claude one side and hubbi the other.

The club was busy, with a mainly black male audience, a smattering of cool young white guys , most of the ladies were white. We sat at the bar and Claude cunningly positioned himself between hubbi and I. Soon he was stroking my thigh and suggesting we dance. …and I do like to dance. J. doesn’t !

It was lovely to feel Claude’s fit muscular body close to mine and did not object when his hands fell to my buttocks. After a while he left me on the dance floor to buy J. yet more drink.

I sussed his plan but WTF, I was having a wonderful time dancing , -countless hands touched my ass and few felt my boobs, no doubt impressed I was braless.

Claude’s plan was working and J. was getting legless - I needed to get him back to the hotel and Claude volunteered to help all to easily.

I found myself in our hotel room standing over J. crashed out on the bed. It was then I felt a strong pair of arms cuddle me from behind. Then with hot breath on my neck, Claude kissed my neck and his hands cupped my braless boobs, it was very nice ! One hand slipped under my blouse, fondling my bare breast and rolling my rapidly hardening nipple between his fingers. I wanted to turn around and kiss him but he seemed to get a kick out of me looking at J. His other hand quickly found its way down my shorts.

Tre Biere he whispered realising I had no knickers on and was now sopping wet.

He expertly teased my clit and easily slid his fingers into my smooth waxed pussy. I was in heaven ! He then released the single button of my blouse and let it slide to the floor. Followed by unzipping my shorts and they too fell. I was now totally naked just 3 feet from J. who could wake up anytime. It felt excruciatingly naughty standing there whilst Claude proceed to frig me to orgasm. No sooner had the first wave finished he pushed me face down on the bed and I gasped as I felt his huge cock push into me without warning.

J. is not a big boy and it has been more than 25 years since I had anything more than 6 inches. Though it a little painful at first this was something else, I was stretched wider and penetrated deeper than I’ve ever experienced. This was rough sex and I was loving it. I was past caring if J. woke up, indeed Claude grabbed my hair to stop me trying to stifle my groans in the pillow.

He was an expert lover and kept me in orgasm for ages before sliding a finger in my bottom as he grunted then pulled out shooting sperm all over my backside. The dirty sod even tried to use this to lubricate my anus and stick his still stiff cock in there. – Not even my husband was allowed to do that!

We laid there for a while whilst I gathered composure. I still hadn’t kissed him properly or handled that lovely cock. I motioned for him to lay down so I could kiss him, But he pushed me down wards to suck his huge cock back to life . I couldn’t even get half in my mouth, but I was desperate to make him come again and soon he was pushing my head deeper making me gag. When he came again I was amazed how much come filled my mouth. Claude pushed me over to J. and I found myself kissing his face with a cum filled mouth. So dirty !

Needless to say Claude and I shagged twice more that night (I was so sore I had cystitis for a week.) By the time J. woke Claude had gone.

So my love are you annoyed at your slut wife and are we going back to Paris to fully fulfil your fantasy ?

Love Karen

( Horley , Surrey)