8 Mar 2019

I have been dogging outdoors with my husband for many years. We have met fetishists, straight, bisexuals, TV's, subs, doms, from all walks of life. We have had some great times and have many stories we could tell. One springs to mind, we were staying in Northants and it was cup final day. Knowing I wasn't much interested in football, my fella set me a task, to go out on my own and bring him a photo back of what I had been up to. So armed with a Polaroid camera and dressed sexily, I got into the car and drove to the A43 laybys where we had fun in the past. I drove through the 2 laybys and found a place to pull in. Several cars with single guys in drove past, they soon spotted i was on my own, and pulled in around my car and I began to feel very apprehensive being alone and not knowing if I would be safe with these men, as several of them walked past my car, could I complete my task? Then another car pulled up and the guy got out and walked by my car, he did a double take as he recognised me as I'd met him out dogging before in Meriden, and we had had a play after I gave him a good show. He came to the passenger window and I slid over and wound the window down a little. We got talking and i told him about my task, but was quite daunted by the men I didnt know hovering around my car and whether I would be safe. He offered to look after me, but not let on to the others that he knew what I was up to. I relaxed a bit and handed him my camera through the window. He stepped away from my car and I lay across the two front seats. Gradually the other guys filtered out of their cars and came up to my window. I gave them a smile and slowly undid my top and started to fondle my breasts and nipples. Then I hitched my skirt up a little to show my black stocking tops, then a little more to my suspenders, and a little more to reveal my black silk panties. By now I could see the guys getting hard, so I stroked myself over my silk pants, it felt good, then pulled them to one side to show them my pussy. The guys had got their hard cocks out as I stroked my clit and inserted my fingers inside my pussy then tasted the pussy juices from my fingers, the guys were getting really excited and were telling me what they wanted to do to me. So I turned over on all fours and raised myself up so my backside was against the window and they could see my wet pussy. I glanced over and there were tongues and fingers all over the glass, imagining they were touching me, they couldnt quite reach through the slightly open window. As I turned back over most of the guys were spunking, and i love to watch that, I know they have enjoyed my exhibitionism. They all thanked me before they returned to their cars and drove off. My 'ally' had a huge grin on his face as he came back over to my car winow. I leant back over the front seats in a revealing pose so he could take the photo my husband wanted. He gave me the Polaroid and I put it safely in my bag. To return the 'favour' I invited him to fuck me, as I'd only played with him in the past. He couldnt believe his luck and produced a condom and rolled it over his hard cock. I opened the car door and turned back over on all fours, and backed out of the door, offering my wet pussy to him, and he slipped his hard cock inside me. He fucked me hard doggy style until orgasm, then withdrew his cock, I turned over and reached for my vibrator to bring myself to another mind blowing orgasm, being a greedy girl, before I returned to my husband with the 'evidence'. I did not tell my husband the full story until one night in bed some time later, and it certainly turned him on, and he gave me a good fucking too!