Written by D

1 Sep 2009

It's been a month or so since E had her first experience being fully penetrated by another man. We talked about it quite a bit, and she clearly found it both interesting and a little scary; after all, it's not every day that you allow a guy to come inside you.

But E was happy to repeat the experience, so we've been trying. Sadly, as yet, to no avail.

We went back to the same naturist spa that had served up such a wonderful first experience, only to find that E didn't fancy any of the guys there. One, in particular, was a little on the weird side. If you are a single guy reading this, remember that stalking couples is absolutely no way to get an invite to play! Just play it cool, impress the lady with your manners, and it can happen. We know.

There was, however, an older but attractive couple there. Sadly, they didn't appear to want to play with other couples, so that left us to our own devices. Which actually turned out to be a lot of fun, as it was the first time that we'd actually made love in a swimming pool. Pure bliss, with E able to slowly rock back and forth whilst floating in the water: almost tantric, it lasted for the best part of an hour and was so incredily intense that it truly was mind-blowing..

Anyway, a couple of weekends back, we dropped in to a different spa down on the south coast. For the first hour or so, we spent our time in the wet area in the basement, where there were quite a few fit guys. The only problem is that there's no playing allowed downstairs, so it's kinda tricky to know how to tempt the guys upstairs to the play rooms without being completely overt; which is not our strongpoint!

There was also another rather nice couple in the pool, but again, it's hard to know how to enquire what their purpose is. Are they players, or merely there enjoying the spa? We never found out, but wish we had.

Anyway, the afternoon was passing, and it was reaching the time at which all the single guys are supposed to leave. So we headed all the way up to the top floor for a quite bit of relaxation. We both stretched out, and I was lazily stroking E's breast whilst we dozed. Nothing too frenetic: just idling the time.

But then a single guy came up the stairs, and positioned himself on a bed at the far end of the room. Lying on his back, he began to stroke his already erect penis, clearly enjoying the view of E as she stretched herself out. Now, as she had her eyes closed, she didn't notice him. But I could, and I could see that he was extremely excited by what he saw.

So I gently slid my hand down over her stomach to her trimmed pubic hair. Stroking across her mound to her legs, she separated her legs, positioning them for me to stroke inside. I lazily ran my hand her legs, circling around her inner thighs and up to her pussy. This was turning the guy on even more, and his strokes became a little quicker. Which was my began sliding my fingers down onto her clitoris.

This brought E to a much more excited state, and she began to gently raise and lower her hips in time with the strokes. Again, nothing frenetic at this point, but she was clearly starting to really enjoy this. And she was still unaware of the other guy stroking his cock.

At this point, he and I made eye contact. The fact that I had begun to stroke E's pussy, plus the fact that I had looked him straight in the eye, was all the prompting he needed. He got up, and moved down the room to lie on the bed right next to E. This made E aware of him, so she opened her eyes and turned her head towards him. He continued to stroke his cock, so E simply closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

He took this as tacit approval of his presence, so he tested the waters by putting his hand onto her right breast. I didn't react or stop, but E gently lifted herself slightly in response to his touch so as to push her nipple into his hand. This was all the prompting that he needed, so he slid his hand down towards her legs. I withdrew my hand, allowing him free access to her pussy.

Now E has told me how much she likes having her breasts fondled and kissed when she's being stroked or fucked, so I began to stroke across her stomach while nibbling her left nipple. This clearly turned the heat up for E, as she slid her hand down to find the other guy's cock. He was now stroking her pussy, sliding his fingers inside and finger-fucking her, whilst I worked on her breasts and she stroked the other guy.

This was clearly getting too much for him, so he kissed her other nipple and then started working his mouth up her neck. Clearly he was going for some full kissing, but E wasn't up for that: this is something that is reserved for me.

At this point, the other guy got to his knees, and started repositioning E as if to plunge inside her. There was no way that that was going to happen without a condom, and neither E, he nor I were ready to wait for that, so he moved his body so that his cock was hanging right over E's mouth. To my surprise, she lifted her head and just took him in her mouth, working the base of his cock with her hand.

The guy could no longer continue with his fingering of E, as he was clearly getting more and more worked up, thrusting into her hand and mouth, so I moved my hand back to her pussy and started masturbating her with quick but light strokes: guaranteed to make her cum quickly.

Her muffled moans, in combination with her hand and mouth working his cock, were clearly making the other guy wildly excited. A few thrusts later, and he was cumming in E's mouth, somewhat to her surprise. But as she was just at the point of her own orgasm, she totally surprised me by swallowing his cum, before she too came.

The other guy was clearly blown away by the fact that E had swallowed his load, rather than taking her mouth away as he came. Clearly satisfied, he pulled back onto the other bed, his cock already shrinking from its previous erect state. With an affectionate stroke of E's arm, and a smile which she reciprocated with her own and a touch of his leg, he got up and disappeared downstairs.

Up to this point, none of the three of us had uttered a single word. And now he had literally come and gone.

"You swallowed!" I exclaimed.

"Yes. What else could I do?" was E's reply. Clearly, she hadn't wanted anything to get in the way of her (or his) pleasure.

Both of us were a little stunned by the whole unexpected turn of events, as we weren't in the designated playrooms and neither of us had been expecting anything to happen while we were on the top floor.

After a drink of water (!), we went downstairs to the wet area again. With the closing of the facility to single men, there was a sudden rush of couples arriving. Not knowing the signals, we decided to head up to the playrooms to see what we could find. A quick stroll revealed a number of couples pleasuring each other, but without a clear sign indicating their desire to join them, we merely passed by.

Then we found a playroom that has half-a-dozen beds side-by-side. We took the end bed, and I began stroking and licking E's pussy. Another couple joined us, albeit at the far end of the room. The guy watched me lick E to several orgasms - she really likes oral - while his girl sucked and fucked him. More couples joined the party, with eight or ten (who's counting?) all working on their partners, but with no swapping going on.

After half an hour of so of this, with E watching and me working on her pussy, we decided that we really had to go so that we could get back home. The great thing was that we didn't make it back without finding a quite woodland area and with me fucking E while she stretched out on the car's bonnet.

So our exploration continues. Hopefully, next time E will find another guy to go all the way with. But in the meantime, we'll just have to remember the spontaneous guy who came in her mouth.