Written by jonascollins

7 Jun 2010

Still reeling from another complete cuckolding last night. Bernie was fucked soundly by her friends husband on the kitchen floor right in front of me.

We were all fooling around drinking...Later I returned from the bathroom to see Dan forcing Bernie to her knees in front of him and making her suck his 9 inch cock.

He then laid her down and stripped off. Watching her lie there lustfully waiting for him had my stomach in knots. She completely ignored me as Dan climbed on top of her and drove his rock hard member deep into my wife.

Dans wife even pushed me out of the kitchen once they got going, but i managed to sneak in again in time to see Dans sexy ass tighten up and spew his hot load into Bernies unprotected womb.

They were kissing deeply and Bernies legs were locked around him pulling him deeper.

I had too much to drink, and even though I was driven wild with lust and excitment I couldn't even get a hard.

Bernie just laughed at my plight as I frantically pulled at my useless limp cock while watching them.

As Dan pulled out, Bernie told me to make myself useful and suck his cock clean...which I did. I felt like a total cuckold wimp...but I must confess I enjoyed sucking his meat and playing with his tight balls.

Dan made me suck his warm cum out of my wife as they stood over me.

Her small hands and red painted nails pumping his thick swollen shaft just inches from my face.

Only then did I manage to get a hard on.

We went home at 2am, but I woke up at 4 and sucked Bernie off again. I was finally able to get a proper erection, as she teased me about how big Dan was and how much she enjoyed being fucked by him.

She asked me could I feel his hot spunk all over my little cock? as I fucked her.

When she confessed she found my cock small and unsatisfying by comparison, I finally went over the edge and sent a few short spurts of watery cum to add to Dans half pint of spunk deep inside her.

So humiliating and erotic mmmm...still wanking about it all even now.