Written by Chormar

19 Mar 2016

I was sitting outside the changing rooms waiting for Margaret feeling shocked ,slightly embarrassed and well and truly cuckolded by what had just happened but let me rewind to earlier in the afternoon.

On a recent short break to London Margaret and myself Martin decided to visit a Naturist Spa in North London which our Hotel concierge had found for us on the internet. We were catching our train home at 8pm so we had plenty of time to kill before then. We are both mid fifties with Margaret a size 14 with lovely tits, unfortunately for me a traffic accident a couple of years ago had left me impotent which was frustrating for both of us. We had resorted to role play ,her flirting with strangers and discreet flashing but this was the first time we had visited a Naturist Spa.

As it was a Monday afternoon we did not have high expectations as we thought there would not be many people there. After paying our entrance fee and given our towels we stripped off in the changing rooms and with towels round our waists proceeded to explore. We showered and tried one of the saunas and steamroom, it was soon apparent there were about five men to every woman (this I have since found is normal ) I asked Margaret if she was okay with this and she said oh yes with a smile on her face plenty of cock on view.

Everyone was friendly and conversation easy, most people were naked although some kept their towels loosely round them to hide their erections or lack of one. We had moved to the steamroom by now I was at one end and Margaret towards the other. She had obviously been making eye contact with a couple of guys in the sauna because she was sat between them and later told me it started there with legs touching then discreet touching each other whilst I was oblivious to this talking football to another guy , although two guys who were closer got a good view! So there she was with a coloured guy on either side of her when she got up and said to me she was going to the Jaccuzi I thought nothing of it even when the two guys followed. I continued talking for a while then went for a shower I could not see Margaret so assumed she was in another part of the spa so had a Jacuzzi then went to the soft drinks area. As she had not reappeared I was starting to get worried , I went round checking the facilities and just got back to the drinks area when she turned up. She had been missing for about an hour and I asked her where she had been and she whispered I have been fucking a black guy! I said oh yeah what have you really been doing?

This is what she told me. Whilst in the steam room Eamon ,one of the coloured guys ,started by rubbing his leg against hers. She said she was flattered by his interest and responded by rubbing her foot against his. Encouraged by this his hand wandered up her thigh (remember it was steamy in there and I was at the other end) so she opened here legs wider and touched his cock( she said it was 9" long ) . Because she had spread her legs she was up against the other guy who put her hand on his cock. She said it was if all her christmases had come at once with a black cock in each hand . Eamon whispered to her to go to the Jaccuzi and he would follow which she did followed by Eamon and Leroy. There were two other guys already there but Eamon And Leroy sat on either side of her . They openly fondled her tits and cunt much to the approval of the other two, who Margaret reckoned were wanking whilst watching. Margaret wanked Eamon and Leroy whilst Eamon had two fingers up her cunt. All this time I was unaware of any of this. Eamon asked her whether she would like to go to one of the playrooms she said okay but only with him as she was nervious and off they went.

She said her and Eamon went into one of the rooms and locked the door. there was lots of kissing and feeling also he spent ages licking her pussy and she sucked his cock. he asked her if she was ready for his cock up her pussy and being totally at ease said okay and he proceeded to feed it into her. I said all of it ? she said all 9" and it seemed to thicken once in ! He seemed to last for ages and she came twice before he shot his load inside her. After withdrawing they continued kissing and fondling and Eamon soon came erect again and she said they fucked again for what seemed ages and he shot another load inside her. They left separately and Margaret had a shower and came to find me.

To say I was gob smacked was an under statement! I asked which was Eamon, but she could not see him but pointed out Leroy, he looked about 30 and gave her a smile. We went to one of the Jacuzzis and a few minutes later this big black guy joined us ( Eamon) and Margaret introduced us. Eamon put his arm round her and started fondling her as if I was not there , not that I could complain as he had already fucked her twice. I could make out his cock under the water and yes it was 9"2 and very thick! How he had recovered so soon I will never know (Viagra? )but he was rock hard again ! Eamon looked to be in his mid forties and we made small talk whilst they fondled each other. Even when another man got in they carried on so he sat closer to them and started wanking whilst watching the show. Eamon told Margaret to wank the man off, she looked at me for guidance but I was so transfixed with what was going on I just nodded. The man realized we were together said thanks and sat next to her to make it easier. He did not last long before he shot his load and took his leave but not before whispering in my ear that I had a hot sexy wife.

Eamon suggested we went to the larger Jacuzzi near the swimming pool which we did. One of the other women was in there with a couple of men and three others watching the action. We got into the Jacuzzi and Eamon openly started playing with Margarets tits whilst she played with his cock. Two other men got into the Jacuzzi and wanked each other whilst watching Eamon and Margaret having fun. Even though I could not get an erection playing with my self made me come. After about ten minutes Eamon asked if she would like to go back to the playroom, she agreed and asked me if I would like to watch and the three of us went towards the playroom. In the playroom I sat to one side while started kissing and feeling each other, She sucked his cock licking up and down the shaft and sucking on the large bell end. Even though I had already come the thrill of watching Margaret make love to another man was exquisite. He then started putting his cock inside her cunt and the sight of his black cock disappearing up inside her white pussy was something I wont forget. Margaret asked me to kiss her and suck her tits while he was fucking her which I did and I could taste his cock on her lips when she had sucked him off. I could feel her start to quiver as she came and Eamon told her to squeeze his cock with her pussy which she did and he shot another load up her cunt, ,the third time at least in about three hours.

He withdrew his cock which was still hard and I asked him could I touch it? He said I could lick it clean if I wanted, I was shocked but curious Margaret asked if I wanted to and at the same time he put his cock close to my mouth. I took it in my mouth and started sucking and licking it clean. Margaret said I could lick her pussy clean when I had finished with Eamon. In a daze I left his cock and started licking out her pussy tasting their juices ,he put his cock in her mouth and she started sucking it. he said to me you are a proper cuckold now licking out your womens pussy full of a mans come after he has fucked her. He asked when we would be coming to London again as he could not wait to fuck Margaret again. I said we did not know when we would be back but if Margaret wanted to see him again it was ok with me. We left the room had a shower got dressed before leaving to catch our train. On the way home I asked her if she was ok with what happened, she said yes but now I have done it there probably wont be a next time as it would not be the same again as this time had been spontaneous and anyway she had the memory of her first and possibly last black cock which will stay with her forever. Thanks Eamon.