Written by Husband

5 Jan 2013

Due to health issues i had erection and stamina problems and was unable to satisfy my wife sexually she was very supportive and understanding, and during the periods at home i became bored and frustrated.

Once while putting the laundry away I found myself caressing her lingerie, feeling the sheerness of her black stockings, the silky matching black suspenders,panties and bra's, and started to feel my cock twitching!

I couldn't help myself i stripped off and rolled the black stockings up my legs , fixed them to the suspender belt and pulled the panties up and over my semi erect cock and very soon was wanking myself off, what a feeling as i came spurting my semen while wearing the sexy underware i was hooked.

I carefully folded and put the items back and cleaned myself up, i started to repeat this dressing regularly.

After a while i got careless and never thought my wife would notice her lingerie being moved and worn, one morning after she had left i went upstairs and dressed up as usual in her sexy lingerie and was indulging myself when there was a sudden noise and i looked up to see her standing in the bedroom doorway !.I was in shock at being caught, she was very angry and said she new something was going on because her lingerie being moved and stains in the panties.

She eventually calmed down and me apologised several times, she said she didn't know if we had a future and wanted time to consider things, A few days later she told me that if i wanted her to stay married to me it would be on her terms, as a sissy who enjoyed wearing her underware she would buy me my own but would would have to dress up while doiing the housework, and as she had been patient and understanding about my illness. I would have to agree to her taking a real man to satisfy her sexually if she desired as my penis was not upto it anymore. I was upset and asked her to reconsider but felt helpless and had no choice but to agree to her terms, i hoped she would never go through with it.

It became my role to do the housework and i did get a sexy kick from dressing in my own sexy lingerie with my wifes say so, i was always soiling my panties with my cum.

However sometime later my wife announced out of the blue she was meeting a man from work and reminded me of our agreement as i watched her getting ready for her date stockings, suspenders, matching bra and panties sexy low top and skirt, new black high heel shoes and her hair done. she looked stunning and i was so jealous that she was going to meet another man, she reminded me of my lacking in the sex department.

When she eventually returned home at around 2.00am looking a bit dishevelled I asked about her evening?

She said i told you meeting a man from work for dinner and drinks, i asked did anything happen ? she said do you really want to know ? i said yes! she said very well but remember you asked?

She said after dinner they went to a hotel room were he undressed her down to her lingerie and then undressed himself down to his boxers at which my wife said she slowly removed them revealing his large erection which she took in her hand and wanked before falling to her knees and taking him in her mouth and sucked and licked until he shot his load into her willing mouth.then he lay her on the bed and used his mouth, fingers on every inch of her body until she had her first orgasm, when he regained his erection she said they had wild sex in every position, she said it felt wonderful to feel a large cock stretching her until he shot his hot cum deep in her, she said to me you did ask ! at which she pulled her cum stained panties from her bag and said dont forget to give them a good hand wash and get all the spunk out.

She noticed i had a hard on and gave me a handjob whilst saying 'you seem to enjoy hearing your wife being fucked by a real man' and as a crossdressing sissy i had better get used to it and i said yes dear and shot my cum into my panties.

Since then there has been a couple of other men and on one occaison he came to the house and i was allowed to watch my wife dressed in very sexy lingerie including stockings having wonderful sex he had stamina and quick recovery after ejaculating,seeing my wife sated breathless and content, the excitement and jealousy of seeing your own wife take another mans hard cock in her mouth was to much and my semen flowed into my panties.

We are happy with the situation as my wife is now feeling a sexually content woman and our marriage is stable, there has been a benefit from this for me after the last man had left i was able to make love to my wife although not lasting very long before i came .