Written by Misdaft

2 Oct 2015

I have started doing a silly thing which has been building up in my mind for ages. I first began to get an urge to let men look at my body in secretive ways. Initially I found my body tingling whenever I was undressing in semi public places, changing rooms in shops, swimming baths or a gym. I suppressed these feelings but could not dismiss them at all. I found myself getting turned on when in the car after getting changed or trying a new dress on.

It developed into just leaving a curtain open enough for a man to see if he looked. I chose non high street shops as their changing rooms are usually monitored for theft so a bit risky, however some individual shops are more trusting and lingerie shops are ideal if they are small and run by a single person. I happened to start my flashing in one of these places one day when I was looking for a new set of undies, my husband was away and the urge had grown strong enough for me to overcome the many fears and go for it. Luckily there was a man in the shop buying some undies for his wife and I was already in the shop and choosing some special lacy ones for certain occasions. I asked if I could try the bra on and was shown the curtain, which the owner drew back for me. She attended to the man and I heard their conversation on choice and felt myself getting hotter with desire. I had stripped and saw my nipples were looking very pert in the mirror. I have a decent figure despite being over forty and I saw through the crack in the curtain that they man kept looking every few seconds towards my cubicle. My 34DD breasts looked and felt good, I also felt a wave of devilment coming over me and I carefully pulled the curtain so he could see me putting my new bra on. From the corner of my eye I saw his eyes lingering longer than before and I felt fantastic being seen in this state. I turned as if inspecting and felt my pussy getting more moist by the moment, my breathing was also increasing and I was trembling a bit.

I caught his eye a couple of times and then undid it letting him know it was about to be removed. I took a breath and let it drop and looked towards him and smiled letting him know it was deliberate. I put it down and stood naked from the waist up for a few moments before doing a rash thing. I undid my jeans and slipped them down with my panties and flashed my pussy for him, only for a few seconds but I felt so wicked. From then on I was converted. I wanted to do this again. I dressed quickly and said to the owner that I had not realised the time and I needed to catch a bus home and that I would return the next day to buy the bra if she would keep it for me. Then I left the shop quickly, not wanting to see the man again. I was shaking when I got to the car.

I got home and brought myself off, deliriously happy at getting the pent up emotion out. Of course this was the start and the next day I returned hoping to do it again but there were three other people in their and I bottled it but bought some crotchless panties as well, thinking that I should start a different wardrobe if I was going to continue. Over a few weeks I managed to repeat the exercise and bought some short skirts, kilts and the like, all far tartier than my normally reserved clothing, but a beast was now in me and I wanted to explore a different self. I did get spied on in the swimming pool where the changing facilities were mixed but nobody turned me on so I just allowed a flash and made it look innocent but also that I was off limits so far.

Things progressed slowly, but the changing rooms were hit and miss and also seemed a bit tame after a while. In bed I lay awake wondering how I could extend this new fetish of mine as it seemed I was always thinking of doing a bit more. One night I was coming back from a meeting alone and just felt I had to do something or explode. I drove round into an industrial estate and parked up, getting my fingers busy in the darkness when I saw something which I think threw the lid off. I noticed a woman standing close by a light in the distance, my lights were off and my panties round my ankles when a car appeared and drove past me then slowed down near the woman. I realised then that she was dressed very tartilly and that she was a prostitute doing business. I sat and watched as she opened the door and lifted her skirt to show the occupant her stocking tops and probably a lot more. then she got in and he turned the car round and passed me. My fingers were soaking and I was jealous. I finished off quickly and felt wicked but elated that I was not the only one doing risky things. I left and went home to contemplate.

So far I had just done a few silly flashes but I knew I wanted to go much further. Fortunately my husband is quite relaxed about sex so if it came to it I could tell him, but I felt this was something I wanted to do alone. For the time being at least. The fact he is also frequently away with his job, I had time on my hands to go further and explore the fun I could take, plus give a few men a nice innocent thrill at the same time.

It was coming into summer when things progressed. I had a convertible car, which I always knew had certain advantages and my penchant for exposing myself now had an outlet. On warm nights I would go out early and drive down the motorway with the top down and a very indecent kilt on and no panties. What a thrill with the top down and deciding if I wanted to flash or not. I could decide but once or twice found a female staring daggers at me.

From this I grew more confident as I was able to leave the motorway and seek out other drivers who would want a look at my pussy uncovered. I always made sure I turned off soon after, preventing myself being followed which did happen once or twice but I managed to lose them, then immediately felt i had let myself down by not letting them see more.

I next found a cinema where I thought I could have fun, in Huddersfield but even though I actually joined and had a quick tour it was just too seedy and definitely not for me.

But my next adventure did change me. I often passed a park and always wondered if I dared to walk naked in it, how it might feel, how dangerous it could be, dog walkers, other lovers in there, even the odd teenage gathering. The idea wormed deeper into my mind, I was getting thrills and excitement each time I played through the idea and the dangers seemed to heighten my desire to get caught naked. I had no idea what I would do if I was seen but the temptation grew until one evening when it had rained I decided to go for it. I drove out in my car and got into the deserted car park. The park gates remained open and inviting. Dusk rather than darkness. I sat still, getting more and more nervous before I emerged from the car and locked it. I still had my clothes on and I walked briskly in the steadily darkening evening, the trees giving even more cover. I reached a shelter near a bandstand and looked round, deserted. The bandstand seemed to be a really prime place to strip, like a stage. I mounted the steps and looked round again. In the distance a man was walking his dog and coming slowly closer. I was unsure whether he could see me or not, but I felt bold enough and randy enough to go for it. My little kilt soon slipped to the floor and my pantieless pussy was uncovered. He was getting closer and had seen me, my stomach churned butterflies and I thought of fleeing, but I stayed. I drew up my top and dropped it onto the kilt, then released the bra and slowly let him see my naked body in the half light. I was so excited and he came nearer. Close enough to see a completely naked me standing as nonchalantly as I could in such weird circumstances. He smiled and merely said 'Very nice' and stood while his dog sniffed around. I was trembling but smiled sweetly and said something like 'You dirty old man' to which he grinned and said 'Yes I am and I would love to have a nice time with you'. My resolve at that moment drained from me and I picked up my clothes and fled naked into the darkness and away. I got to the car and threw my kilt and top back on and my bra into the back of the car and drove off without looking round, but I was so wet i played with my pussy as I drove and had an enormous orgasm as I stopped in a supermarket car park to finish myself off. I was so elated at my antics that I did not consider what might have happened until in bed. I brought myself off again and then slept. More if you want it, there are some more naughty happenings I would love you to hear