Written by tonybony

11 Mar 2007

ive been comeing on this site for a few years now and have had some very good times and i thought its about time i shared a few of my better times with you guys i meet julie and ray on this site about six months ago they are a cockold cpl and they needed a bull to give julie a good going over so i meet them in a local pub and i must say when they walked in my cock was as hard as iron she had a tight mini dress on black seemed stockings and very high heels she sat next to me in a little dark corner and ray went and got the drinks she had a lovely pair of 40dd tits and was about a size 12-14 she told me she never wears knickers so i told here to prove it so she took my hand and put it on here thigh i worked my hand up to her pussy which was dripping wet i could see ray up at the bar watching me finger his wife he came back over and asked if everthing was alright i said it was and for him to go home and get all her sex toys ready on the bed and some rope becase i was going to fuck hes slut wife in front of him so off he went with out even touching hes drink i continued to play with julie then got her to suck me off in the gents she begged me to slide my cock up her wet pussy but i told her to wait till i got her home as soon as we walked through the door she pulled her dress off and started to take my jeans off i slowed here down took her upstairs were ray was sitting wanking his little cock sucking the old juice of julies dildo i told julie to bind rays legs and hands to the chair in the corner of the room so he could see the action i then got julie to suck my cock while telling ray how good it was and what a dirty slut his wife was i then placed julies pussy just over rays cock but told her not to sit on it her juice was now driping on to his knob so i turned her round and told her to lick the juice of but no sucking which she did while i placed myself behind her and fucked her nice and slowly she let out a little wimper when i stuck a finger in her arse but she now started to bounce back on my cock so i moved her to the bed and told her to put on a show for me and ray she bent over and sat on this big dildo jumping up and down like the slut she was she asked me to push her butt plug up her arse which i did and watched as she squirted her juice all over the bed my cock was now gagging to get inside her and poor old ray could not even wank what with being tied to the chair i then started to fuck julie for the next hour stopping to tell ray how good it felt and how hopeless he was with that i pumped my load deep into her pussy she was going wild i then untied ray and told him to fuck his wife which he did for a few minutes before he exploded inside her with that i told him to clean her up he took a double look at me and said what so i told him lick that sluts pussy clean now i want to fuck her again with that he knelt between her legs and licked up every drop of cum out of her pussy and that was the start of a great friendship and some more sexy stories to cum