Written by bcands

7 Jul 2008

We were badly in need of a vacation and headed over to Jamaica, arriving a bit the worse for wear at Hedonism III.

My wife and I had been before and it was always a good gig, lots to drink, lots to see and lots of relaxation. We took it easy the first couple of days getting used to the intense sun on the nude beach. There was plenty of good things to see, the odd couple obviously having sex in the water. The occasional blow job under the umbrellas. People, people watching. My wife got many a good review, laying there, her legs slightly parted showing off her very fine shaven pussy. There was a lot of shaven cunt on the beach and for Bc\'s delight plenty of cocks waving in the trade winds ! At the bar she had got talking to a smallish group of American swingers, a pretty fun bunch of about twenty or so. Sitting at the pool bar we had seen several of them having oral sex and then taking a cocktail, very civilised ! Anyway Bc and I were invited on their day cruise, wandering about on a fully supplied cruiser, a bit of nude swimming, some drinking, some fun.

WE arrived at the right time and joined our new friends, the cruising was great, we went into several really seculed coves and as the drink flowed, inhibitions such as they are on a virtually nude cruise went over the side. At one point we anchored in a beautiful little cove and I took the chance to dive in and cool down, there were plenty of good sights in the water and the swim was very stimulating, sporting a nice erection when I clambered back on board. There was I could see, as I dried off a little something going on at the bar, so I wandered over. Laying back on the bar, supported on her elbows was Bc, her legs were splayed wide and she was being finger fucked by a good looking women with very pert tits and a guy with a hard erection, there were about ten or twelve of us looking on and Bc was thoroughly enjoying the attention. She was as usual gushing with juice and her very pert tits were being caressed and nibbled on by a couple of guys. She was in seventh heaven. The girl stopped fingering her and started to lick her out, plunging her tongue deep into her sopping cunt and lapping up the juice then nibbling and nipping her clit while the guy held her lips apart. It was an incredible arousing scene, the guy then had a go and the girl also managed to get a finger on her clit. Bc came and came again.Cody, the girl who was leaning over her had a very cute ass and I rubbed my cock up and down her crack, then bending at the knee, slid into her sopping hole, wet but tight enough. Someone had got up on the bar with Bc. They got her up on all fours and then proceeded to fuck her silly. After this guy had cum, he was replaced by another who kept up a steady fucking while Bc blew a guy with a sizeable dick who had got up in front of her. I was still fucking away with Cody whos husband was fucking my wife. I came and someone took over from me, Cody soon came and the scene was for a while a blur of cock and cunt, love juice with the sound of people coming, grunting, groaning and gasping. This little orgy petered out and while there were some isolated sexual deeds on the way back, the party really got going when we got to our rooms. But another time for that one.