Written by Stuart

27 Apr 2015

A couple from work married at a posh country hotel and a load of us booked the night there. After the wedding breakfast myself and my wife decided to make the most of our hotel room but too much beer had rendered me useless so she'd stormed off and I was heading back rather shamedly to the bar. That's when I bumped into scouse Jenny, a workmate who lived with a further work colleague, Chris. Jenny was a beautiful petite 27 yr old brunette with cheeky green eyes and a sparkly merseyside humour. She is also well fancied by all the blokes. Anyway when I bumped into her she was very tipsy. "Shh. Come on, I need some help" she giggled. I followed her thinking it was some prank on the newly weds but Jenny took me to her hotel room and locked the door. She hitched up her tight dress revealing stockings and suspenders and fiddled with my belt "I need fucking" she slurred. My hitherto flaccid cock sprang into life. I tried to kiss her "no you'll smudge my lippy ". I wanted to taste her. "No time. I'm wet already. Quick before we get caught". She turned her back and bent forward, such a sweet arse, and reached back for my raging hard on slipping it into her wet cunt. She was sopping but still tight. I held her hips and pistoned into her. God she was noisy. "Finger me" she demanded. I reached around and rigorously frigged her clit. She screamed she was cumming and I pushed hard as she spasmed on my cock. She looked over her shoulder with a sexy satisfied grin. "That was good. Now you cum" she grinded her arse back onto me and reached back to gently scratch from my balls to my arse. That was amazing enough and then she started to contract her young cunt muscles until I shot my cum into her welcoming funnel. Absolute heaven. My cock slopped out. She giggled, strands of hair stuck to her sweaty brow. "Go on fuck off before we get caught. I'll tidy myself up". I tried to kiss her again but she pushed me off. I asked if we'd do this again and she laughed me off. "Fuck off now. Go. Shoo " I left and headed for the lifts. My heart nearly sank when Chris stepped out of one. He laughingly asked what I'd been up to. I spluttered something and raced off to the bar. I met my wife who was still frosty. About an hour later I was getting our drinks in when Chris joined me. He whispered " it's great what she does with her cunt muscles isn't it?" I couldn't speak for shock and fear. He laughed and said. "It's ok. It was all pre planned. You were the last of 3 today. I've spent the last half hour splashing about in the little slut". I looked across at Jenny chatting happily with the other wives. She looked so sweet and innocent and then flashed me a dirty knowing smile, the cum filled little scouse sexpot. I marched my wife to our room and I was rampant. I fucked her like I had on our wedding night. At last orders we sat with Jenny and Chris. 2 very happy women and 4 completely empty balls