Written by bellyboytim

14 Oct 2011

On 31 August, I told you all the tale of what happened on our summer holidays. Well the other night I decided it was time to tell my wife that I had fucked Paula by the pool while my wife was out at the market.

We were at home watching telly in our usual positions on the sofa - she with her head on my lap, hand up my shorts playing with my cock, me with my hand down the back of her pajama bottoms gently fingering her arse - and I just said, "you know when you had sex with Paula on holiday?, Well so did I!".

She did not react at first, but after a few seconds she gripped me harder and said, "what happened?".

I told her how Paula had been wanking and that she had asked me to put my cock up her so she could have a good cum and how she had sucked me off after. My wife's grip on my rapidly stiffening cock grew tighter and she began to push up so that my fingers were now on her pussy. She was very wet.

Soon she took my cock out and started to lick, kiss and suck it. "Did she do it like this?" she asked me, and I replied that Paula was no where near as good as her at it.

With that she stopped and stood up. I thought I'd blown it. She picked up the phone and dialed. "Hi, Paula it's me," she said. "Shit" I thought!

"I've heard what happened on holiday and he recons that you were nowhere near as good at giving head as I am, what do you have to say about that?" after a short pause she said, "OK see you soon" and hung up.

My cock had withered and I was feeling really nervous. "She is on her way" my wife informed me, "and we will see who is the better." she took my cock in her hand again and began to rub it. "You my man are about to be involved in a suck off - me v her - we will see who is best!"

For the next half hour we sat on the sofa while my wife played with her own pussy teasing me and miking sure I stayed hard. Paula arrived and as she walked into the room she went straight to my wife and they kissed passionately making me even harder.

They both undressed and walked over to me. Paula took my cock in her hand and put it to her mouth and began to gently kiss the gland. Her mouth was warm and we after her snog with my wife and it felt very very good.

My wife sat on the floor, legs spread and fingering herself. "You enjoy this and when we are finished with you, Paula and I are going to bed. You can sleep in the spare room - alone with just your imagination to keep you company!" she said.

Soon Paula was sucking my cock really hard. Taking me deep, sucking, and drawing her mouth the full length before allowing my cock to fall from her mouth with a loud pop.

"My turn" my wife said and she replaced Paula. Gripping my cock an its base and taking only the head in her mouth and sucking really hard. "Ah fuck, that's the best thing ever" I gasped. Then Paula was back, copying my wife's actions.

This continued for a few minutes before I announced that I was about to blow my load and my wife said that she wanted Paula to take it.

Paula put her mouth over my knob end, licked the underside of my glands just like last time, and I groaned loudly as spunk shot from me into her mouth.

"Don't you dare swallow that!", shouted my wife and as soon as Paula was happy that she had it all she let me fall from her mouth. My cock was soon replaced with my wife's tongue and they kissed hard, with my spunk in their mouths. I swear that was one of the horniest, erotic things I have ever seen. Small dribbles of spunk began to escape from their mouths as they continued to kiss then they both swallowed hard.

My cock was already hard again - in fact I'm not sure it ever softened - my wife kneeled on the floor and I fucked her hard till I came again then she carried out her threat and sent me to the spare room while she and Paula went to our bed.

I did not sleep at all but avoided the temptation to go to the room as it was very exciting just imagining what they were up to. No doubt she will tell me soon enough but hopefully she will wait till I have recovered from the wanking I did that night!!