Written by Carol

6 Sep 2016

We were in Spain lately and on our first night , there was a racket from the flat across the road just below our our hotel balcony, which kept the Mrs awake , obviously from people just returning from nite clubs which are a big deal here .

The next morning she was grumpy, after her sleep been interrupted and said that there should not get away with making all that noise in the early hours of the morning. I said that you should invite him up , and sort him out , she told me to grow up

Late afternoon she was putting our swimming gear out to dry on the balcony, when he waved up at her and she returned the wave.

The same pattern occurred the next day, the racket in the early hours , keeping her awake, her been grumpy the next day , and when she was putting out the swimming gear out , he waves at her.

That young bloke had the neck to wave at me again she says , I told her she should have waved him up . Her reaction was similar has before ,and told me to act my age , he is only a youngster , I could be his mother

Men don't see age in woman , I said , and it won't be long we will be back at home in the rain in our boring jobs and routine, and if you were his mother you have to put him over your knee

This seem to spark a reaction in her, when she went back out to turn the clothes on the balcony, in a half a hour time he waved , she waved back and then she wave him up, which was total out of character for her

The following sequence of events would see my 61 year old wife , who alway said sex was overrated , and only has sex once a month , been fucked by a twenty year bloke

He is looking for our hotel no, she says to me from the balcony, and am keeping in the background

She uses her fingers to try to gave him the room no

He doesn't understand

I told her to use her lipstick and write it on a pice of paper

She writes 512

At this stage I thaught she wouldn't through will it , that it was all bluff

He gets up and starts to make his way

She and says to me I have nothing to wear, in a matter of fact way,

I told her to put on her vale

she was wearing to keep the sun off and jump in bed

And make sure you tell him the rules that you don't suck, and for him to be gentle

Then she turns around to me and says that I don't want you watching it would make her feel nervous

I said ok I will leave the door on the latch, for him to get in

Call it off, call it off, she says what about safety?

I said condoms, no no he has a regular girlfriend, just wouldn't feel safe in a room with a stranger

I will stay in the bathroom for 10 minutes was my reply

Ok but only ten that the deal she says

Was not long in the bathroom with the door slightly open when I hear the young man say hello, hello as he walk in.

He saw her in bed kick off his runners down when his shorts and off with his top in under 10 sec and was over to her .

I heard her say that she doesn't suck and she was the same age as his mother be gentle

He was full of complement to her ,as he was kissing her , a good start she love been kissed, , as he suck her tits , saying she lovely , and when he discovered she had a red bush below he kept saying she was beautiful, beautiful, he kept repeating .

I left as argreed and when down stairs to the lobby and had a point as I watch the lift, and when he was gone , which wasn't long , when back to the room.

When I went she was almost dressed , and was putting toilet roll in her knickers to catch his cum, she didn't tell me any detail, I think she was been kind and didn't want to hurt my feelings, only to say that it was very natural,and she enjoyed mothering him and he came twice and left buttocks of cum up there ,

She pulled the under blanket off the bed which was very wet and was putting out to dry sayings she had a embarrassing moment , but the young man loved it ,I will never understand men she said .

Then she saw the young man below with his girlfriend which brought a smile to her face

The same rutine the following night around the same time she was putting the wet gear on the balcony to dry. He waves at her no doubt he is only up from Bed , and the Mrs invites him up. I go into the bathroom for ten min, but this time I discovered. That if I had the balcony door in such a way I could see the reflection of the bed.

The same approach, kissing , sucking , licking , she had a towel underneath her , he kneels on the bed and between her legs and fucks her slowing , urged her to wee.

Moaning and groaning I never heard from her before ,

It was a noisy door to close , so I took that opperuntiy to get out and down to the lobby

I returned to the room when he was gone , I see the balcony plastic chair beside the bed , and asked the obviously question we kiss let me show you , she knelt on it and I enjoyed looking at the blobs of cum flowing from her fanny I only lasted a few mins,, she tell no details of what happened, only to say that sex from behind was easier on her less sore afterwards

The next day he wanted to meet her out and bring her back to his flat, I think he wanted to get her a few drinks and fill her bladder, and only detailed I got , was he came 3 times .

Back home how to the rain, and boring routine, did try to sound her out about meeting a young bloke who started working in the office , the answer was no , no way , it's all different on holiday, am happy with that , back to Spain next year.

That a true story how a 61 year old wife fucked a young bloke and took 7 loads of his cum while on holidays which was great , and am so proud of her , she wouldn't do that when she was 51, so don't gave up hope