Written by Tina

28 Sep 2010

I wrote on here a cple of months back about how my husband and i visited a swinging club,and although it was not a great success insofar as my husband got drunk,and in the end he decided it was not for us,But not before i had been taken into a room and had sex with a black guy,I admitted at the time,although i always had a bit of a thing for black guys,I had just never been with one before,And if i am honest truly believed i would never again,I thought about this incident on several occasions,and how good the sex was,but i have been with some pretty good white guys,inc my husband.

Then last week a girl in our office left to get married,so we all went to the pub after work for a farewell drink,I never stay long at these normally,but as i was sitting there my eyes caught this black guy staring at me,and it seemed everytime i looked up he was still staring,I have to admit he was fit,fit,fit,The bar has a small beer garden so i went out there to have a smoke,and he soon joined me,saying "thats really bad for you"so i replied "why have you came out here then" his answer stunned me,as he replied "because your here and i want to take you to bed".I pointed to my wedding ring,and he just said "i dont want an affair with you,i just want to fuck you"It was crude,but it was working as i just burst out laughing,he then said "i will tell you what meet me outside in 15mins,and we can go somewhere else if you dont come then nothings lost". For about the first 5mins i had no intention of going,But part of me was saying do it,I honestly cant say if my reaction would have been the same if he had been white,But as the 15mins were coming up he headed to the door,and i made my excuses and followed,As i got outside he smiled and took my hand,which i quickly pulled away,as it was to close and i did not want to be seen,but as we got a little distance away,i slipped my hand into his,We went into a bar,and i sat down looking around to make sure i did not know anyone,he must have sensed i was uneasy,so i told him why,He just replied "well lets just go back to my flat"This was my last chance to come to my senses and say no,But i found myself agreeing,so going outside he stopped a cab and we got in,we went in and he poured us both another drink,I sat in a chair,and he sat on the sofa opposite and motioned for me to join him,which i did it was then we had our first kiss,He began to undress me but this was nothing like the last time,He was gentle and slow,and spent time on every part of my body,making me tingle,he then removed his top and trousers,and exposed his hard black cock to me,my first reaction was to take him in my mouth,but he motioned for me to just wank him,it was both exciting and erotic to see my white hand around his black cock just slowly wanking it,after a few mins he motioned for me to straddle him,which i did,i felt every inch as he gently slid into me,until i was full of him,his slowness certainly paid off,as i was in heaven,but even hen he was kissing and carressing me,I dont know how long we actually fucked for but it seemed like eternity,as i was by now on another planet,i heard him whisper he was coming and had every oppotunity to get off him but i just grinded harder on to him until he came deep inside me,and i stayed there squeezing my fanny muscles,to get every last drop of him in me,We then went to the bedroom,where i gave him oral sex,i had no hesitation of letting him complete in my mouth,which i greedily swallowed,He fucked me again in the more traditional method,and that was as good as the first,But now it was 3am,and i had to go home,Even though i did not really want to,i gingerly crept up the path to our door,and luckily my husband was sound asleep,I wanted to shower,as i was driping of him,not to wash him off,more to take away,any evidence of him,and what i had done,but decided against it,for fear of waking my husband,In the morning my husband said "did you have a good night i did not even here you come in" which made me feel a bit guilty,obviously i did not tell him just how good it had been,And as i thought about it,we done exactly what he had said he would do,he fucked me,nsa,we never even swapped numbers,A lot of stories on here say that since going with black guys,they only want black,well i am not sure about that,But having a black guy does seem to add some extra excitement to it,Will i do it again probaly,But i would probaly have done it if the guy had been white,so i cant really say which is better,