Written by Brian

6 Sep 2014

We have been to fuerteventura,loads of times.THe wife always likes to get her breasts out ASAP ,

This one holiday I said why not strip off totally over by the sand dunes.someone might see,no I know where to go .Anyway 2 days

Later we took the car out and found a quiet beach just off the main road,but slightly quieter.the wife got the Mat out and lay down

By some rocks off came her top ,her tits are 40 c and tanned.intold her to take her bottoms off ,but no luck.

I went and sat below her and started putting sun cream on her back and legs ,I quickly slid 2 fingers into her and told her to roll over

I massaged her legs and started to suck her erect nipples,someone will see us she said

It was then that I dropped my shorts and gently rubbed oil over my stiff cock,pulled her pants to one side and slid it straight in,god she was

Horney.it was then that I noticed a guy stood to our left,just watching.i was about to tell her then thought no she will panick.

I told her to lie still whilst I took her pants down,then spread her legs open,I rammed my tongue into her and licked and sucked like crazy,she started to moan ,and said go on go on,I said to her there's a guy on the rocks watching us she came like crazy,I rammed my cock into her and told her to look up,the guy had mover closer to us,for a better view .

He was around 40 and stocky he looked well tanned,he just nodded to us ,I fucked the wife as hard as possible,knowing I would come soon

The guy had moved just above us by the rocks about 20 feet away,I pulled out and lifted my wife's left leg up in the air,and turned her slightly onto her side he could now see her breasts and cunt.i rammed it into her again and told her to watch him .he had now opened his buttons on his shorts and was wanking ,he was about 7-8 inches long and thick,my wife was saying fuck me harder,then I spunked into her ,we looked up and the guy was still wanking the wife just kept watching him till finally he came all over the sand ,I slid some fingers into the wife and said your fucking soaking,did you want his cock ,no she said,we looked up and he,d gone.

Has we walked back up to the car we spotted the guy with his wife,she was lay on the rocks by the road ,we quickly left,and drove back to our hotel,we washed and had amazing sex after .

I said maybe next holiday lets get a stranger to fuck her . Roll on next year