18 Jul 2018

My wife and I have recently been on a cruise with NCL, very hot in many ways both temperature and erotic fun. On our second day we were sailing only and enjoyed the sun, pool and jacuzzi. At one point we were canoodling and discreetly touching each other or so we thought.

We were joined by an American guy about mid 50’s very confident and humorous. We talked about cruising, excursions, what we thought of the ship and then he said he was here hokidaying on his own and hoped to hook up with someone or couples whilst on holiday. This made us both blush especially when he said he saw us having a bit of fun. We chatted a bit more and he said what a lucky guy I was to have such an attentive wife. We soon left and later in the afternoon we headed off to our room for afternoon siesta.

When we got to our room we got naked and starting sucking, licking and wanking each other off. I blurted out that I wanted to watch that guy fuck my wife, she soon orgasmed at this.

A couple of evenings later we were in a bar and saw the same bloke and smiled and said hello. He joined us for a drink and again was full of compliments. I said that we have fucked in our room fantasizing about his cock and with that he said let’s just go and have some fun.

We took him to our stateroom and switched do not disturb, with that he was all over my wife removing her clothes until she was naked. His mouth was clamped round a nipple whilst his fingers explored her pussy. I was like a rabbit in headlights watching. He told me to undo his trousers and take them off which I obeyed. He then pushed down on my wife’s shoulders until she was on her knees. He beckoned me to pull his underpants down and grab his shaft. It was about 6 inches but very thick with a prominent vein. He got me to guide it into my wife’s mouth so that she could lick and suck his head whilst I wanked him from the base. It was so horny especially when me and him deep kissed with tongues, he stopped and said he has to cum and said it must go in my wife’s mouth. We were complicit to his desire and he released his cum but told my wife not to swallow. He then asked us to kiss so that his cum mingled in our mouths.

He then lay on our bed watching us kiss and play with each other. We then started fucking in front of him and about 15 minutes later he clearly was getting second wind. My wife was desperate to get his thick cock inside her and I gave him to her. It was horny watching her cum whilst being filled with such a thick cock and I told him to carry on until he gave her another load which he duly obliged

He left soon after but made a point of saying he will be back for more later on. We never saw him again and we were filled with regret as we didn’t use protection so knew we took a risk but the horniness of the situation took over rationale thinking

I love my wife and like seeing her pleasured with big and or thick cocks and this guy was a nice holiday treat