Written by payrollman

6 Dec 2014

Let me set the scene. I'm 35 and recently startws working in the payrol for a large recruitment company . All the other employees are mainly young girls aged between 20-25. They are always talking about there weekend antics and hiw they grt pissed and at times pull and get fucked. In the summer they owe very short and revealing attire. This has led me wanking many times whilst think of their tits, legs and cute young pussies. I'm they tease me on purpose .

Last week , we decided to go bowling and a few drinks after work . As usual on Fridays , been dressed down , they owe their lovley sexy outfits and were looking forward in been drunk and having fun. That evening the drinks started early as 5pm , these sexy girls were drowning the cocktails one after the other. As they got merry, talked started to sex . They confessed how they love teasing , descriping their perfect match , pointing out in the bar who they would fuck. One of the girls Emma , who is 24 an dhas a lovley pair of 34d tits , whilst giggling , whispered in my ear , 'i lov been fucked by mature men' and with a pause 'like you'.

My cock already semi shot up like a rocket , hard and throbbing . She seductively brushed oass me very close and touched my cock. 'WOW' she whispiered , 'love a hard like that' . During the evening , i couldnt take my eyes off her and she teased to sexual frustration .

I was driving , so only had a couple. As usual by 11pm, all the girls were pissed , Several disappeared with their pull for the night , there went their ways to a club. I asked Emma to stay behind. She made an excuse that she was not feeling well and wanted to go home.

I offered her a lift . As soon as she sat in my car, i pulled her close and snogged her. my hand straight on her breasts , massing them on her top. Her hands started to stroke my desperate hars throbbing cock. Her tongue was deep inside my throat.

'I want to be fucked ' Emma demanded , 'Lets go somehere quiet'.

I drove out of the car , and headed to a quite spot near a building site , whcih i knew would be secure. We jumped at the back . I had my jeans down and Emma started to massage and suck my cock deep inside her throat . Her tonque was all over throbbing head. I pushed ny hand uo her skirt and felt her wet panties and sklid my index finger in her wet and shaven pussy . I fingered her deep for a a while . She was panting and soflty moaning .

She jumped on top and i entered her soaking pussy . She confirmed it was ak as he was on the pill. She soon started to ride me deep and fast. My hands remove dher top and I was massaging both of her brests and erect nipple. 'Bite them' she said while riding my length. Imore i bit the faster she rode until she tensed up and with an almighty scream orgamased all over my cock . I held her hips and started to fuck her again , It was not long before i felt my porecum and with more fucking i shot my load deep inside her pussy.

We snogged as my spunk started to drip down her leg. She took my cock again and this sucked and cleaned up the remaining cum dry. I continued to suck her nipples and her neck all over.

After dressing , i drove her home and droppped her a few street away .

Since then , we have a snog and fingered her while at work.