Written by jack

13 Aug 2017

Just back from our first cruise, we didn't know what to expect but things went great, most people were middle aged, which suited us fine.

It was great to see women dressed of an evening, not the scruffy girls you see now days, in ripped jeans and track suits. We shared a table with other couples and all got on fine, after a couple of evenings we all felt very mellow with each other, could be the drink, we only saw each other at dinner which seemed to suit us all.

One evening we went to see a movie under the stars, which is on the top deck in the open, the film started and we had our bottle of wine with us, after a while my wife nudged me and pointed a couple from our table, they were in a heavy clinch taking notice of the film, his hand was under her dress and was openly wanking her. We couldn't see any more but it got us excited, I suggested we moved seats for a better view and we moved just in front of them, not to close as to put them off, I put my arm around my wife's shoulder and kissed her so I had a better view, her legs had opened slightly and I could see her knickers with his fingers inside them, she pushed against his hand seemed to come, as after a few minutes they left.

We left and returned to our cabin, we went straight on to the balcony, with my wife just in her knickers she sat on my lap and we had great sex.

The following evening was fancy dress, which we new before we got on board, my wife brought her nurses uniform, as that was her job, it was one of the older fashioned type not from Anne Summers, she wore just a bra and knickers underneath, we arrived at our table, the couple from the previous evening were already there, we sat and chatted they said the other couple were giving it a miss tonight. His wife had on a white blouse and dark pleated skirt with a tie, she said her outfit was the only thing she could put together at last minute, well what a lovely evening with a school girl and a nurse, we all laughed.

It seemed strange sitting with them after the evening before, but after a few drinks we all seemed like we had knew each other for ages. I asked them what they did last night and she giggled we went to the movie, any good? We didn't see much, you naughty girl, we finished our meal and went to the ball room, the music was in full swing we found a table and ordered more drinks, we all got up to dance it seemed strange seeing people in all different outfits, my wife said do you think there swingers, not sure maybe just exhibitionist, we all sat down and her skirt was up to her stocking tops, the music started again and we all got up , she grabbed me and we carried on dancing, it slowed down and she moved closer.I think it was the drink talking but I said we had watched them at the movie, we don't mind it's what gets us off although we didn't realise last night.

She said I bet you'd like to watch again in my outfit and stockings, yes but how would your wife feel I suggested we got another bottle and went to a quieter part of the deck, she told me they were not swappers but liked public groping.

We found an area with a great view and settled down with the wine, a few people walked by but not to busy, I started the ball rolling by kissing my wife with an eye on them,they soon got down to business, her skirt was past her stockings and his hand was in her white knickers, my wife knew what was happening and quickly undid my flies and started to wank me, I asked her to suck me off while I watched,she soon was at it, our friends wife had her knickers around her knees and I could hear that wet sound, I couldn't hold back any longer and came over my wife's mouth and uniform, we got up and left.

The next day we saw them around the pool and said we enjoyed last night, why don't you come and visit, we got their phone number and soon after we arrived home got in touch, we know this is not as graphic as some posts, but we will let you know about our visit.