Written by Petros

16 May 2017

Just had an amazing week of sex. My wife, Marie, and I hadn't been getting on. Much of this had to do with the fact that Neil was away for a few weeks. Neil is Marie's long time extra fuck. We have an open marriage in that we both have regular extra curricular partners. They are friends, but it's just sex. We'd been having a few arguments and sex wasn't on the agenda. We'd agreed that if one of us wasn't getting any action the other would refrain from extra sex. I needed to fuck Mel, my long time fuck buddy. So we were both frustrated. Neil rang on skype one evening and Marie went upstairs to talk to him. I went up after about 30 minutes and she had her toys out and was fucking herself as she talked to Neil. He asked would she suck my cock for him to watch. Marie went down on me and sucked me off until I shot my load in her mouth. Neil had been wanking himself off as he watched and he too came. I went downstairs to make a drink. Marie came down and looked a little sad. Neil had to go into hospital and would be away for at least another month. She said she couldn't do without the extra sex for that long and Neil had suggested a friend of his. I told her to go ahead and see if he suited her.

The day came and she went out to meet Mick. He was a body builder and Marie said she hoped he worked his cock out as well. When she returned she told me she hadn't been disappointed. His cock was 7 inches and thick, similar to mine. He'd fucked her twice making her cum and she wanted to meet him again. That night we went to bed and she gave me all the details as I fucked her as hard as I could, making her cum several times. During the night I woke to feel Marie's fingers gently touching my cock. Gradually I got a full erection and Marie went down on me. She sucked me off for fully 30 minutes taking loads of precum in her mouth. She then gave me a tit-wank. This is always a real turn on and I unloaded my cum over her tits. She rubbed it in and licked her fingers clean. I slid down her body tasting my own cum and went down onto her hot cunt. Although she'd showered I could still taste Mick's cum. I made her squirt and as always she " Queened" me sitting on my face and rubbing her engorged cunt lips over me. I had achieved another erection and she begged me to fuck her up her arse. Now this was a special treat. I fucked her very gently at first and steadily increase the depth and speed of the fuck. This made her squirt again and she collapsed laughing on the bed. She never let anyone else fuck her up the arse. The next week Marie fucked Mick every day and we fucked each other as well. Marie wants a threesome with me and Mick. Not something we had done for a long time. We have arranged it for this coming weekend, so I'll let you know what happens.