30 Jul 2017

Last night was not terribly successful for me but had a good moment.

We tried to find a couple to meet. No success at all and the guy we sometimes meet off here , didn't reply to my text asking him if he wanted to come round. He was probably with his girlfriend that he hasn't told us about LOL.

Anyway we carried on by doing some camming. I asked Mrs N if she minded if I dressed up. She isn't very happy with it mate but said if I really must then feel free so I put on some stockings with PVC stocking top hold ups and she rummaged around in her drawers for some knickers. Well they were really skimpy and to be frank they looked quite silly and I felt really stupid and she again said she really wasn't enjoying it.

So I took everything off again and thought oh well that's it. Then she said. Go on put your stuff on if you really want to. I know you want to. So I put the PVC stocking tops on again and we talked about what we wanted. I thought the trouble is we are both very sub and that sexually we have become too similar. We both want someone to control us and make us do things. She said "yes I want a real man". So OK I thought I'll take control. By now she was in her own stockings and suspenders and short skirt and I was hard as iron so I bent her over the bed end and stuffed my hard cock up her pussy. No nicety, just did it. She was not terribly turned on but my stiff cock soon made wetter. She loves cock.

At that point we decided to go on cam and play to an audience. That was OK but trouble is we had Cam trouble and there is nothing like fiddling with a cam in a chat room to kill the moment. So we decided to go back to the bedroom and finish our fuck. I was still wearing and we went and had a good 69. Was fantastic . Finally she climbed on my cock and rode me. As I pounded her I said that I was going to get her blacked again. With girthy black cock, That she was a black cock whore. And she said " Yes please, I want a real man". I said that I want to be totally humiliated.

I bet I didn't last more than a minute. Cuck boys Willy is not as good at holding back as it used to be and I was very excited. Her Pussy felt so good, I had one of those shattering orgasms that goes on for a while and feels like you are flooding her with spunk. Probably not that much really as I've had the snip.

So that was the best bit of the evening, an admission that she wanted a better man than me to come and fuck her. I need to sort this soon.