Written by trainman

6 Dec 2012

It's almost dark when i park......4 o clock mid November. A two hour workout at the gym means my muscles are pumped and hard. Biceps ache, abs are toned and my legs solid from squats and curls ..... I played with my cock in the shower there and got myself horny so I knew i needed something more. As I walk towards the toilet block i see the lights go on inside, the flourescent strips hum as i walk in. I'd used this place for years ..... it's now a memeory but was one of 5 within 10 mins that were local to me .... The place is empty, cold and smells of piss......there's a smell of cum too.....someone's been in earlier wanking and tossed their lot all over the floor...... i can just detect a faint whiff of poppers too lingering in the cold air.

Two cubicles down on the right with wooden doors ..... nice size holes in them ..... 5 piss stones to the left. I push open the doors to both cubicles and find i'm definitely alone......at the moment.

Going into the one on the left I close the door, and begin to strip......i hang my clothes on the hook behind the door.....pulling my sweat pants off over my biker boots.....then my t shirt til i'm naked cept for my very tight white lycra shorts, the leather boots and my cock strap.....studded leather. I start to scan the walls for new graffitti.....reading messages and stories as i play with my cock, slowly wanking it and fondling my balls with my other hand.

There's a hole in each door so i'm waiting to see who comes in, knowing they'll come over and lean down to look in at me......and if i fancy them i'll slip my cock thru the hole and let them have it.....for their hands....or mouths.

As I wank I'm remembering some of the times i've been in here previously and the guys who've sucked and wanked me.....the pervs who've offered their stiff cocks for sucking.....the ones who've dared me to walk round the toilet naked, wanking for them as they tossed themselves watching ....... the gay couples who i've met in here who both fondled, kissed, wanked n sucked me, using me as their plaything, getting themselves really horny as they had full use of me, before going home and fucking each other wildly ..... the times i've been naked in the centre of a group of 4 or more fully clothed guys as they all felt me up ..... the warm sticky cum all over my tits n chest after they've all spunked on me .... the look of shock on someone's face as they walked in and saw me leaning forwards naked grabbing my boots as a guy rimmed my shaved ass and another tweaked my nipples ......the many times i've met my suck buddy in here and we've played out different scenarios in front of complete strangers ...... i carry on wanking and remembering til i'm nice n hard, the cold air on my tits making my nipples erect as i tease them ..... my balls warm and full with the shorts pulled up tight and my cock n balls jutting out of a leg...... when i hear some footsteps approaching ..... then someone comes into the place and stands at the piss stones..... i look thru the hole and can see him leaning back looking in my direction, his left hand moving as he wanks himself.

After a few minutes he walks over to the cubicles .... i look thru the hole and see him standing facing me, his cock in his hand as he wanks.........

I reach into my jacket pocket.....pull out a bottle of poppers.... crack the seal and take a cpl of deep hits.......head back, eyes closed as i feel it take effect.....my cock feels fantastic in my hand ...... i know he can smell the poppers ...... do i open the door or slide my cock thru the hole? ........ mmmmmmmmmmmmmm