Written by maxblythe

22 Mar 2015

I arrived at Jennine's on Monday morning as arranged ,she looked amazing as she opened the front door ,simply dressed in black leggings ,knee length boots and a long grey V neck sweater . It appeared that she was getting ready to go out as her makeup was spread across the kitchen table ,once she made me a coffee she applied her war paint as she spelled out the summer job that I was being offered.Basically I was to work directly for her ,either around her home or helping herb with her pastime which was show jumping ,she had two horse's at the moment and through the summer she competed in major competitions around the UK .Once she established I was interested she said she would let me have details of the dates and locations of the competitions by email during the coming week ,she then gave me her phone details so that I could contact her easily should the need arise . Finishing her makeup she offered me a lift into Manchester saying we could finish the chat as we went,it was difficult to imagine this was the same person I had met on day one .

We got into Manchester quickly ,the traffic for some reason unusually light ,"do you fancy a coffee? I'm early for my meeting " ,I accepted and waited while she parked her car . As we walked to Selfridge's she linked my arm ,"so what are you up to today ?" she asked, smiling when I said lectures all afternoon a quizzical look on her face indicating disbelief .Even I had to laugh when she gave me her theories on student life ,apparently if you weren't drinking ,then it had to be orgies ,if not that then you were asleep .Sipping my coffee I just asked if I could go to her university ,and if she would show me around ,her reaction was brilliant "of course I will ,think we'll have a drink first ,then it's up to you " the look in her eyes just made me wonder ,just maybe a proposition .Then I lost confidence ,why the hell would she proposition me ? ,I drained my cup and got to my feet ,"thanks for the lift I'll wait for your email" and made to leave she got to her feet ,leaned across and planted a kiss on my cheek "see you soon " she smiled and I walked away feeling the blood colouring my cheeks .

My phone pinged before I reached uni ,I was gobsmacked it was an email from her "meet me this evening ,thought we could tour my University " my reply short and sweet ,when and where ? " Selfridge's bar ,six o'clock ,don't be late .xx" .It goes without saying that the day was a blur I left early ,went back to halls ,showered then headed back to meet her . She was sitting at a corner table ,a bottle of wine chilling ,two glasses in front of her ," hi ,fancy seeing you here " she was so in control ,"a drink ?" I just nodded and made to sit opposite her ,"no sit beside me " sliding down the seat to make room ....