Written by Annie

30 Apr 2008

Quite a while back I was between jobs and pretty strapped for cash so decided to join a temp agency to get some secretarial work. It was summer time so lots of people were taking their holidays and the work was pretty easy to come by. I did okay anyway and the jobs were usually only for a week or two so by the time I had settled into a routine it was time to move on.

One of my jobs was in a solicitor’s office, everything was as usual, pretty boring really until about 4.30 on the afternoon of my first day. I was lost in some audio typing when I sensed the boss come up beside me, very close, all he said was “my office, 5 o’clock”, I immediately thought I must have done something wrong and hoped not, as I didn’t want the agency to get negative feedback about me. I was relying on this job so that was the last thing I needed!

As everyone else prepared to go home for the evening I felt pretty nervous, was sure he was going to sack me on the spot. He was always so stressed out and the other girls in the office always tried to keep on his good side. They hadn’t been over-friendly towards me so I never mentioned to them that he wanted to see me, telling myself it was probably just something stupid. Anyway, 5 o’clock came and I thought oh well, better get it over with.

He was on the phone speaking with a colleague and motioned me to sit down. The only chair was next to his desk so I sat down, immediately wishing I had worn a longer skirt. I had arranged to meet my boyfriend after work so I was more dressed up than usual and my top was definitely not something I would usually wear for the office. Perhaps that was it, I was going to get a telling off for showing more cleavage than was acceptable in a law firm! By now I could feel myself being mentally undressed by him and I thought, what the hell, if its that prudish an office then do I really want to be here anyway?

As I sat there I began to wonder if he was ever going to get off the phone and actually speak to me, I thought it was pretty rude of him to keep me late and I was supposed to be meeting my boyfriend in the pub soon. Then he turned around to look across at the office opposite. We were on the 3rd floor so there wasn’t much to see really but I noticed a guy sitting there on the phone and what looked like his secretary standing beside him, early 20’s, slim with long blonde hair and a curvy figure. Next thing I knew she was unbuttoning her blouse and stepping out of her skirt, she was standing there now in just white bra and suspenders. The man then reached up and roughly pulled at her bra strap so she removed the bra and seemed to be offering her nipple to the man who began sucking on it, all the while with the phone to his ear. By now the girl was sitting on the desk in front of him with her legs wide open, leaning back over the desk, this was really beginning to turn me on and I could feel my pussy begin to tingle. I was brought back to reality by my boss, he actually asked me what I thought and did I think I could do that too. He would, of course, pay me for my time.

I really needed the extra money so I agreed, although it was totally out of character for me. Usually I would have run a mile but somehow I just got caught up in the situation and the fact that I was so turned on by the sight of the young girl spread across the desk opposite. My boss then put the phone on loudspeaker and I realised he had been talking to the other guy all the time. He had been giving me marks out of 10 on my body and reckoned that I would be worth using but first they would have to see me naked. I don’t know how I did it but I stood up and started to undress, I felt so vulnerable yet incredibly aroused. First my blouse came off then I wriggled out of my tight skirt, I thought that might be enough but my boss told me to keep going and the guy on the phone was very approving. He said nice, what size is she, looks like a 38D. I nodded and he said come on then, lets get a proper look, come over to the window and show me. I felt so self conscious as I walked across my boss’s office, I could see he had a huge erection beneath his trousers. There I was in just my underwear, a black bra, thong, suspenders and high heels. The phone guy said come on, don’t be shy, maybe he can help you, so my boss came over to the window and unfastened my bra showing how hard my nipples were. Nice, now the panties, take them off. My boss picked up a pair of scissors from his desk and cut them off me and told me to bend over so they could get a good look at my rear end. Wow, she’s good, likes to do what she’s told - I think she’ll be perfect. At this stage I was bent over his desk and he was kneeling down behind me - just need to get a taste of what’s going on here. with that he pulled my pussy lips apart and stuck his tongue right into me and then I could feel him go up towards towards my ass. I’d never been touched there before like this and it felt amazing. Never before had I so desperately felt like I needed to be fucked.

I was so lost in what was going on in the room that I never even heard the door open or saw the couple come in. My boss was still immersed in my rear end, wow his tongue was something else, I had my legs wide apart and was leaning on the window ledge for support, my eyes closed and just loving every minute of this - and to think I was going to be paid for it to, how good can things get. Suddenly I felt someone in front of me and looked down to see a head of blonde hair between my legs, she was nuzzling into my pussy and opening my pussy lips she very quickly found my now very swollen clitoris. Wow, she just locked on their and I was in ecstacy, her in front and my boss behind. The phone guy had taken a seat at my boss’s desk, he never said anything just watched intently. After a few minutes he said I think she’s ready for a bit more and I felt my boss’s cock enter me from behind, he felt huge but he was very gentle, easing into me, I heard him say, yes, she’s nice and tight as his hands gripped my hips pulling me deeper onto him. Fuck you’re a good girl and he then moved his hands to my pussy lips, where I could feel the girl licking and sucking for all she was worth. I was stuck there in that position for what seemed like an age until I felt my boss pull out of me and ejaculate over my ass.

Perfect timing, my boyfriend rang just as I was getting cleaned up and he didn’t mind that I had to work late as he knew I needed the extra money.

Turns out phone guy was the owner of the company and he was so pleased with my performance that I went on to do a lot more work with the firm.