Written by sexysubmissive

3 May 2011

“ turn around, kneel on the bench and spread your legs wide” ordered Mike, again I immediately responded as instructed, kneeling on the bench, my hands out stretched on the table to support me and my legs spread wide. I could now feel Mikes powerful hands between my legs as he began to massage the inside of my thighs slowly and gently working his way higher and higher, his fingers now probing my clean shaven pussy and clitoris, “ fuck me Mike, I need you inside me, fuck me hard” I begged. Mike placed his hands on my hips manoeuvring me into position “ I like a girl who knows what she wants Kat “ , I could now feel his hard cock probing between my legs, putting my hand between my legs I guided Mikes huge cock to the entrance of my vagina, “ now fuck me hard “ I begged , Mike duly obliged thrusting his rock hard cock, penetrating deep inside me , i let out a muffled scream as he began to fuck me, penetrating harder and deeper with every motion of his fit young torso, Mike was now pumping me like a man possessed, I in turn pushing back against him taking every inch of his thick manhood, verbally encouraging my young stud to fuck me harder, how long we fucked in this position I am not sure, I just seemed to get lost in the excitement, Will said later we fucked for at least 20 minutes in that position. Next thing I remember was Mike lifting me up high by the legs, my arms round his neck he began to slowly and gently lower me back down, lowering me on to his hard thick cock, once again I gasped loudly as his big cock entered me, lifting me up and down as if I was a doll, his thick cock penetrating my now soaking wet pussy. As I leant back, my young studs huge cock penetrating deeper, hitting my g spot time after time sending me into ecstasy, the louder I screamed the harder Mike seemed to fuck me , eventually I let out a gasp as I orgasmed my body shaking uncontrollably my legs gripping Mikes powerful arms squirting my creamy love juice everywhere almost simultaneously Mike thrust his cock deep inside me one last time as his cock exploded pumping hot come inside me, I almost passed out I had never felt anything quite like that before. Gently my young stud carried me over and laid me face up on the picnic table, as I opened my eyes Mike was standing beside me, turning my head to the side Mike offered me his semi erect penis still dripping wet,, greedily I took him in my mouth licking up his hot creamy spunk, suddenly I felt a hand between my legs then two pushing my legs apart, I knew it wasn't William !! I could see him in the background with his camera.,, as I tried to look up Mike gripped my head firmly preventing me looking “ suck my cock Kat !! suck it hard” barked Mike as he pulled my head back towards his thick manhood. Quickly I pulled my knees up breaking free from the grasp of the other guy then closing my legs tightly, if they wanted me they would have to force me ! Id always had a fantasy about being gang raped, How many guys !!!! I thought, making me more and more horny, and after all i could always use our safe word if required, my heart pumping faster I tightened my knees as much as possible “come on guys take her” Will had come closer, he knew I wanted it and that the guys needed a little encouragement, drawing away from Mike I began to struggle, “someone get her arms” one guy shouted, almost immediately I felt my arms being gripped tightly, so tight it began to hurt, at the same time another pair of strong hands gripped my ankles, preventing me kicking out, how many guys were there, I could still see Mike standing a few feet away, one guy holding my wrists and one holding my ankles, that made 3 !! one more I thought, would this be my first gang bang my body was now trembling with anticipation, before I knew what was happening, Will produced my leather hand cuffs “put these on her” insisted Will, in a very short time my wrists were secured to the picnic table by my side. “This will be her first gang bang guys” Will commented, it was now confirmed !! my first gang bang, my pussy was now dripping wet, I squeezed my legs tightly together, “you two open her legs” instructed Mike, “i want her first”, suddenly my legs were pulled apart, trying to resist was futile, my legs now being forced wide apart, totally naked apart from stockings suspender belt and my high heels, Mike thrust his big fingers deep inside my cunt, again and again he thrust his fingers inside me, “fist her Mike” shouted one guy !!!!