Written by Cruise

28 Oct 2016

So, I was away on a ship for a couple of months and we talked frequently about how excited we we about our bi mmf. He booked Monday off work, we had a man we both liked and the date was set!

We were so excited that he booked Friday off so we could get reacquainted and he had asked for me to buy a strap on for Friday, his vanilla wife would never play anally. He sent me a link of the one he wanted but obviously couldn't have it sent to his house!!!! He was desperate for some more ass fun. He had hoped to have a wank suck date but never found one.

So after I arrived back from work on 10 pm Thursday after 4 months away, and my fb arrived at lunchtime Friday. Our sex as always was incredible! !! He has a fabulous cock ( the one in my mouth in my profile pix), which filled me up and explored every hole! I prepped his ass with rimming and fingering as sucking his lovely thick cock and fucked his sweet ass he loved it, after which I was flipped over and he fucked my ass and left a very satisfactory load! So we said goodbye i sent him home spent and see you Monday!

Now our meet was supposed to turn up on Sunday so we could torment the fb all night while he was at home. Late Saturday night he asked if he could drive up, he arrived at 6am ( bizarre ). We messaged my fb and he was so horny! So I gave him a great bj while we were watching bi mmf porn, he came pretty quickly and I swallowed the lot. Anyway after a night of no sleep we both took a nap. I woke first and took a shower and cooked late breakfast.

We ate chatted with my fb who was fit to burst! The visitor asked where the nearest shop was as in his haste forgot his toothbrush so wanted to pop out and get one, well I am still waiting for his return!!!! ( even more bizarre ). So I text my fb after a couple of hours and told him. He was furious with me! The Monday he went to work and I sulked ?we had fallen out.

So yesterday I bit the bullet after 10 days and messaged my fb. We chatted a bit and he was so horny wishing I was near windermere so he could shove hus cock into my cunt and then cum in my mouth, he laughed. I sent him a message saying I was passing windermere on the way down to the Midlands so if he needed relief I could help...

Seconds later he sent me the address of a very nice house he was decorating and said get here. So I did!

I found the house, he opened the door, kissed me deeply and as the house owners could be back at any minute he took me on the stairs so he could see out. He pulled my leggings down and pushed me bending over the stairs and thrust his huge cock into my already wet pussy, he fucked he very aggressivelying, hard and deep.

I came pretty quick as always. ...he then turned me over and shoved his cock in my mouth, fucking my face and reaching down my throat, he came so much and actually was the first time he ever cam in my mouth, I swallowed every drop of his very heavy load. He said of course you swallowed it all. I stood up pulled my leggings up kissed him and left, the whole thing took 10 minutes.

I drove for the next 3 hours with a satisfie cunt and the taste of cum in my mouth. Naughty but nice!