Written by Katya DeSantis

19 Nov 2014

Following my masters instructions….with unexpected results

The days had passed slowly between discussing our plans to change our sexual roles and taking the required steps to make it become a reality. I have always been the instigator in the bedroom, bathroom, park, beach, you name it and I will fuck there given the chance. After all these years it seems this is to change and someone else will be in control of events, all that is required of me I believe is obedience at all times, not so sure that I am going to enjoy this but it is worth a try.

Martin started the discussion last week while we we're watching one of the usual, same old, porno films in his collection. I know the plot and words to some of them better than I know the words to the nation anthem! lets be honest we al know the outcum!

The evening had begun as they often do now days with a light meal for two, several glasses of excellent wine, chilling on on sofa with the log fire loaded up. The glow of light from a real fire is comforting and exciting at the same time, we watch it bursting with rampant flames and sparks of light, filling the room with a sensual scent of oak wood burning.

As one film finished we dipped into the porno box for another, only to pull out one that had been lying there for some time, in fact neither of us could recall ever watching it. We are not into foreign language films so that must be why it had been neglected for so long, with a Japanese text title it was bound to be hard work even if we had the luxury of English sub titles. As the scene started it was so dark it was almost impossible to make out any people, then just as we were about to give up, a moan of intense pleasure from a woman filled the room and awakened our interest. The camera panned backwards and we were treated to the sight of a slim oriental woman, legs wide apart, glowing dark skin with beads of sweat rolling down her face, the woman was dressed in a black, latex corset, black stockings with suspenders and a lace thong. She could be seen leaning against a floor to ceiling window, facing outwards with her breasts resting on the glass and visible to anyone outside. Slowly she eased one hand down her body and inside her thong while the other hand supported her against the glass. we were transfixed as she removed her thong with one hand allowing her fingers to linger between her pussy lips for just a moment. The voice that boomed out made her stop in an instant ending her exploration of her sex, stopped in her tracks, her head bowing in submission to the instruction. It was hard to see who was controlling her and difficult to make out the room layout, as the camera panned back we could see that the woman was alone in the room and the window looked out onto a vibrant city of lights, she must have been 20 floors up, pressed semi naked against the window.

The voice instructed her to continue to remove her thong, deep and menacing even in a foreign language it was clear to see she knew she had no choice. The next instruction was whispered and gentle in tone, we waited to see what she would do next, her body straightened and she put both hands above her head on the glass, spread apart forcing her breasts to squash against the glass and with her mouth wide open she licked the glass up and down as she would a cock presented to her face.

The thong at her ankles didn't allow her to open her legs very wide but a quick camera shot from outside the building clearly showed her labia swollen and the glistening dampness around her pussy lips made Martin lick his lips - who ever set this up knew what they were doing.

Just as we were transfixed on her situation the film jumped to a shot showing a man on a balcony with a mobile headset on, not young and not the usual porn star look thats for sure. He was relaxed on a lounger looking out across the night sky using a telescope …. talking into the microphone he shouted then whispered, closed his eyes for a second letting his head wall back into the cushion. A female hand reached up to his mouth and a slender finger traced along his lips and ease into his mouth, at the same time the camera drew back, a head bobbing up and down in rhythm to his moans of ecstasy.

He broke from the spell and spoke again, this time as he talked we saw his view through the telescope …. the woman against the widow clearly had a man behind her who was fucking her for all he was worth - with each thrust her whole body was forced against the window, her eyes opened wide in shock. The instructions continued and the fucking became more urgent than before, just when we expected it to be over, she dropped to her knees, side on to the window the man moved in front of her his rampant cock heading for her mouth. The unknown male took her long dark hair in his hands and used it to control her head movements making sure she couldn’t avoid the thrusting cock. The rough mouth fucking she took made me gasp, and if I am honest made me want that kind of control used on me. The scene was soon over as the instructions boomed out from the mobile phone on the floor and with a mouth wide open she took every last drop of his cum, only the last few drops missing target and left running off her chin onto her nipple.

The voyeur and master was living out the experience on his balcony as he face fucked the woman between his thighs, she had no choice but to swallow as his large hands forced her down on his engorged cock.

The erotic effect of this level of control and voyeuristic power ensured our best love making for months ……. I am happy to tell you exactly what happened next if anyone is interested and also how we set about our own reply of the events.