Written by maxblythe

18 Mar 2015

As we arrived in the kitchen I was still sporting a rigid pole with absolutely no sign of it starting to slacken ,seeing the situation Jill took my hand and led the way to what looked to be some sort of Study/ Office ,"take your shorts off and lie on the carpet " . No sooner had I lay back she slid off her dress and straddled my hips ,her hands instantly finding my cock feeding me quickly into her wet pussy ,her eyes closing as she started to rock backward and forwards ,ensuring deep penetration and maximum stimulation .As I had so recently shot my load I was happy for her to continue her assault on my cock ,no question she loved to fuck and I suspect that recently she had been going without ,as she leaned forward her hands resting on my shoulders ,her breasts now available to my lips . As I locked my lips around her bullet like nipple her reaction and sharp intake of breath confirmed that her breasts were intensely sensitive ,and that she wanted as much attention as I could give her ,as soon as my fingers and lips started their work the response was immediate . She arched her back ,groaning as she started fucking me faster and harder than before ,"bite my nipples ,pull them hard I love it " , she was now bucking like someone demented ,I was now lifting my hips allowing her to go even deeper " fucking hell I'm going to come ,aaahhh" her moaning and bucking triggering me to another explosion ,jet after jet shooting inside her ,only to be forced out again by her still thrusting hips .As she slumped onto my chest her eyes opened ," fucking hell I needed that ,you are a very naughty young man ,now when can we do it again ?" , what she didn't know was that I had probably had considerably less action than her recently ,and I could already feel the twitches which meant we were nearly ready to go again .

Jill used her dress to clean off our bodies ,before lying beside me still breathing hard , her fingers teasing my semi hard shaft " fucking hell are you ready again ?" ,before she could say anything else I rolled on top of her ,my cock again rock hard ,the tip eased against her pussy ,but stopping short of penetration .Taking my weight on knees and elbows my fingers tweaked and pulled at her hard nipples ,a low moaning proved she was enjoying the attention ,"how do you want me to fuck you now " I asked as I slowly pushed my prick into her . Within a short time her breathing again indicated her pleasure ,then she groaned " fuck me from behind ,fuck me hard and play with my tits " ,pulling away she quickly went onto all fours ,her pussy open,awaiting more vigorous attention .As I took up position at her rear her hand reached between her legs ,urgently pulling my prick into her ,she felt incredible her pussy wet and warm yet maintaining a constant pressure on my shaft .Reaching forward I started to massage her heavy breasts and nipples ,the reaction was instant ,the combination of shagging and fondling her tits instantly bringing her towards a noisy climax ,her obvious pleasure taking me to a rapid and intense climax ,loosing her tits and pulling her full hips back onto me ,my spunk deep in her body as I slumped across her back ,absolutely spent .Neither of us moved for what seemed an age ,I was gasping for breath ,my cock hot ,burning still buried deep in her ,she slumped forward resting her head on the carpet ,as I slid from her her head looked back over her shoulder "that was the best couple of hours I've had in a long time " .I dressed and went to the kitchen whilst Jill went upstairs to find some clean clothing ,as we sat enjoying a coffee she asked for my mobile number , promising to ring next week . On my way home however I just reflected on a day that for once had beaten my expectations by a mile ,an older woman who was exciting ,beautiful and had made my dick feel it had been through a mincer ,did I expect a call ,definitely not , but no one could ever take the best ever day from me ......