Written by databoy

13 Jun 2017

as posted on here a few weeks ago I thought I would let you all into the continuance of the sexual escapades of my wife Debra after I had discovered her having sex with two guys as a revenge for what she thought I had done. Well after I had sent her the picture that I had taken and we had discussed it in detail. Yes there had been a couple of moments where we had raised voices etc but in the whole we agreed that it turned both of us on. I wasn't averse to trying it again and openly told Deb this and she had admitted that it was a massive turn on for her to have sex with others.

Anyway I suggested that we have a 3 sum but as a payback to me because she got it so wrong with her revenge that we have a FFM session but she wasn't sure about this. I informed her that she didn't have to do anything with the other female but I would love her to watch me fuck someone else. I knew of a lady that I had worked with previously who was bi sexual and she knew Deb as she had met her over the years several times at functions etc. I mentioned it to Samantha and explained things to her but told a little white lie and said that Deb wanted to try her bi side and was she up for it to which she readily agreed as I think she had always had a spot for Deb.

I told Deb that we were all meeting for a drink at a local pub and we all arrived and began the evening by having a few drinks and catching up on old times. Nothing was mentioned about why we were there and what we were trying to achieve but the night just flowed on as normal. Debra and Samantha were getting on well and I could see at times that Samantha was discreetly touching Debra on the arms etc as the evening went on. Anyway it was time to leave and I suggested that we all went back to ours and we could finish the evening off with a night cap and we all agreed and set off.

We arrived at the house and I fixed us some drinks and then we started chatting and the discussion got around to me explaining how I caught Deb with the guys and why she had done it and I wanted her to watch me fuck someone else. At that Samantha said that she was up for it if it was ok with Deb who by now was a little tipsy and she just nodded. I walked over to Samantha and began to kiss her to which she responded by feeling my bulge in my trousers and I began to feel her breasts up through her blouse. I looked across at Deb and she was just stood there watching us and I winked to her and carried on by undoing Sams blouse and taking off her bra to let her breasts drop before taking one in my mouth. I sucked on her nipple and she began to undo her jeans and we both removed them and I stripped off as well. I removed her panties and lay her on the floor before kneeling between her legs and straight away entering what was a warm and very wet pussy.

I began to fuck her to which she responded with motions of her own to meet my cock as I pushed in. Samantha then said "would you like to join us Deb" and I looked up and just smiled and nodded. At that I expected Denb to just leave the room but she surprised me by taking off all her clothes and knelt beside Samantha before leaning over to kiss her. I looked and sort of weighed up the situation here I was fucking another woman in front of my wife who was now kissing another woman.

I continued to fuck and Sam was now sucking on one of Debs tits who was loving it. I fucked harder now and within a couple of minutes I just shot my load into Samantha. I pulled out and right away Sam was up on her knees before kissing Debra and pushing her to the floor and moved across Debs face for her to lick at her pussy. I thought that this would be too much for Deb but she lapped away at Sams pussy but it was difficult for her to move as Sam is a size 16 lady and was sitting down on her face.

I decided that I would join in and began to lick at Debs Pussy and after a while I could feel Debs body starting to tense and knew an orgasm was about to start and at that I heard a muffled moan from Deb as she had another woman's cunt in her face and was cumming herself. Samantha began to writhe about and she let out a shout of "Jesus Christ that feels so good" and promptly came all over Debs face who was still licking frantically and writhing about herself through her own orgasm.

This sort of stopped as quickly as it had begun and we all sat naked chatting about the evening and how e had all enjoyed the experience.