Written by Kingswood Roy.

4 Apr 2018

Having just read about the couple at Togg Hill, I am pretty sure that they were the same couple that I met at the same place about six months ago. It was late evening and as I was walking around the car park, I spotted a couple sitting in their car, when I got closer I saw that the woman's blouse was open and her naked breasts were exposed. She had her hand in the drivers lap holding his penis.

I stopped by her door to get a better look and like the story from Billy she asked to see my penis. I tried not to be too obvious as I pulled it out and showed it to her because there were many other cars parked close by. She then asked me to get into the back of their car. She and her partner joined me on the back seat. She pulled down her jogging trousers and sat almost naked between us. She took my stiff penis in one hand and her partners in the other and began to masturbate the both of us.Her husband was sucking on her nipples so I put my hand on her thigh and when I reached her pubes she opened her legs a little further to make it easier for my fingers to enter her.

I must have been over excited because I suddenly ejaculated and covered my belly with my spunk , I think that she was disappointed that I came so quickly but when I took a handkerchief from my pocket to clean up the mess she pushed my hand away, bent down and licked every last drop off my belly with her tongue. I told her that I was sorry for my poor performance and tidied my self. It was then that I saw that there were several men standing behind the car watching us.

After I had left and returned to my own car I saw another man getting into the back with them and a small group had gathered around the car waiting for their turn.