Written by Emma T

27 Nov 2015

I'm sorry if this is abit disjointed but I'm not very good at writing and this is my 5th attempt. I need to share this so please be kind.

I’m Emma, I’m 26 and only 5’1” slim with small breasts. My husband and I don’t get on very well, in fact he criticises me all the time and we hardly ever have sex. This has really affected my confidence. I usually satisfy myself and I know its usually a man thing but I watch porn and read your stories as a way of releasing tension.

I have considered meeting someone for sex but have never had the confidence which is why I’m telling you about my ‘adventure’. My husband loves Italy and we go there each year for our holiday and this year was no exception. We rented a flat as usual. It was very nice, it had French doors leading out to to a small balcony. On the other side, about 10 feet away was another flat with its own French doors.

My husband wasn’t happy because he felt he had to close the curtains to stop the other couple looking in. They were beautiful, I mean he was your typical dark hansom Italian stallion and she was slim, beautiful and tall with an amazing figure. I would have thought she should be a model with long black hair.

They never closed their curtains which horrified my husband because they were not shy about being intimate in full view of us. Most nights they would leave the lights on and curtains open and if you looked out of the doors you could see them having sex.

My husband wanted to complain because he thought it was disgusting but I managed to stop him telling him how boring he was. But I couldn’t’ resist watching. He always went to bed early to read and fall asleep leaving me on my own. I know I shouldn’t but I would switch the lights off in the lounge and wait to see if I could watch them. Eventually my patients paid off and I watched these beautiful people having sex, his strong body on her beautiful figure. It took my breath away to see how big and think his manhood was as he fed it into her from behind. Her large and well-formed breasts swaying with his every thrust, her head swaying and he fucked her, her turning round and his cock disappearing into her mouth On the first evening I ended up touching myself, one hand between my legs and the other massaging my breast and each night I would have a deep orgasm as they shook, clearly climaxing.

On our last day I was actually depressed because I would never see my ‘friends’ who I had never actually met but had sex with each night. My husband wanted to visit some old buildings hours away and after an argument he went on his own. I went for coffee and after a few minutes my neighbours walked in. I went weak and just looking at them almost made me cum. There were lots of free tables but they came and sat with me and introduced themselves. Even to this day I can’t remember either name. We talked for w while them he told me how they had enjoyed their time here and how they enjoyed watching me and it made their sex even more intense.

I was horrified and nearly cried. I didn’t realise they had seen me at all. I started to get up but they held my arm and apologised telling me it was ok and they were grateful that I was so ‘free’.

I ended up telling them about my husband and how we were never intimate and that he had gone out for the day. I was still embarrassed even though they tried to re assure me but I told them I had to go and pack and left them alone. As I walked back to the flat I was crying, partly out of embarrassment but also because I felt a bit pathetic.

I had nearly finished packing when there was a knock on the French door, it was her. She told me that she wanted to make sure I Was ok and to re assure me that they were happy I had watched them. I think she could tell I had been upset and put her hand on my face, then told me to wait before going back to her flat. In moments she came back and took my hand and led me across the balcony into they’re place.

No one said anything but he kissed me gently on my lips then a little more passionately. She opened my blouse. I don’t usually wear a bra because I’m so small. I stood there as they undressed me led me to the bed, undressed themselves before laying me on my back.

They both smiled at me and took it in turns to touch me, squeezing and caressing my breasts. The two of them tasting my pussy juices, fingers deep inside me, tongues exploring my mouth before he positioned himself between my legs and slid into me.

His cock stretched my pussy as he gently fucked me. And for the next hour he had me on my knees taking me from behind before lifting me up and impaling me, walking with me straddling him his cock deep inside me fucking me against the French windows then the wall. I was so disappointed my husband was out because I wanted his to see me being fucked by these beautiful people.

I orgasmed again and again as he fucked me hard before throwing me back onto the bed, entered me again and poured hot cum into me and yet again I came almost passing out. She joined us fucking me for a while before her husband pulled her away, entered her and same again.

We lay there for a while before I thanked them and started to leave. The kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. I went back and simply finished packing.

When my husband came back I had made something to eat for us and as we sat eating I could still feel cum dripping down my legs.

I haven’t done that since and I guess I will never do it again but I am desperate to have strangers inside me now I have had this experience.. I certainly won’t see my beautiful lovers again but each time I pleasure myself I think of these beautiful people.