Written by Anon B

20 Sep 2017

I’m not going to give my name just in case someone I know looks at these stories, if my wife found out I had shared this it would be the end of my marriage. The reason I’m writing this blog is because although this is all mutual I need to write it down to make sense of it and maybe your comments would help.

I’m going to call her Helen. Helen is 53 and a housewife and I am 58 and have recently retired. we had a very brief spell on the swinging scene about 30 years ago but nothing since despite me trying to resurrect Helens interest a number of times. Helen is an attractive brunet, she has a great figure and ample breasts. About 6 months ago we sold our house in order to have another one built and in the meantime, we moved into rented accommodation which has turned into a bit of a nightmare for me. Our next-door neighbour is a bit of a pig. He is overweight is happy to wander around the house in a dirty t-shirt and jeans. He is always in trouble with the police who visit regularly due to his fighting and drinking. His wife is skinny scruffy and plain looking and flat chested. They are both foul mouthed trouble makers.

Although this is going to make me sound a snob we are always well dressed and never use foul language and are respected members of the community, the exact opposite of them.

As soon as we moved in there were arguments with our neighbours. Helen would tell them exactly what she though and would constantly complain about his language. In return he would tell her to F*** off and so on. Then I noticed a slight change, Helen would be gardening and he would be looking over the fence and she would laugh and giggle. I asked her what he was saying and she just said they he made her laugh. This goes on for a few weeks until one day I was mowing the lawn. Our neighbour comes to the fence and tried to make conversation which I try and ignore until I had no choice. He makes small talk in his own way then says that as we are ‘mates’ (which we are not) he needed to tell me something man to man. I stop and listen.

He then says the following ‘your wife is hot and I don’t want to offend you or anything but I would love to put my dick in her, is there any chance’. I swore for the first time and walked off to tell Helen what he had said. I expected her to explode in temper and storm round there but her reaction shocked me, she laughed and told me to ignore him and any way you wanted to go back to our past ( swinging, twice) and I love a bad boy. After I got over her comments I said that he was disgusting and she said she was only kidding and agreed.

Several days later I’m washing the car and he walks out slaps me on the back and asks ‘what are the chances then ? I ask chances of what to which he replies ‘playing with your Mrs puppies’. I tell him to stop being ridiculous but he tells me I’m being selfish. I explained that he’s not her type and she wouldn’t do that sort of thing and he should lose a few stone to which he laughs and bets me £500 that he could get Helen to let him have a titty fuck and after that to let him ‘bang her’ then changes it to £500 if he fails or £500 if he ‘gets it’ I tell him that I doubt he has that sort of money but in 2 min he’s out with £500 in a bag so I agree and warn him that he’s wasting his time, Helen sees me take the bag so I have to make an excuse about it.

From then on everyday Helens in the garden so is he and they spend more and more time chatting and giggling than doing any work. Then Helen storms in and asks me if its true that I had bet £500 that she would him next door play with her breasts, I tried to explain but she was having none of it. We didn’t talk for a few days until she tells me that they are coming round for a meal. I made a joke about him having to wear his best t-shirt but she just glared at me. The next day they walk in, it was all a bit weird, his wife sat next to me and Helen sat next to him the three of them putting away a decent amount of wine and lager. Then Helen tells me to clear the dishes away which I do. By the time I come back Helen is on one settee next to him and his wife on the other. When I walk in Helen say’s ‘so, you’ve paid £500 to play with my breasts I hear’ to which the three of them burst out laughing. Helen tells me to sit down on the other settee and unbuttons her blouse, un clips her bra and pulls them off exposing her breasts and tells him to have his monies worth. I was horrified but him and his wife are hysterical, his wife is whooping and telling him to go for it.

As I’m sat there watching he grabs her breasts and has a squeeze then gets serious and starts to suck them hard, first one then the other. I start to get up but Helen barks at me to sit down so I did. His wife tells me it’s only a bit f fun and to chill. Then Helens lays on her back and he’s laying on top of her having a good feel and suck. Helen looks at me and tells me to repay the privilege. I wasn’t sure what she meant until his wife squeals and takes off her top to reveal two button titties which she offers to my mouth. I have a quick suck before Helen tells him that she understands that a titty fuck was part of the deal. He’s off my wife in a flash and pulls his trousers down so reveal a small dumpy but thick-ish cock. Helen tells him to take the rest off and in no time, he’s naked, his fat belly in my wife’s face with his erect cock between her breasts thrusting. Helen is holding her breasts together and making groaning noises pretending to be having great sex but looking at me then calls out to me ‘and you’.

His wife’s tit is in my mouth and her hand has found its way into my pants and I’m having a hand job before she bends down and takes me in her mouth. I close my eyes because I’m trying not to enjoy this and cum but I have her titties along with solid nipples in my hand. This goes on for a while with Helen and him groaning but I didn’t look over until she shrieks. His Mrs looks up and ways ‘wow’ and giggles but I’m horrified. Whilst I was concentrating on not Cumming in his wife’s mouth with my eyes closed the rest of Helens clothes and been pulled off and she was naked, her legs wrapped round his fat sloppy body with his cock inside my wife and they were fucking hard, her ample breasts bouncing with each thrust and her groans deep and long and this time they were for real.

His Mrs seemed to take this as permission to do the same and managed to pull the rest of her clothes off in seconds and crawl onto my lap. I said it wasn’t a good idea but she mumbles something grabbed my head thrusting her tiny tit into my mouth and lowered herself onto my shaft.

She was tighter than I expected and I forgot that she wasn’t exactly a looker and maybe hadn’t bathed for a few days as she bounced on my cock. In the end I went past caring and threw her on her back and fucked her as hard as I could whilst having to listen and watch her slob of a husband do the same to my wife. He turned her over and fucked Helen in the ass so I did the same to his wife until he turned her round and pounded her pussy again. I called over to him to make sure he didn’t’ cum inside her but Helen told me to fuck off. I had never known Helen sweat and curse so much holding onto his hair and wrapping herself round him shouting for him to ‘keep going’ and telling him to ‘cum in me, fucking fill me with cum you bastard’ followed by ‘oh please oh please yes that’s it.’ He shuddered and she screamed and it was clear that he was filling my wife with cum. I pulled out of his wife and came over her breasts and face not wanting and chance of getting her pregnant, after all no one was wearing any protection.

After a few more minutes of thrusting he slid off and got dressed telling my wife how ‘fucking great’ it was. After they left Helen and I talked and she was remorseful but said she didn’t want to stop as it made her feel like a woman again.

As if that wasn’t bad enough a week later I go next door where I knew Helen was and walk in and followed the screams and groans to the bedroom where I was greeted with the sight of him and his wife almost fighting to see who could be on top of Helen. Later I’m told by Helen that on an almost daily basis she fucks one or the other or both. Now there are evening where I lay in bed and listen to the bed banging to wall and know that its him taking my wife and it disgusts me. I know because his wife is quite often riding my cock and I’m looking at her tiny tits wobble.