Written by steve

21 Mar 2010

Hello my name is steve.

I have just been for a walk on the clifftop at corton beach were i have just had my first bi experience.As i was walking i saw two men go into one of the old bunkers there so i followed them and as i went in they were already wanking each other.one reached over and rubbed my crotch he let go off the other man and undid my trousers and got my cock out. The other man tossed himself off until he cum so i bent over and lick the end of his knob to taste his cum then he left.i let the other guy suck me off then he reach around and inserted a finger in my arse then two fingers and he asked if he could fuck me so then i open my legs and he stood behind me and he pushed his cock in me he was really gentle but didnt last long.I reached around and could feel he had cum so i wanked myself off.Then on friday morning i biked home from work and i stopped at the asda car park to make a rolly and saw him with his wife shopping.

Im looking forward to my next walk..steve