Written by jockweiler

7 Mar 2008

Bill couldn't believe it...she was displaying just for HIM.....he could make out her nipples standing out very stiffly when she passed through the 'frame' of the window. Then, Man oh Man, she stopped in front of the glass with her back to him, still on the phone! He was mesmerised and a bomb could have gone off behind him...he wouldn't have noticed...her free hand drifted down to her skirt waistband and ..OH GOD...she undid the fastening and her skirt fell away , almost in slow motion , disappearing below the frame. Bill pulled his cock from his trousers..he was so hard now that it almost hurt ! ''HELL'' he thought ''dont stop now girl!'' He began to slowly jerk off and hoped she'd see, but she still had her back to him showing her lovely, very fuckable , ass in nice tiny white panties. Then...he didn't trust his eyes and closed them briefly......she bent forwards from the waist and with the same hand, slid her panties all the way down...he could see her pussy and ass when she was bent over fully....GOD HE ACHED for some of that ! She stood upright still back towards him, and then slowly, very slowly, she turned her head to look at him over her shoulder...with ,he thought, a sort of smile on her lips..letting him know , he figured, that she knew he was watching. He thrust his cock forwards through his hand hoping she would see and like it.

Was this really happening to him ? Hell, she simply turned around and showed him everything, beautiful breasts with very erect nipples and her pussy almost completely shaved..very neat..her hand drifted down to her sex gently massaging as she looked directly at him through the glass.

He thought he might 'cum' then and there, pulling faster on his cock for her to see, but , HELL, she stopped touching herself and was that what he saw ? ...yes she waved him over..SHE WAVED HIM OVER !!!

Whatever the consequences, he was not going to pass this up and was gone almost in an instant from his window , stuffing his cock back into the front of his trousers as he moved ................