Written by sexysubmissive

12 Apr 2011

The phone rang,” has he arrived” i asked “in the bar” Will replied, “what is his name and how old is he, “Mike, 30” Will replied. Will always arranged our meets i never know who or how many until they arrive. “How do I look ???, can U see my stocking tops”I asked “you look stunning as usual” William replied, Will went of to the bar to meet Mike as I checked my hair and make up, A few minutes passed by, Will appeared from the bar, Mike was tall, quite attractive black guy, slim and very fit looking and smart but casually dressed. I knew immediately Mike would be very well endowed as Will always requires that in a black guy. Mike sat down next to me and Will sat down opposite us, (we had chosen a booth seat as it provides a little more privacy) after a few drinks a bit of serious flirting with mike, Will suggested that he needed to go and find a shop to buy a bottle of wine for our apartment, when we are comfortable with a guy William likes to give us a little time together.

A couple of drinks later Mike and I were chatting and flirting away quite comfortably, turning to face Mike I moved a bit closer, by this time my stocking tops were clearly on show, “i love a lady in stockings commented Mike, the bulge in his jeans getting bigger by the minute, “do you like a lady who doesn't wear knickers “ I asked opening my legs a little, “ are you wearing knickers Kat” he asked, “ with a grin “ why don't you check “ I replied, opening my legs a little wider , it was then I noticed Will had returned and taken up a good vantage point at the other side of the lounge, this put me further at ease I am always safe when my man is watching over me.