Written by Tara’s husband

14 Jan 2016

I have written here recently about John. Well, this is about David. He had my wife before John. Incidentally my wife and I have had this sort of relationship for 8 years. We started doing it before we married and it suits us both.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but your wife’s a flirt.”

I laughed. “Yep,” I said simply. My friend, David, seemed to want to ask more, but he didn’t.

My wife and I went to a nightclub to meet up with David who had recently got divorced and needed some company badly. We meet up with him around 10pm. He’s a big guy: 6’2”, a competitive body builder, an athlete, and a former Army officer.

We talked and drank. My wife danced with David a couple of times. She went to the bathroom at one point, which is when David approached me with his observation on my wife’s behaviour.

By midnight we were all sick of the club. We decided to go to our house where drinks were cheaper and we could hear each other talk. We went home and David followed us. We hung out for a couple hours more before I got drowsy and announced I was going to bed.

“You can stay the night, of course,” I told David.

“I’m going to stay up for a bit,” my wife said.

After I went to bed, David gave my wife a shoulder rub. She reciprocated by rubbing his feet. He pulled his dick out during the foot rub.

“It was the largest one I’ve ever seen …” she said the next morning, starting thoughtfully into the distance.

That night, David got to lie on my couch and get a long blowjob from my wife while I slept in the next room. “He was so big, it was more like a double handjob with some tongue” she laughed later.

He decided to take control so he put a hand on the back of her head, forcing himself deeper into her throat. She licked and slurped and gagged on his big dick until he blew his load in her mouth.

“It was absurd.” she giggled. “His cum filled my mouth until I had to pull away to keep from choking. I swallowed, then he pulled my face back in and held it tight against his cock and came on my face.” She told me she licked him clean when he finished. I knew she would had gathered up and consumed every drop, even if she had to swallow more than once.

I pictured her going down on him, slowly working his cock as he moaned, raising the sensations to a fevered pitch until he’d spilled in her mouth.

I imagined him getting a power rush from getting blown to completion by a friend’s wife while that friend slept a room away. It was a cocky move, forcing her head down on him so he could spill his load on her face. Most guys, if they’re friend’s wife blew them, would be kind of cool about it and not go for any extras. It showed a tremendous amount of confidence, almost arrogance.

I imagined my wife feeling naughty that she was swallowing another man’s cock while her husband dozed nearby, and feeling sexy when she knew she’d made him climax with only the use of her velvety-soft mouth.

I wondered if he’d talked dirty to her as she blew him. What would he have said? I could hear her in my head, moaning around a mouthful of cock as she tried to swallow his cum, giggling as she licked up whatever she’d been unable to swallow.

David and I spoke a couple of days later. I was straight forward, and explained that what she had done hadn’t constituted cheating. He confirmed what my wife told me and made sure I was cool. I told him I was, that actually he could have more if he wanted, and if she was game.

"It’s great that you’re willing to share her with me,” he said. “I’ll totally fuck your wife if she wants it. I wouldn’t let you fuck mine if I had one, but that’s just me: I wouldn’t let anyone fuck her but me.” I told him that I understood. “I’m pretty dominant,” he continued. “If I do fuck her, I probably won’t be gentle with her. Could you handle that?”

I swallowed hard and told him to talk to her about anything kinky he was thinking of and to make sure she wanted it. I was ok with whatever my wife was cool with, and that I’d leave the rest up to the two of them. What else could I say?

A week later, David came over again. We watched a movie. David watched my wife, mostly, who had decided to wear a slinky black dress that looked suspiciously similar to the outfit she had worn the night she ended up glazed in David’s cum. I knew they had been texting each other in anticipation of this supposedly platonic get-together.

My wife brought David a drink. He grabbed her with his muscular arm and pulled her down onto the seat next to him. She squeaked and giggled. From the couch, I watched the progression.

First they sat, David’s arm around my wife’s shoulders. She started rubbing his thigh, then his dick, which was snaking along his thigh under his jeans. David’s face flushed. My wife licked her lips. It was on.

My wife stood in front of David. He pulled her little dress up and over her head and tossed it onto the floor. Underneath, she was naked. David unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans. His cock sprung out, fully erect. My wife gasped.

It was an impressive dick. Damn if it wasn’t eight or more inches long and an inch and a half at least through the shaft. His balls were enormous, too. I could see how he was able to drop such a massive load on my wife before.

David grabbed my wife’s wrists and pulled her toward him. He put her on her knees between his muscular thighs. He looped his belt around her neck like a collar and leash, using this to pull her face toward his swollen dick. She started to worship him, sucking and licking his cock and his balls, stroking his shaft with both hands, hungrily moaning.

David leaned forward and gave my wife’s bum a playful slap with one of his big hands. She moaned, her lips locked around the head of his dick. David had seemed to forget I was even there.

I cleared my throat loudly. I was taken aback by the immediate and dominant manner in which David was taking my wife. David looked at me with casual annoyance. My wife worked his cock shaft with both hands, slurping on the head.

“You aren’t going to tell me now that this isn’t ok,” he stated more than asked. He had a point. I could have called him out after the blowjob night if I wasn’t happy. I could have stopped things before they reached this point tonight. I’d let my wife blow him already. I’d watched him undress her, smack her bottom, and put a belt around her neck. I’d said nothing. My time to assert myself was past. Now it was time to let them do their thing.

David pulled my wife close and whispered in her ear. She smiled and nodded. He took the belt off from around her neck. He stood up, helping my wife to her feet, then bent over and scooped up her soft body and put her over his powerful shoulder. David looked at me. I’d never seen a man put my wife over his shoulder before. My wife’s legs were dangling in front of him.

He was holding my wife’s thighs together just above the knees with one hand. Her bum was up in the air next to his head and I could just make out her pussy, glistening. Her feet kicked slightly in the air. I couldn’t see her face, which was hanging behind David’s back.

Then, with no malice in his voice, he said with a shrug, “Sorry, mate. Shit happens, right? Enjoy the movie.”

He turned and carried my wife down the hall toward the bedroom. It looked like a warrior carrying off some nubile damsel to ravish. I felt a pang of panic. This was my last chance to assert myself! My wife glanced up at me with a smile and shrugged. David swatted her bottom twice–she cried out. Then, he entered our bedroom.

David dropped my wife on the bed. He grabbed her ankles and yanked her body towards him. He squatted slightly between her shapely thighs and ate her pussy until her legs were shaking she was pushing his head away.

“No more,” she said. “I want you to fuck me.”

David began to push his cock into her. It was slow going. My wife squealed, gasped and grunted as his big dick stretched her. “I know,” he said softly as she struggled. He ran his fingers across her cheek tenderly. “It’s a big dick.” It was not lost on me that he clearly understood and was implying that a big dick was not something she was getting regularly.

Once David was all the way inside my wife, he paused so she could get used to his girth. Then, with one hand holding her throat and the other holding one of her ankles aloft, David began to fuck my wife.

"Oh god,” he moaned loudly. My wife’s pussy, which is tight on modest me, must have felt like a vice on his cock. He pumped her slowly.

My wife was making high-pitched moans through clenched lips. Her fingers tore at the sheets. Her eyes were wide. “Oh my god!” she managed in a little voice.

David increased the pace of his thrusts. My wife’s body language began to relax. Their bodies came together with that distinctive flesh-on-flesh slapping sound and my wife began to let out little noises that signalled me that she was enjoying herself immensely.

David gripped my wife’s throat. She gasped and moaned and giggled. Her hands slid along his powerful torso and she sighed contentedly. David’s thrusts were coming quickly now. “Oh god!” he moaned again. He put a finger in my wife’s mouth so she could suck on it. She moaned and took his finger between her lips as though it was another cock.

My wife looked at me a couple of times as I stood in the doorway. David noticed this, he stopped and pulled out of my wife. He got off the bed and came over to me.

“I don’t really like an audience,” he said in a “oh you know” tone. He closed the door. I heard it lock. I sat on the floor and listened.

I could hear him fucking her again.

“Your husband is pretty submissive?” he asked my wife as he ground his hips against her ass.

“Yeah” she answered.

“Well, I’m not,” he said. The fucking sounds seemed louder as they floated though the door to me. My wife’s screams drove me wild with lust and jealousy. David’s moans told me how much he was completely enjoying himself with her.

My wife told me what he did the next day and I am so sorry I could not see it firsthand.

When David was ready to cum, he straddled my wife’s torso with his dick dangling over her face. He pinned her wrists together over her head in one hand and stroked himself with the other as her tongue flicked across the bottom of the head of his cock. “I’m gonna mess up that pretty face,” he told her. She pouted. Then, with a loud moan, he came on her, his load pouring onto her face in long, thick pumps. She whipped her face back and forth. I heard her squealing as it coated her. It filled her mouth and she swallowed. “Look at you,” I heard him say. He chuckled. I could hear her gasping and chocking. It was obvious she was trying to swallow.

Then the door opened, I was still sitting on the floor and pressed against the door. I nearly fell in when it opened. My wife staggered out, her face frosted; big globs and strings of cum hanging on her cheeks, lips, and chin. “He wanted you to see me like that,” she later explained. It was true Alpha behaviour: making me witness the full extent of his mastery of the situation and the people in it.

David was sprawled on my bed immodestly. He was slowly stroking himself and had an incredibly calm, pleased look on his face. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” I answered.

“I’m just gonna keep her in here tonight,” he said. There was no question in his voice. This was happening.

“Ok,” I answered.

Cleaned up now but still quite naked, my wife brushed by me on her way back into the bedroom. She blew me a little kiss and winked at me as she closed and locked the bedroom door.