Written by Scotsbull near Edinburgh

15 Feb 2016

This is not so much for the reader's enjoyment as it is a couple who will visit and read the description of recent events. She will read of our first meeting, how I used and fucked her as my fuck slut whilst her worthless hubby watched and was powerless to stop me. Not that he would have tried. He couldn't wait to see his wife take my cock, to be fucked in every hole and literally covered in spunk. You wanked your cock raw, didn't you?

The names are changed at her request, so let's call her Jane and him, cuck. He contacted me through this site, briefly described that they were a cuckold couple, visiting Edinburgh andI had been recommended by another past partner (Thank you Margaret). Anyway, we exchanged a few messages, then a few pics and soon she and i were in daily communication via mobiles. Jane was anything but plain. Mid 40s with long brown hair, a tight body, pert tits and a lovely trimmed mound. She revelled in being a cuckoldress and took every opportunity to humiliating her husband by fucking whoever she wished, whenever she wished.

I met them in the pre-arranged bar and she looked exactly as her photo; her long hair was swept down and across her face and her makeup was immaculate. She was wearing exactly what i'd demanded. A long black coat and black stilletos. He caught sight of me first and drew her attention to me. Walking towards her, I wrapped my arms around her whilst kissing her forcefully on the mouth. Slipping my tongue into her parted mouth whilst lowering my hands to reach below the coat to stroke and cup her gorgeous breasts. I could tell that she had followed my directions exactly by wearing only underwear beneath. Cupping one breast and then the other, stroking her hard nipples and bending forward to kiss and nuzzle her neck. She immediately responded by pressing her body into me and whispering that she was desperate to be fucked.

The hotel was only around the corner so I instructed cuck to go before us, leave the door ajar, strip down into the outfit i'd selected for him and sit in the corner. Leading her into the hotel and towards the elevator. An older couple entered behind us and stood by the door so i took the opportunity to stand behind Jane, raise her coat and stroke her soft bum flesh. thinking that she'd swipe my hand or step away, I was surprised and pleased when she stuck her tight bum out a little and widened her stance. An invitation I couldn't resist and soon worked my fingers under the knickers to stroke and tease her crack and puckered bum hole. The groan she released as soon as the old couple left was such a turn-on. I was desperate to fuck Jane and my cock felt like it was about to explode .

Jane led into the hotel room where i saw cuck sitting in the corner chair. Stripped of his clothing , wearing only a cheap bright red bra and matching nickers. His cock straining through the material. I couldn't help but laugh at him and asked if he'd like to wank his cock. He immediately agreed and reached down but I told him to stop and explained that he could only do so whilst my cock was inside his wife, he could only stroke it when I thrust into her and that he had to wank in time to me. Jane laughed behind me and commented at how obviously turned he was.

Returning to Jane, I guided her around to cuck's side of the bed, stripped her coat off to reveal a stunning ivory coloured bra with matching knickers and suspenders. Pushing her down onto the bed and forcing her thighs wide, i lowered my face down to her stomach whilst calling back to cuck, "watch carefully as I fuck your wife. I'm going to ram my cock into her , she'll beg me for more and I intend to flood her cunt with my spunk!"

Stroking and caressing Jane's stomach and thighs. Grazing just my fingertips across the smooth flesh and working ever closer to her gusset. Hooking a finger under the gusset and drawing to the side, I gazed at her cunt for the first time. Smooth with a small trimmed bush, pink puffy lips which were already beginning to part and smelled strongly of sex. Lowering my mouth closer still and deliberately breathing heavily so that she could feel the hot breadth wash over her lips, i slowly extended my tongue to slide between both lips and travel the length of her wet opening. Tasting her cunt for the first time, i worked my tongue ever deeper whilst parting her lips wider still with my hands. I could already hear Jane gasp and moan as i revealed her hood and immediately began teasing her clit out from beneath. Circling the bud with my tongue and then flicking across with just the tip. Over and over. Jane's moaning getting louder as she now lifted herself from the bed. Attempting to mash her cunt into my face.

Inserting one finger and then another. They slid easily past her sopping wet lips and soon i was finger fucking her hard and fast whilst still lapping at her clit. Curling my fingers up and around to find her g-Spot, I now finished each thrust by gently grazing against the rough spot. Jane began to moan harder and began chanting, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" Pushing the back of my head as she began to climax. Not allowing her to settle, I increased the tempo faster and harder still which soon had her driving into a second, larger climax.

I rose to see that Jane had ripped her bra up around her neck and was busy tweeking her own nipples and attempting to urge me to mount by wrapping her thighs around my legs. Turning to see cuck furiously wanking his cock, I demanded he stop and reminded him that he could only do so once I was actually fucking her. "Now watch as I fuck her like a cock slut." Grabbing her by her ankles and pulling her towards me, I ripped the gusset of her knickers to the side, forced her legs up high and drove my throbbing cock deep into her in one brutal thrust. Jane's eyes went wide and she immediately started to shout, " Yes, fuck me! Make me your whore. Cum inside me." This drove me on to pound into her harder and faster. using all of my strength and body weight to slam down into her knowing that cuck sitting behind us, could clearly see everything. Continually urging me on to fuck her deeper, harder, faster, it wasn't long before Jane began to pant and shout that she was about to cum. By now I was gasping for breadth and soaking in sweat, but determined to make her cum first. She gave one last squeal, wrapped her ankles around my neck and bucked up to meet my thrust as her cunt muscles contacted and gripped my cock tighter. It was too much and I felt the rush as my cock flooded her cunt as she cum beneath me. behind me, I could hear cuck furiously slapping away at his cock.

Once thoroughly drained, I withdrew from her and rose. Holding her thighs open, I enjoyed watching the expression on cucks face as he watched our mixed juices escape from her parted lips. Removing her now sodden knickers, I briefly used them to wipe at her gaping hole before turning and laughing as I fit them over his face, the gusset directly over his mouth and nose.

Please feel free to comment. i especially want over confident males and bulls to comment on on how worthless cuck is and how good a slut 'Jane' is. I'll complete the description of our first meet, once the couple have had an opportunity to read this and any comment you wish to leave.

Thank you.