Written by William Shakepen

2 Jul 2007

Browsing the "Swingers Stories" has become very dangerous habit as I can only really read them at work (no wife watching me) and I find that I spend less and less time working and more more time reading! I love to sit at my desk taking in these stories enjoying feeling my cock growing at the erotic and the downright perverted (my favourites)tales. However I realise that these are not all stories so I will recall some of my swinging experiences so that other people can get horny at work and find

relief in whatever way they can!!!

Lady luck has smiled on me and I have met some great people through swinging some of whom I still keep in touch with including Georgina (yep name changed), with whom I enjoyed some WILD nights with her and her partner (and occasionally another male or two and another female). However one of the incidents that stands out the most that I shared with her is not the wildest but I found to be the most erotic and sensuous.

During one of our more "crowded" sessions in Georgina's front room, I ended up away from the crowd, laid out flat on my back, naked as a razor, a little drunk and out of it. Georgina, also similarly attired (as were we all by that time) and looking equally out of it came over to me on all fours and laid on top of me, using me as her mattress, something she liked to do. This was not a sexual thing, but she

finds it very relaxing and has fallen asleep on me in this situation on a few occasions.

After a little cuddling and mutual "ummm's" of restful content, we began kissing each other for a few minutes. Georgina is a great kisser sometimes we stop fucking and just "snog". Acting on impulse, with my left arm I pinned her upper body to mine and wrapped my legs around hers, simultaneously pulling her legs open and pinning them down. Georgiana liked to be held down whilst being fucked hard, so I knew she would not be disturbed by this confinement. With my right hand I reached down and played with her always wet fanny and with this and some of my saliva as lubricant, slid my finger into her arse.

Now Georgina loves an "arse job", in fact she much prefers it to "normal" penetration. So with that in mind I slowly finger fucked her arse. Almost instantly I felt her breathing begin to quicken and I realised I was hitting "the spot". I continued like this for a few more minutes. The more shallow and faster her breathing became the more tightly I held her to me. After only a couple of minutes of this attention Georgina tensed and reached a gentle, and as usual, VERY wet orgasm. We both relaxed for a thirty seconds or so and then I gave her a second helping with the same result.

.......and that's it. As I said this is not the dirtiest, wildest or maddest thing I experienced with her but the one I remember as being the most sensuous. I hope I haven't bored any of my readers?