Written by Ray

26 Mar 2007

Having had many good sex sessions in train toilets, I was more than horny today knowing I was going on a train to London from Newcastle in the next few days, I hd always wondered about cross dressing and decided to go into a shop and get some underwear supposedly for the wifes birthday, as I was looking around a young shop assistant came and helped me choose my black stockings suspenders and panties, she was rather cute and I said that if I was 20 years younger Id be grabbing her and taking her into the cubicle, with this she looked around and went into the cubicle and beckoned me in closing the door behind me, she knelt down unzipped me and gave me a lovely blow job, after we had finished she redid her lipstick and left, still a bit surprised at what happened, sorted out myself and left the store.

The day of the trip arrived, it was a 3 day 2 night conference, so I kissed the wife goodbye as she left for work, I waited for 30 minutes and decided to go upstairs and try one my new lingerie, I stripped off and put it all on, looked in the mirror, wow it looks fantastic, I saw myself in the long mirror with black stockings suspenders and panties on, along with my erection forcing my cock out of the panties, I just had to lie down and have a wank, and boy did I cum lots.

I cleaned myself up and left the lingerie on under my suit etc, and off I went to the station, I got on the train and sat down, reading a paper Id bought, a young couple sat opposite me and were kissing and cuddling each other, when we got to Doncaster I put my paper down to be greeted by a "Hello again" it was my young blow job girl from the shop, I returned the Hello and went to the toilet, I neededa pee, but having just seen the girl again I got horny and started to wank, after a few minutes the door flew open Id forgotten to lock it, and in came the girl, she locked the door and said " I knew it wasnt for your wife" she immediately replaced my hand with hers wanking my cock slowly, I told her that I was about to cum, she stopped stood up and raised her skirt and pulled down her panties to reveal a nice shaven pussy, she then straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock and began to ride me and ride me fast, eventually I felt like I was cumming, I toldher that I was and we hadnt used a condom, she told me she was on the pill and to fill her pussy, so a few minutes later I exploded deep into her, a second later she cum too and we both just stayed there out of breath.

About 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door, "Hey Jenny are you alright" it was the boyfriend she stood up and let him in, it was getting a bit crowded in the toilet but we managed to sort ourselves out, Billy the boyfriend noticed our state of undress, "So is it my turn then Jenny" and with that he dropped his jeans and pants and rammed his cock deep into her pussy, he didnt go slowly he just kept ramming it in her as fast as he could, within 5 minutes he was shooting his cum deep inside her.

We stayed in the toilet just chatting, Billy started to get hard again, he made a move on Jenny but she was sore and too tired, "but Im horny again" he replied "Well dont think your gonna fuck me again for a while" was the reply, Jenny then said "Why dont you fuck him in the ass", he looked at me and I looked at him and gave him a tube of KY Jelly from my pocked and turned round, with my ass facing him, I felt the coldness of the KY on my hole and then a finger slipped inside me, then another, until my hole was opened up ready for his cock to enter it, his fingers were soon replaced by his cock and unlike when he fucked his girlfriend he took his time and fucked me slowly, he didnt last long as I was his first guy that he had fucked, but the cum was very welcome as he shot loads of it deep inside me.

After a few minutes we went back to our seats and chatted all the way to London, we got there and swapped numbers, ready for back home in Newcastle, and went our seperate ways.

I went to my hotel, had a shower and a wank in the shower, and got dressed ready for a mmeal, off I went into the heart of London to look for a cheapish cafe/resteraunt ending up in a well known fast food outlet (BK) dont like macs, and whilst i was eating there was a knock on the window, it was Billy and Jenny so I called them in, they looked at me eating, so I said order what you want I'll pay, they had come down for an overnight stay, their hotel was double booked, and in general they were scared about staying on the sstreet at night, I called tghe motel and aske if they had a family room spare, they did so I told them to move my stuff into it as my kids had just surprised me, we ate and then went back to the hotel, got the keys for the room and paid the difference, up to the room, Jenny went for a shower,Billy and I just chatted and he thanked me for the meal and room, I told him it was a thankyou for the train escapade, he told me there would be more man on man tonight and if we got on back in Newcastle, I told him I was married, "I have my own place so you can come to me" was his reply, Jenny came out of the shower and dried herself walking into the main room naked, she really was a good looking woman or girl as she was only 18, Billy being Billy just stood up and got naked and went for a shower, Jenny sat next to me and began to play with herself, I obviously got hard and stripped off and offered her to the bed, we were making love together soft and slowly when Billy came out of the shower, he sat down in a chair next to the bed and took some pictures on his mobile of my cock entering Jennys pussy, soon I finished by cumming loads as Jenny screamed out during her orgasm.

We lay down and Billy joined us and we all fell asleep, a few hours later I was woken up by a pair of lips on my cock, I looked down and it was Billy, "Ive never done this before and thought whilst you were asleep Id try it" I smiled and let him carry on, I soon felt the familiar feeling of cumming very soon, I told him and he just carried on, eventually swallowing all I could produce.

We decided to both fuck Jenny so Billy lay on his back and she mounted him facing him then she bent forward and as her pussy was showing to the worls I slipped my cock in it, joining Billys cock deep inside Jennys pussy, it took some doing but we managed to get up a rthym and began to fuck her, she was really into it and cumming for England time and time again, Billy came first quickly followed by me, I think it was Billys cum that got me going more, again we all showered together and after more fondling, fucking we all went to bed.

The following morning it was a quick fuck, me and Jenny, Billy and Jenny, then Billy fucking me whilst Jenny sucked me, we showered cleaned up and dressed, I got them breakfast and got them to the station ready for their train before going to one of my many meetings, did we keep in contact, what do you think?, but now there are 4 of us, my wife found out, but joined us and now its a regular event at least twice a month at ours, Billy and Jenny got married and have 2 children Billys or mine who knows, its not caused any animosity between us.