Written by Pete

26 Oct 2010

I married Marie two years ago even though I knew she was a cock slut. She was thirty and had been married twice before. When we moved in together she'd go out in the evenings and come home, her pussy full of spunk, and I'd fuck her sloppy pussy. In fact that was one of the reasons I married her, the other being her slim body, fantastic arse and legs, great firm 34dd tits, tipped by large nipples and a shaved cunt which craved cock, any cock. We go out together and find blokes to come home with us to fuck her or me and my mates get together and have her.

A few months ago we were down the pub and the subject of childhood memories came up. One we all remembered were going on treasure hunts, given clues and driving from point to point, usually ending up at a pub and the winner getting a prize. Thinking about it later it gave me an idea and that night I put it to Marie, a Treasure Hunt and she would be the prize. “A Treasure Cunt” she suggested, immediately liking the idea. I asked a few friends if the were interested, only telling them that their would be prizes for all and that it involved Marie, they all had a good idea what that meant. I set about organising it, I knew where it would finish, a disused quarry miles from any where that we sometimes went to for an outdoor fuck. Using the internet, Google map, I was able “drive” plotting a route and search for possible clues, not to many or to difficult, then drive the route for real checking it worked. I finished at the quarry, ensuring that I could get a signal on my mobile.

Marie had agreed who we'd invite, 5 blokes and said they could bring anyone with them to help. The start was our local pub car park, 7pm on the Saturday after the longest day in June, the weather forecast had been correct warm and sunny and they'd all been told they would need a mobile and sat nav. Whilst I gave them their first clue, sending them on their way at intervals, Marie sat in the car, displaying the prize. Sitting with the door open, legs spread, skirt pulled up around her waist, playing with her pussy, counting the number of blokes in each car. Three men in two of the cars, four in the other three cars, nineteen blokes to fuck her including me. We gave the last car a few minutes then set off in the opposite direction, about a thirty minute drive about an hour to an hour and a half for the rest. The hunters had to text their answer to the first clue in order to receive the next. All worked well and Marie sent pre-programmed answers to their texts as I drove.

We arrived and parked and went to a secluded area, while I confirmed the exact co-ordinates, Marie naked, laid back on a blanket on a flat rock about the size of a bed, playing with her clit. We were ready, just a matter of waiting, and time for a fuck before the first car arrived. Stripping off I got my head between her legs licking and sucking her cunt, already wet and gaping, both from her wank in the car park and in anticipation of what was to come. Lapping her tasty juices she was soon close to cumming, at the same time sending texts. She turned over kneeling so I could fuck her from behind, I might as well have the first fuck while her cunt was still tight, then sit back and watch my mates have her, looking forward to a really sloppy fuck later. I shafted her for about 10 minutes until I came in her pussy just before the texts started arriving with answers to the final clue which earned them the co-ordinates for our location, only about 15 minutes drive, just enough time for the final preparations.

The first to arrive had set off third and had four blokes in it, all piling out as soon as they saw Marie waiting to be fucked. The 15 minutes had been well spent, her head was resting on a pillow, another under her back raising her pussy, her wrists and ankles tied by rope to pegs in the ground either side of the rock. Her tits standing firmly and nipples poking out, legs spread as wide as possible, just fucked cunt wet and gaping, a dribble of spunk running between her legs. She turned her head watching them approach, pulling their shirts off, undoing their trousers calling out “Come on boys. Come and get your prize. Who's going to fuck me first?” One jumped up with her, kneeling between her legs and rammed his cock straight in her cunt, two others got either side of her sucking her tits, biting and pulling her nipples, wanking their pricks telling the bloke fucking her to get a move on. Two more cars pulled up the lads joining us around the rock taking in Marie spread-eagled naked on the rock, a cock being rammed in and out of her cunt. She was helpless and told them to fuck her, finger her, fist her suck her tits do whatever they wanted. One lad straddled her head, lowering his arse to her mouth, she stuck her tongue out licking his arse hole, while he wanked, probing his anus with the tip the tip of her tongue he masturbated faster, then moved so she could suck and lick his bollocks. He was the first to cum splashing his spunk on the rock above her head. The lad fucking her was just as close and fucked her faster, pushing his prick in deep, Marie trying to lift her pussy to take him as she came when she felt him cumming inside her. He'd cum and was almost dragged off her as another bloke slid his prick in her cunt while she was still cumming, spunk oozing out as he entered her. The remaining cars arrived and she was surrounded by men all waiting there turn to fuck her, Marie lifting her head checking out the size of their cocks and that they were stiff, as they all stood stroking their erections. My prick was hard again, who wouldn't be, watching their wife being fucked for the second time, knowing that there were another sixteen lads who were all going to fuck her in the next couple of hours. Laid with her firm tits jiggling as she was fucked she was straddled by a lad who pushed his prick between her tits, pressing them round his cock her tit fucked her as she opened her mouth taking the tip and licking his knob each time he slid between her large tits. She'd taken another load of spunk in her cunt and another lad had got his cock in her cunt ramming her hard. Gasping out that she was cumming, telling the lad tit fucking her to cum in her mouth she gave a groan as she orgasmed, taking and swallowing a mouthful of spunk, feeling the bloke fucking her jerking in her cunt as he spunked inside her simultaneously. They both climbed off her and she asked to be untied and for a drink.

Once she was untied she got one to lay on the blanket, reverse mounting him, guiding his prick to her soaking cunt and rode him, spunk and juices running down his cock as she bounced up and down on him, slamming her cunt down hard. Two were either side Marie holding and wanking their stiff cocks and a third stood, his cock in her mouth, holding her head as she sucked and he face fucked her. Those yet to fuck her were encouraging them to hurry and cum so they could have their turn, the lad she was sucking obliged by shooting in her mouth then pulling out and spraying her face with his sperm. Another tried to take his place but she had other ideas. She waited until the bloke fucking her came and once he was out the way got someone else to lie down. She knelt over him spunk literally pouring from her cunt all over his stomach. He looked a bit pissed off with that but any objections were forgotten when she lowered herself and took his cock in her cunt and fucked him. She lent forward on top of him, spunk squeezed out between their bodies, her pink, cock filled hole displayed to al,l she called out that she wanted another cock in her. Two lads got up beside her and one of them crouched behind her, laid his prick against the other. She moved forward so the first prick was just in her hole then moved back taking them both in her cunt. She'd been fucked so many times, her sex juices flowing, that her cunt easily stretched as they both fucked her. She was doing her best to take them deep in her pussy letting the lad on top fuck her as she controlled the penetration of the other, speeding up and taking their spunk when they both came. As soon as they'd done her she wanted the same again getting another to lie down, taking his cock in her cunt then been double penetrated by another. She was DP'd twice more by which time she was probably being fucked for the second time by some of them. She had just taken another cock in her pussy and someone else was about to slide his cock in too when she asked him to fuck her in the arse. Spunk and cunt juice was soaking her legs around her bum, there was plenty of lubricant. He scooped some from her leg and pushed a couple of fingers in her arse, before spreading some on his cock, pressing it against her anus and slowly open her up, pushing his cock in to her arse. As soon as she felt him fully inside her she started to ride the cock in her cunt and her arse fucked her in time, ramming her arse hard when she started to orgasm, telling us she could feel the cock in her arse rubbing the one in her cunt. He kept on fucking her arse after the other lad had cum, arse shagging her for several more minutes until he spunked up her arse. She was arse fucked by a couple more and fucked another four or five times. She let one of the lads fist her to show that her cunt could take it, before she said she was getting cold now it was dark. Everyone had fucked her at least once but I’d decided to wait until we got home. She cleaned herself up with the blanket before dressing, putting on panties trapping spunk in her pussy. Once we got home we had a fantastic sloppy fuck, spunk still pouring from her cunt and bubbling from her arse. It's fucking brilliant being married to a cock loving cum slut.