Written by Husband

27 Jun 2012

My wife told me she was inviting a very good male friend over for a evening meal with us, (I have met him before for drinks and we do get on ok.) She said can we be very nice to him as he has had some bad news.

After the meal,drinks and pleasant conversation the friend and me cleared up while my wife went upstairs, when she reappeared she looked stunning wearing a little black dress, black stockings and suspender belt and high heals her make-up and hair done.

She said time to relax and be nice and friendly! she put on slow romantic music and danced with us in turn and as her dress hem twirled ,revealed her stocking tops .

I could feel a movement in my boxers and her friend was transfixed at her sexines.

She then said to me just sit and relax and as she danced with him unbuttoned his shirt followed by his belt trousers and socks and shoes, all he had on was his boxers with an obvious erecetion, then she asked me to unzip her dress which slipped to the floor leaving her stood in black stockings,suspender belt, sexy bra and matching thong , she looked so sexy!

Then she dropped to her knees and lowered his boxers revealing his large erect penis and as she stroked it and then started licking and sucking it he moaned with pleasure, by now i was down to my boxers and masturbating slowly. She kept giving him a blowjob until he could last no longer and unloaded about 4 shots of his hot spunk into her mouth.

As he flopped back spent onto the chair she came over to me and swallowed his cum in front of me and leant forward and as she kissed me i could still taste his cum on her mouth.

She asked me had i enjoyed it and to wank myself over her breasts , i was so aroused and shot my spunk on her straight away, after clearing ourselves up we went to bed and he had sex with her 2 more times during the nite , once from behind which my wife loved the best, after he left she asked me to go down on her and clean her pussy of his cum and then i was allowed finally to make love to her myself

She said thanks for being nice to my friend, we could do it again if you want !!