Written by Andy

30 Jul 2012

Hi all I see you liked my other postings ( public toilet sex & orsum more sum )

I live in a motor home in a secluded place with a workshop and I fix other campers and things for people,

I am a 6ft Bi guy in my 60’s now, sat in the front the other day awaiting a female customer to arrive she is always late, a lady late 40’s nice very busty name of Sue,

so made a drink having a read of these lovely sexy storeys on here, so of with the shorts and T-shirt enjoying reading and wanking, knowing I will here her arrive, the phone rings, I have broken down about 200 yards from you she says, ok no problem I say I will come and tow you the last bit,

Sue says but your busy I can wait if you like, I said not really just reading on the internet, is that what you call it !, looks to me like you need a hand with that,

Mmm stumbling for words I look around and Sue is stood looking in my windscreen with the phone up to her ear and a big smile on her face,

She says can I come in then that looks delightful, so the only thing I can say is the key is in the door, she almost sprints around and in the door before I could even put the phone down,

I say what about your van Sue says fuck the van just look at that weapon you have there straight on her knees in front of me takes my cock out of my hand takes my balls in her other hand and starts to wank me off,

She looks me in the eye and says got the arse with the van and the old man left him with the kids who also are being an arse, this is the best thing that could have happen today, and what a lovely cock you have Andy,

You have been keeping this tucked away, with that conversation stopped as she took my cock straight in to the back of her throat sill holding my balls but now with both hands and proceeds to bob up and down on my now very hard cock, now I am about 8 ¾ inches when this hard and thick too,

I said to Sue who gagged a couple of times no need to be greedy, she pulls it out of her mouth and says, your pre-cum taste delightful, she pulls her top of over her head and unclips her bra and releases a gorgeous pair of tits with the most amassing large hard nipples I have ever seen,

Wow I said shall we move to the bed there is more room and a better working surface there,

I lay back on the bed and she is straight on my cock again deep throating me and playing with my balls, from the side of me so I get to grope her lovely tits and feel those hard nipples,

This is getting to much for me to control now, I say I am going to cum,

This just produces deeper faster action on my cock unable to contain my self any longer I shoot my load lots of it 4 main squirts and a couple little jerks,

She comes up throws her head back and swallows some of my spunk and says wow Andy you taste real good,

comes back down and plants her lips on mine and we kiss with tongs’ going back and forth along with my spunk, eventually we both swallow what was left,

Sue sits back up and said I daren’t fuck you I will not be able to stop my self from coming around randomly, but more than happy to give you a head job from time to time, especially if it gets me a discount of my bill,

I said feel free to come and do that to me any time you like we can start an account if you like ½ hour of your time to 1 hour of my time !

Sue said how dose that work then I said well I have to use tools on your van so I recon that equals it out, and its my bed we are using hahaa,

Ok she says you have got your self a deal, so now I am in credit lets get the fucking van sorted out,

So I do the van and it takes just over 2 hours ( didn’t rush mined ) so now I am washing up and putting the kettle on, I turn around to ask how she likes her tea and my shorts are down and my cock back in her mouth, she soon gets me hard and says

{credit where credit is dew }

Smiles and back in her mouth goes my cock,

This was a first for me I have always keep customers as customers, but what a treat -Andy