Written by Dan J

19 Jun 2012

As a 30 something business partner I am pretty busy and despite having had a few long term relationships recently found myself single. I keep myself busy at work a try to keep my professional training up to date by attending various courses. It was on one such course that I experienced my first cougar and have not looked back since.

My business partner is a very attractive 56 yr old cougar who I have fantasized about. One evening whilst working late in the office she caught me in a compromising position with my cock out having a wank. She immediately told me how dirty I was and knew all along I was a pervert and she would tell her husband if I did not fuck her there and then on her desk.

She at on her desk and I positioned myself in her chair in front of her. I hitched up her skirt and pulled her knickers off, putting them in my pocket as a trophy. I could smell the sweet wetness of her trimmed pussy and slipped 2 fingers into her as I sucked and teased her clot. Within about 10 minutes she had come twice on my face the second time as I slid a finger into her tight bum.

Throughout she had one hand on the back of my head applying varying degrees of pressure as she demanded. When she had had enough she pulled me up and freed my aching cock and licked my shaft before bending over and guiding me into her sopping cunt.

She then shocked me by talking incredibly dirty giving me lots of encouragement then just stopped forcing me out of her pussy before I came in her. She then pushed my head back down so I could again feast on her sweet pussy.

Unexpectedly she then picked up the phone and called her husband and they had a quick chat as I was sucking and fingering her to another orgasm. When she hung up she told me that I was now going to do exactly as she wanted or she would tell her husband I had forced myself into her one evening. She then said that we would both be travelling up north together to see a client and I was going to be her sex servant and give her what she wanted and needed. That is for another time though.