Written by Carl33

29 Aug 2018

Hi sorry I had to cut the first instalment short but Lucy returned home as I was typing.

So there I am now watching Sarah through the kitchen blind massaging this older gent. I honestly didn’t know what to think it was a complete shock. They were both completely unaware I was there as I watched Sarah slowly massage each of his legs, his cock rock hard and bobbing about as her hands slid over his skin. As Sarah massaged his legs for a few mins before reaching to a small table with various bottles of oils on. She picked one up and began drizzling oil over his cock. I noticed her looking at him smiling as she did they were speaking too each other but I couldn’t really hear what was been said.

Sarah then stood to one side of the table and began to give this guy a handjob. I had full view of his cock as she began to wank him off he had clearly one hand behind her probably feeling her amazing looking arse. Sarah was making a lot of eye contact with the guy smiling clearly giving him words of encouragement, he was obviously enjoying it I could see his toes curling as Sarah used both hands on his well oiled cock.

This went on for a couple of minutes Sarah was now wanking him at a good steady speed nothing to fast. The gentleman soon had one hand gripping the side of the table the other obviously gripping Sarah’s arse as his whole body began to tense, Sarah maintained the pace before he let out a pretty loud groan. As he groaned he released a good 4 streams of cum which landed on his stomach . Sarah slowed and made sure his balls were fully drained. Leaving him lay there covered in his own cum.

As soon as I had seen him cum I decided I best go as i was lucky to have not been noticed. I crept out of Sarah’s house and headed for the garage of my house. Once inside I stood there gathering my thoughts on what I had just seen and couldn’t believe what I had just seen Sarah doing. I’m no prude or easily shocked but just I guess it’s not everyday something like this happens. After about 10 mins I decided best thing to do was just not say anything or act any different.

So with that I grabbed what I needed from the garage and headed back to Sarah’s. As I arrived Sarah was in the kitchen wearing her tunic and leggings offering me a coffee like butter wouldn’t melt.

This is just the start of what has turned in to a new adventure for me. Glad I completed this and please comment it your interested in the “ Handyman” series continuing as I have more to say about Sarah and one or two other adventures I’ve had this year! X