Written by Vicky

12 Dec 2008

My name is Vicky and I am 29. I have been married to Andy for 5 years and this is my confession. Last summer we went on vacation to the Algarve and stayed at a lovely resort hotel. Andy plays a lot of golf so it was the perfect destination and on our third day he found some guys to play with. They had arranged to meet after lunch so he left me by the pool at around 2pm which I was happy with so I could tan and relax, reading my magazines which I had bought at the airport.

To my disappointment it clouded over so I decided to relax in the hotel spa which I had not had a chance to visit. The spa was located by the swimming pool and after finding a locker to place my stuff I wrapped a towel round me keeping my yellow thong bikini on and decide to begin with a sauna.

The spa was fairly empty and I spread myself out on one of the wooden benches and soon felt my sweat form on by skin. After about ten minutes someone else entered and sat on the opposite bench. His name was Frank and he was from Germany. We started chatting and he said he was on holiday with a friend and they had just got back from golf. As we chatted his towel casually opened and I noticed his cock poking through. Making no attempt to cover himself we continued chatting. He was holding a bottle of oil and I could not help ask him who he was massaging. “Would you like a massage?” he said and I became embarrassed and explained that I was married and that it was probably not a good idea. “Where is your husband?” was his immediate response and I explained that he was playing golf himself. We continued chatting and after another ten minutes I excused myself to take a shower.

Having cooled down I went back to the sauna where Frank had spread himself out and was lying naked on his towel. “Hey you are back” he said with some tone of insinuation that I had returned to take up his offer. He sat up and looked at me in anticipation and gesturing to the lower wooden bench said “Here Vicky you lie here. I promise you will love my massage”. Feeling prudish I agreed and looked at him waiting to know how to lie.

“Give me your towel and then you can make yourself comfortable”. His hand eagerly reached out to take the fresh towel which I passed to him obligingly. “There you go now lie on your tummy” Frank said as he picked up his bottle of oil ready to poor in is hands.

I made myself comfortable and within seconds felt his hands smoothing over the skin of my back with great professional stokes which caused me to let out an immediate sigh as he massaged me as good as any spa treatment I had ever had. “Let’s just untie this” he said without giving me a chance to offer an opinion and he tucked the strings of the bikini top under me allowing his oily hands to make contact with my breasts.

I felt me body begin to move into a state of total relaxation as I became aware of the situation I had found myself in and decided I may as well enjoy the experience after all Andy never did this to me.

His strokes were becoming more deliberate and I felt the tempo increase and my body was at Frank’s full control which admittedly was making me feel more excited with hands and fingers sliding up the insides of my thighs which I felt deliberate pressure to spread open my thighs.

“Hey Christoph come in” Frank suddenly whispered as I heard the sauna door open and then close. “This is Vicky. She is from the UK and on her own for the afternoon as her husband has gone to play some golf”. Christoph quickly settled on the opposite bench and said “Hi Vicky, nice to meet you. I see Frank is giving you one of his famous massages, you are very lucky”. Frank continued a few more strokes and then suggested I flip over.

This time I was able to look and see both men more clearly. Frank was still semi erect and Christoph had discarded his towel and I could not help notice that whilst still flaccid was extremely big. Frank squirted the oil over my tummy and his hands quickly returned with long and deliberate strokes.

From nowhere he produced a flannel size towel and placed it over my boobs and said “there you go” and pulled my yellow bikini top away and continued without me even having a chance to say if I minded or not. Shyly I closed my eyes and allowed him to work his hands in a circular motion over my shoulder, tummy and every so often slipping under the towel and circling my breasts with his thumb cleverly rolling my nipples each time. I was now drifting into another and more risky world!

After about ten minutes “Hey Vicky, turn over again” Frank whispered bringing me out of my state of arousal and back to earth. I accepted his instruction and again Frank was more than willing to help me flip over back onto my tummy. As I turned, I noticed that both men were now fully erect which only aroused my senses even further.

“What time will your husband be back from golf?” Frank casually asked as he returned to massaging my lower back. “Here let’s put the towel here now and remove these” Frank continued without even giving me a chance to answer his first question. “Not for another few hours” I replied as Frank pulled on the side ties and then pulled my thong bottoms away and placed the tiny towel along the crease of my bum.

Sitting himself down on the bench and raising my leg up by my foot, Frank said “OK lets rest you leg on here” as he cleverly shifted himself closer and rested my leg over his own thigh. This caused my pelvis to rise off the bench providing Frank with my open thighs and access a far more dangerous place. I felt both his hands begin their first journey past my calves then thighs and the hand on my inner thigh rubbed over my pussy before returning to its original starting place.

My excitement craving for the upward journey of Frank’s hands, with each stroke my body began to take over as I found my hips rising to greet his hands and squirming on his fingers as they became more daring with each arrival at my pussy. I was beginning to lose all sense as I became aware of my soft moans of pleasure that were growing with each moment of contact.

My excitement was momentarily interrupted with the arrival of Christoph who had now moved to join us on the bench and rested close to my head which was now buried in my towel to muffle my shame. “How is it Vicky . . . good?” Frank said as Christoph finger began intimately running through my blonde hair. “I would never leave a women so beautiful for golf” Christoph said toying with my curls.

Frank pulled the towel away and trailing it up my back sending further excitement with his other hand he rubbed my clit which even I could feel had exposed itself from my state of arousal and circled it. My loud moan brought further comment as Frank said “so you said your husband will not be back for some time” and with this he moved fingers deep inside me which I moved to eagerly meet and moaned and squirmed on.

“Christoph stand by the door to see incase someone comes” Frank said excitedly “I have to fuck her now”. As I moaned from the excitement of his words Christoph got up and went over to sit on the opposite bench so he could see out of the glass window. Christoph lifted himself whist at the same time pulling my hips up and wrapping his arms round my waist from behind I felt his cock slide inside me. I groaned as he uttered his first German word “Vundersheun” as he began to fuck me with deliberate strokes. My breasts bounced back and forth with each deep penetration as I felt my first orgasm approaching.

Sensing my orgasm, Frank sped up his stokes and his own groaning brought me my first orgasm which triggered his own as I felt the force of his cum as it jetted out and filled me. Frank pulled out and signaled to Christoph to have a go as they switched places and leaving me still doggy style over the bench. “You can ask your husband to lick out our spunk later” Christoph said triumphantly as I felt how big his cock was for the first time. “I cannot believe you are really married” he continued as if seeming to get off himself on the words. “What would he say if he knew his wife was being fucked by two strange . . . .!”

“Someone is coming!” Frank said interrupting Christoph’s words who pulled out of me and we all grabbed our towels and quickly resumed some respectable places on the bench. An older gentleman entered and poured water over the coal to increase the temperature. “Shall we all take a shower?” Frank said as if we were lifeonf friends and with that we all got up and left the sauna.

Frank and Christoph spent those following two hours, having taken me into a nylon curtained shower cubicle, fucking me under the water jets. Occasionally people arrived showering on either side of us unaware that both men were making me suck them and letting them fuck me. They had to place their hands over my mouth to stifle the groans of pleasure both men provided me.

I have never told Andy what happened that day and sometimes during our lovemaking I fantasize that I am back in the spa with Frank and Christoph