Written by d smith

13 Apr 2008

Another night out with the girls, that wasn\'t unusual for my wife, she was always going out about twice a month, normally they all just had dinner type parties at each others houses, always the girls on their own, the men were never invited; she got ready and was wearing anew dress, no stockings or hold ups underneath, just her black thong and black push up bra; despite being 51 she\'s a very attractive and fit woman and still gets admiring glances from men of all ages.

I dropped her off at the house and she said she\'d get a lift back with her friend who\'s husband was picking them up.

As i was dropping her off i noticed a car with three men sat in it, they appearded to be looking at the house and my suspicouns were aroused when she appeared to notice them at all and started looking a bit flustered.

I drove round the corner, parked up and walked back, the men had gone and i saw them dissapear into the friend\'s house; i didn\'t know what to do as i never suspected she was the type to be unfaithful before; i went round the back of the house and noticed that there was a gap in the curtains and, heart in mouth, i got in to the back garden and carefully looked through the gap; i could see my wife and her friend and not just three men but there were actually four in there, another one must have already been there; they ahd the music on fairly loud so didn\'t hear me outside; two of the men started to kiss my wife, one was undoing the zip on her dress and i could see by the look in her eyes she was enjoying it, the other two were paying attention to her friend and had pushed her skirt up to expose her stockings, they\'d also undone her blouse and revealed a lacy black bra, she had small but firm tits. My wife was now stood in her thong and shoes, the one man was sucking on her tits whilst the other was knelt in front of her and was licking her fanny through the thong; she then got down on her knees and unzipped the first man and took out his cock, she started to suck it whilst the other man was knelt behind her fondling her ass; her freind was now bent over the arm of the sofa being fucked by behind whilst she gacve a blow job to the other man now led on the sofa; my wife pulled the mans cock out of her mouth and he shot his spunk all over her face; the man behind her had pulled her thong to one side and was ares fucking her, i could see her face contort with pleasure, something she\'d never let me do before; it was obvious that she\'d had a massive orgasm as i could see her shaking and her flushed face.

The two other men had finished with her frined and they all simply swapped partners now; it all started again only this time my wife started kissing her frined and fondling her tits whilst the men were rubbing themselves over both women\'s naked arses, it culminated with them all being fucked in turn by each of the men.

I went back to my car and drove home and waited for her to get in , she didn\'t arrive home till gone 2am, to make matters worse, it was one of the men who dropped her off outside our house.

She came in and i pretended to be asleep, i felt her get into bed and i could smell sex on her.

When i confronted her the next day she said she\'d been doing this for ages as sex was too boring with me.